Sydney Papers – Vol.20 No.4 Spring 2008

VOLUME 20 Issue 4 (Spring 2008)

  1. The Foreign Policy of the Next American Administration BY John E Rielly
  2. The Lifestyles War and the ‘Aspirationals’ of Sydney’s West BY Gabrielle Gwyther
  3. Joseph Lyons – a Prime Minister for Modern Times BY Anne Henderson, David Bird
  4. American Journeys – after the Election BY Don Watson
  5. Reclaiming Liberalism for the Left: Social Justice in the 21st Century BY Chris Bowen
  6. An Overdue Salute: John Monash of Jerilderie and Melbourne BY Tim Fischer, Jeffrey Grey
  7. Broken Glass, Shattered Lives: The Relevance of the Reichskristallnacht Today BY Michael Abrahams-Sprod
  8. Women and Men – a New Conversation about Equality BY Tanya Plibersek
  9. Andrew Fisher and the ‘Australian Spirit’ BY David Day
  10. Skulduggery in Early Sydney BY Carol Baxter
  11. Green Politics, the Balance of Power and the Green New Deal BY Christine Milne
  12. Australian Social Policy – Back in Business BY Jenny Macklin
  13. Ezra Norton – His Life and Times BY Sandra Hall
  14. History in Judicial Thought: Australian Law and History After Mabo BY Ann Genovese
  15. The Costello Memoirs BY Peter Costello, Peter Colman
  16. National Leadership in Infrastructure and Transport Reform BY Anthony Albanese
  17. Over-achieving and Self-loathing in Corporate Australia BY Lisa Pryor
  18. Spy Fiction: Then and Now BY Paul O’Sullivan, Bob Carr
  19. Multicultural Society, Monocultural Media: SBS – More Special than Ever BY Shaun Brown

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Sydney Papers – Vol.20 No.3 Winter 2008

VOLUME 20 Issue 3 (Winter 2008)

  1. The Great Climate Change Challenge BY Greig Gailey
  2. A New Era of Engagement with the World BY Stephen Smith
  3. The Scots in Australia BY Malcolm Prentis
  4. National Legal Reform to Meet the Economic Challenges of the Twenty-First Century BY Robert McClelland
  5. Pakistan – the Current Political Scene BY Wajiha Ahmed
  6. Coal and Climate Change – How We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It Too BY Nikki Williams
  7. Democratic Objections to Bills of Rights BY Hilary Charlesworth
  8. Politics in the Blood – the Anthonys of Richmond BY Paul Davey
  9. United States Government Nonproliferation Priorities and Asia BY Patricia A McNerney
  10. The Web and the Next US President – Political Movements in the Internet Age BY Matt Bai
  11. Enid Lyons – Leading Lady to a Nation BY Malcolm Turnbull
  12. Notes from New York in an Election Year BY Kate Jennings
  13. Prosperity and Fairness in a Market Democracy BY Craig Emerson
  14. The Northern Territory Emergency Response: A Reflection BY Sue Gordon
  15. Writing a Book about Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s Capital BY Milton Osborne
  16. Propaganda As Australian History BY Babette Smith
  17. The Porn Report: The Good News and the Bad News BY Catharine Lumby
  18. India’s Century BY Kamal Nath

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Sydney Papers – Vol.20 No.2 Autumn 2008

VOLUME 20 Issue 2 (Autumn 2008)

