Back to school for Labor’s poll hopes

“The latest figures for attendance at non- government (private) schools are just one important illustration of the success of the Howard Government’s user-pay policies among Australian families. More than 40 … Read More

Our latest bout of Leftist alienation

“AS SIMON CREAN begins his policy blitz, it’s middle-class voters in outer metropolitan electorates Labor is once more being told to heed. A huge sea change has overtaken Australia’s so-called … Read More

ALP’s most successful PM dips out on party praise

“TWO DECADES ago on this day, Bob Hawke, Labor’s most successful prime minister, won office. In Victoria and South Australia, voters were mopping up after the devastating Ash Wednesday bushfires … Read More

Our wartime paranoia has a long and ignoble history

“Be alert but not alarmed, the Federal Government’s $15 million anti-terror advertising campaign tells us. Some $1.4 billion is being spent on strengthening Australia’s counter-terrorist capabilities. A recent Taverner Poll … Read More

Aussie icon, but with feet of clay

“LIKE the assassination of JFK, it’s one of the questions Australians over a certain age ask themselves: where were you when you heard Sir John Kerr had sacked Prime Minister … Read More

Weighing all the social benefits

“SENATOR Nick Minchin could be right. Paid maternity leave, as advocated by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward, may not do anything to improve Australia’s low fertility levels. But he is … Read More

Our old folks set to become less retiring

“Recently my twenty (almost 30) something children looked at me blankly when I mentioned actress Diana Rigg. “Who’s she?” came their collective response. It seems even the sixties icon of … Read More

Next a share of the power

“In Canberra, women’s organisations from across Australia are celebrating the centenary of the Commonwealth Franchise Act (June 12 1902) which gave most Australian women a vote in federal elections and … Read More

Yes, the sisters really are doing it for themselves

“Socialism, strikes and suffrage once defined International Women’s Day. But nearly a century after the first ever National Women’s Day was declared in 1909 by the Socialist Party of America, … Read More

Highs and lows as a political spouse

“LADY MACBETH and William Shakespeare have a lot to answer for. Along with modern-day journalistic beat-ups, they have delivered political wives a hard time. Former Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane and … Read More

Female Voters Shift to Labor

“John Howard has finally taken up domestic issues in the federal election campaign. A pragmatic change of tactic for sure, as the recent ACNielsen poll shows a growing number of … Read More

New Labor should be showing itself

“Isn’t it time we all moved on? Whether it’s the faces of a decade ago in the so-called Keating piggery affair, or Labor’s celebrations of past leaders, some of it … Read More

Electorate is waiting for its award

“So Tony Blair has triumphed with the lowest turnout of voters in 80 years. Just one in four voters backed New Labour. Indifference to political rhetoric was the clear winner. … Read More

Are we a nation of wowsers?

“Whatever we were supposed to have lost in the sixties it was more than our virginity. Bettina Arndt, once editor of Forum magazine and a leading sex therapist, now advocates … Read More