Tax cuts work better than public stimulus

Barack Obama recently forced through congress an extension of the Bush tax cuts for another two years, in spite of heated opposition from many Democrats. The tax cuts repudiate the … Read More

Hung parliament will get short shrift from voters

BOB Katter wants a return of tariffs, Rob Oakeshott wants to overturn the party system. And Tony Windsor increasingly sounds as if he’d like another election. After seven decades, Australians … Read More

A modern Enid Lyons?

With Julia Gillard’s ascension last week, Australians witnessed momentous history. More than six decades ago, a very different woman became Australia’s first female member of the House of Representatives. As … Read More

Sink differences to keep nation afloat

OPPOSITION Leader Malcolm Turnbull and his deputy Julie Bishop have offered bipartisan co-operation with the Rudd Government in the face of a global credit crisis and looming recession. As Bishop … Read More

Nation’s change of heart

ELECTED in a landslide, the new Howard government quickly set in place an administration that would define its character for over a decade. The message was direct and strong; Labor … Read More

Eleven children and mother of female politics

Photos of the Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, meeting the United States Vice-President, Dick Cheney, at the White House said it all. Back home, the cabinet ministers Nicola Roxon, Jenny … Read More

Spouses who Tell

Call it the result of our obsession with the famous or a new era for wives and ex-wives (even soccer WAGS have web pages during the World Cup), today’s sidekicks … Read More

Royals welcome, as guests, not masters

“A HALF-CENTURY can make a difference. And, with each royal visit down under by the Queen, contrasts are made of the crowds that flocked to her first visit and the … Read More

Australian reaction is telling

“The unique contribution from Australia to relief of those hit by the tsunami disaster says a lot about our consciousness as a nation and of our ties and responsibilities in … Read More

God isn’t a stranger in the suburbs

“BELIEVE it or not, God is back in fashion. As Australians get ready for Christmas Day, there is a stoush going on in Sydney about whether Lord Mayor Clover Moore … Read More

Government bows to MPs with a show of compassion

“IT’S FINALLY happened. The Federal Government will now allow some 9500 temporary protection visa holders to apply for permanent residence in Australia. This marks a major softening on asylum-seekers for … Read More

Women opting for negotiation rather than revolution

“VICTIMISATION fatigue has become widespread. Not least with the affluent voices of the feminist movement. Naomi Wolf’s belated revelation that her former Yale tutor Harold Bloom groped her is a … Read More