  1. Why Constitutions Matter to Women BY Helen Irving
  2. Broadband and the Digital Economy BY Stephen Conroy
  3. The Armenian Genocide and the Modern Age BY Peter Balakian
  4. Australia 2020 – Setting Our Nation’s Sights for the Future BY Kevin Rudd
  5. Chasing Ishmael – Truth, Racism, the US Media and Blockbuster Publishing BY Shelley Gare
  6. A Charter of Rights or a Charter of Wrongs? BY John Hatzistergos
  7. Fear and Loathing BY Gerry Connolly
  8. Hurry, Last Days BY Margaret Fink
  9. Growing Old (Dis) Gracefully BY Ross Fitzgerald
  10. A New Vision for ABC Television BY Tony Moore
  11. Reforming the ABC – It’s Not Just a Question of Money BY Pru Goward
  12. Reforming the ABC BY Douglas Kirsner
  13. Uranium Sales to India: A Strategic Imperative BY Andrew Robb
  14. Taxation and Climate Change BY Malcolm Turnbull
  15. East Timor: What’s Wrong? BY Frank Brennan
  16. What’s Wrong with East Timor? BY Paul Cleary
  17. Bligh’s Daughter – a Perspective on the Bligh Years BY Penelope Nelson
  18. Biographical: Narrative for Wentworth and Bligh BY Peter Cochrane
  19. Estonia: From Soviet Occupation to E-government in the European Union BY Ene Ergma

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Sydney Papers – Vol.20 No.1 Summer 2008

VOLUME 20 Issue 1 (Summer 2008)

  1. The Liberals and the Future BY Kevin Andrews
  2. The Future of the Liberal Party – a Perspective BY Marise Payne
  3. The Liberals and the Future BY Christopher Pyne
  4. Relieving the Burden on Business – Labor’s Deregulation Agenda BY Lindsay Tanner
  5. The Trials and Tribulations of Life in Israel BY Herb Keinon
  6. Reporting the Weather BY Elly Spark
  7. The Weather Report BY David Day
  8. Politics Post the Howard Government BY George Megalogenis
  9. Politics in the Post Howard Era BY Annabel Crabb
  10. Politics: Post the Howard Government BY Arthur Sinodinos
  11. Terrorism: Policing’s New Paradigm BY Mick Keelty
  12. Reflections on a Life in the Economic Fast Lane BY David Morgan
  13. Central Bank Communication BY Glenn Stevens
  14. China Power, Challenges and Foreign Relations BY Harry Gelber
  15. The Iranian Time-bomb BY Michael Ledeen
  16. Meeting the Good, the Great and the Formidable BY Jana Wendt
  17. Chinese ‘Soft Power’ – Cultural Diplomacy and the Confucius Institutes BY Jocelyn Chey
  18. The Australian Dictionary of Biography: A National Asset BY Diane Langmore
  19. The ‘Public’s Right to Know’ versus Privacy BY Norman Lucas
  20. Managing Reputation – an Industry BY Peter Keel
  21. Prospects for Peace and Rumours of War: Religion and Democracy in the Years Ahead BY George Pell

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Sydney Papers – Vol.19 No.4 Spring 2007

VOLUME 19 Issue 4 (Spring 2007)

  1. Who Profits from the Arts? BY Kay Ferres, David Adair
  2. The United States in the Asia-Pacific BY Christopher Hill
  3. Sonia, Tammy and Janette – Life with the Prime Minister BY Susan Mitchell
  4. A New Reconciliation BY John Howard
  5. The Clash of Economic Liberalism and Social Conservatism BY Steve Fielding
  6. Democracy and Local Government – the Queensland Experience BY Scott Prasser
  7. Bringing Depression to Heel BY Gordon Parker
  8. Bringing Depression to Heel BY Tessa Wigney
  9. Contemporary Australia – Two Views BY Sol Lebovic
  10. Two Views of Australia – Advance Australia Where? BY Hugh Mackay
  11. The Virtues of the US Alliance BY Alan Dupont
  12. Allied or Addicted?: Two Views BY Alison Broinowski
  13. Journey to Modernity: Vietnam in the Suburbs BY Kim Huynh
  14. The Heroic Leaders: Who They Are, What They Know, How They Live BY Chris Lowney
  15. The Good Fight: Why Only Left-liberals Can Win the War on Terror BY Peter Beinart
  16. The US and Australia BY Dennis Richardson
  17. A Financial Tale of Two Cities BY Jim Bain
  18. The Australian Financial Sector: A Story of Growth BY Edna Carew

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Sydney Papers – Vol.19 No.3 Winter 2007

VOLUME 19 Issue 3 (Winter 2007)    

  1. John Howard BY Peter van Onselen
  2. Citizenship: Committing to a Way of Life BY Kevin Andrews
  3. Kevin Rudd BY Nicholas Stuart
  4. Fresh Ideas for the Future Economy BY Kevin Rudd
  5. Whose School Is It Anyway? BY Joanna Mendelssohn
  6. The Economics of Social Inclusion BY Julia Gillard
  7. Remembering Heinz and Ruth Arndt BY Bettina Arndt
  8. Labor’s Broadband Policy BY Stephen Conroy
  9. EU Foreign Policy: Myth or Reality? BY Benita Ferrero-Waldner
  10. To Stabilise and Protect: Little Children Are Sacred BY John Howard
  11. The Sadness Epidemic and the Slandering of Freedom BY Cassandra Wilkinson
  12. Does the Left Need a Sense of Humour?: Satire and Politics Down Under BY Tony Moore
  13. In Defence of Politics BY Tony Abbott
  14. Searching for a Shared Ethics: Challenging Richard Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’ BY Margaret Somerville
  15. Detainee 002: The Case of David Hicks BY Leigh Sales
  16. The 1967 Referendum Four Decades Later BY Jackie Huggins

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Sydney Papers – Vol.19 No.2 Autumn 2007

VOLUME 19 Issue 2 (Autumn 2007)

  1. The World Is Still Flat BY Thomas Friedman
  2. Preparing for a Pandemic BY Eric Hargan
  3. The AIF – as Good as the Anzac Legend Says? BY Peter Pedersen
  4. Women and Work BY Joe Hockey
  5. Fundamentalism and Literature BY David Malouf
  6. Fundamentalism and Literature BY Ihab Hassan
  7. Meeting the Challenge: Labor’s Economic Vision for the Future BY Wayne Swan
  8. Understanding Depression BY Maria Prendergast
  9. Life in the Suburbs – and the Inner City BY Andrew West
  10. Life in the Suburbs – and the Inner City BY Judith Brett
  11. Current Issues in the United States/Australia Relationship BY Robert D McCallum
  12. Bob Santamaria: Talking to the World BY Patrick Morgan
  13. Islam and Social Protest BY Nada Roude
  14. Social Protest and Islam BY Tanveer Ahmed
  15. Decision Making in the Greiner Administration BY Peta Seaton
  16. Governing NSW: The Wran Years BY Troy Bramston
  17. Responses to Terrorism: What Works and What Doesn’t? BY Sally Neighbour
  18. Education Australia: Dumbed Down and Politically Correct BY Kevin Donnelly
  19. Teaching Today – Two Views BY Carol Baxter
  20. The Fairfax Experience BY Fred Hilmer
  21. The ACCC and Current Issues: Mergers, Media and Telecommunications BY Graeme Samuel
  22. A Mate for Head of State?: A Discussion BY Helen Irving
  23. A Mate for Head of State?: A Discussion BY David Smith

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Sydney Papers – Vol.19 No.1 Summer 2007

VOLUME 19 Issue 1 (Summer 2007)

  1. The Republican Party and the 2006 Congressional Election: What Happened? BY Rick O’Donnell
  2. Margaret Whitlam: A Life BY Margaret Whitlam, Susan Mitchell
  3. The Triumph of the Airheads BY Shelley Gare
  4. Love of Learning BY Lindsay Tanner
  5. Conscience, Politics, the Law and Religion BY Bronwyn Bishop
  6. Religion and Politics in Contemporary Australia BY Frank Brennan
  7. Australian Immigration: Some Current Themes BY Andrew Metcalfe
  8. Islam in South East Asia BY Virginia Hooker
  9. Travelling Solo – Unaccompanied and Separated Children in Australia’s Refugee Process BY Mary Crock
  10. Prospering in Today’s Global Economy: Challenges for Australia and Canada BY David Dodge
  11. Terrorism: Winning the Battle of Ideas BY Alexander Downer
  12. Asia and the Pacific BY Christopher Hill
  13. The Great Moral Panic: Children and TV BY Catharine Lumby
  14. The Editorial Values of the ABC BY Mark Scott
  15. My Vision for New South Wales BY Peter Debnam
  16. The State of Jemaah Islamiyah BY Zachary Abuza
  17. From Journalism to Fiction – How Different Is it? BY Kate Legge
  18. A Plague of Prisons: The Epidemic of Mass Incarceration in America BY Ernest Drucker
  19. Will Dyson: Australia’s Forgotten Genius BY Ross McMullin
  20. Leading, Not Following: The Renewal of Australian Middle Power Diplomacy BY Kevin Rudd

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Sydney Papers – Vol.18 No.3-4 Winter/Spring 2006

VOLUME 18 Issue 3/4 (Winter/Spring 2006)   

  1. Inside the Australian-US Alliance BY Greg Sheridan
  2. James McAuley: Two Views BY Peter Coleman, Leonie Kramer
  3. Foucault and Postmodernism BY Clare O’Farrell
  4. Water – from Ancient Rome to Centennial Park BY Malcolm Turnbull
  5. A Global Economy Needs Unions BY Sharan Burrow
  6. Responding to the New Backlash against Democracy BY Carl Gershman
  7. Israel and the Palestinians: Where To Next? BY Isabel Kershner
  8. Leadership in the National Interest BY Kim Beazley
  9. Science & Innovation – Big Science, Big Picture BY Julie Bishop
  10. Remembering: Robert Menzies BY Malcolm Fraser
  11. Nuclear Power – the Answer? BY Helen Caldicott, Greg Hunt
  12. Continuity and Change in the Pursuit of Australia’s International Interests BY Michael L’Estrange
  13. Can the West Be Won Again?: Labor and Sydney’s Western Suburbs BY David Burchell, Julie Owens
  14. In the Middle of the History Wars BY John Hirst
  15. Race Relations and Early Australian Settlement BY Cassandra Pybus
  16. De Coding the Da Vinci Code BY Elizabeth Fletcher
  17. Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran: The Challenges for Israel and the West BY Martin Kramer
  18. Reconciliation: A Journey for All Australians BY Mark Leibler
  19. Civilising Capital – Fairness for All BY Morris Iemma

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Sydney Papers – Vol.18 No.2 Autumn 2006

VOLUME 18 Issue 2 (Autumn 2006) 

  1. 9/11 Five Years Later: Where To from Here? BY Paul O’Sullivan
  2. The Writer as Cross-dresser BY Linda Jaivin
  3. Australian Migrant Integration – Past Successes, Future Challenges BY Andrew Robb
  4. Australia and Malaysia: Confrontation and the Politics of the 1960s BY Moreen Dee
  5. Prelude to the Aftermath – the Media and Celebrity BY Clive James
  6. My Life as Comrade Roberts in the Mid 1940s BY Kenneth Gee
  7. Gen Y and Politics BY Rebecca Huntley
  8. Royal Tours in Australia BY Jane Connors
  9. Poland, the United States and Europe BY Marek Belka
  10. Courage, Convictions and the Community: The Next Ten Years BY Julia Gillard
  11. The Howard Factor – and Younger Australians BY Caroline Overington
  12. The Howard Factor BY Glenn Milne
  13. What is the Future for Australia’s Public Universities? BY Glyn Davis
  14. Worth Promoting, Worth Defending: Australian Citizenship BY Peter Costello
  15. Tibet: Is Peace Possible? BY Samdhong Rinpoche
  16. Jihadism: Where Is It At in 2006? BY Steve Emerson
  17. The Lie of China’s Rising Peace BY Yi Wang, Jie Yu
  18. That Was Then; This Is Now BY Judy Lumby
  19. The Parliamentary Press Gallery: Insular, Intrusive or Indispensable? BY Matt Price
  20. The Parliamentary Press Gallery: Insular, Intrusive or Indispensable? BY Margaret Simons
  21. The Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery: Insular, Intrusive, Indispensable? BY Stephen Matchett
  22. Remembering Billy Hughes BY Aneurin Hughes
  23. Let’s Have One of Us – a Mate for Head of State BY John Bell
  24. A Mate for Head of State BY Kathy Bail
  25. A Mate for Head of State – Why Australia Needs One BY Gerard Henderson

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Sydney Papers – Vol.18 No.1 Summer 2006

VOLUME 18 Issue 1 (Summer 2006)

  1. Managing the Modern Public Service BY Peter Shergold
  2. Modern Australia: The Ascendancy of the Right in Modern Australia BY David McKnight
  3. Modern Australia: Liberalising Australia BY Bob Catley
  4. Australia’s Solomon Island Commitment: How Is It Progressing? BY Elsina Wainwright
  5. Islam and the Netherlands: What Is Happening behind the Dykes? BY Paul Schnabel
  6. Pioneer Women and the Stolen Generation BY Susanna de Vries
  7. Britain, Europe and America: After the Cold War BY Chris Patten
  8. Secret River – Secret History BY Kate Grenville
  9. The Whitlam Government, the Dismissal and All That BY David AW Smith
  10. The Whitlam Government in Retrospect: Thirty Years On BY Michael Sexton
  11. Where Were You on 11 November 1975? BY Ann Curthoys
  12. The Whitlam Government, the Dismissal and All That BY Ian Hancock
  13. The United Nations: Can It Work? BY Alison Broinowski
  14. Israel and Gaza: Disengagement the Implications BY Eran Lerman
  15. Liberalising World Trade: Aid and Debt Relief Are Not Enough to End World Poverty BY Mark Vaile
  16. Islam and Australia: Can a Muslim Get Elected to Parliament in a War on Terror? BY Ed Husic
  17. Norfolk Island: History and Mystery BY Timothy Latham
  18. Electoral Reform: The Howard Governments Agenda BY Eric Abetz
  19. Losing It: Labor in Opposition Before and After Mark Latham BY Annabel Crabb
  20. Tax Reform: What Should be Done? BY Louise McBride
  21. Beyond the Next: Election: Policy Changes for Australia’s Future Workplace BY Bill Shorten
  22. USA Perspectives: Friends and Enemies BY Harlan Ullman
  23. Asylum Seekers: An Update BY Michael Gordon
  24. Asylum Seekers: An Update BY David Corlett

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Sydney Papers – Vol.17 No.3-4 Winter/Spring 2005

VOLUME 17 Issue 3/4 (Winter/Spring 2005)

  1. An Angel in the Courts – a Book Launch BY Tony Abbott, Joyce Harmer
  2. Why Harold Holt Deserves to be Remembered BY Tom Frame
  3. Assets, Poverty and Public Policy BY Michael Sherraden
  4. A Life in Science BY Peter Doherty
  5. The Future of the Brain BY Susan Greenfield
  6. Connect Australia – Future Proofing Australia BY Helen Coonan
  7. Long, Slow Death of White Australia BY Gwenda Tavan
  8. The White Australia Policy BY Keith Windschuttle
  9. A Nation Unprepared – Australia in the Fourth Year of a Long War BY Kim C Beazley
  10. Refugee Women at Risk – Evaluating a Program BY Eileen Pittaway, Linda Bartolomei
  11. Writing about Mao BY Jung Chang, Jon Halliday, Gerard Henderson
  12. Workplace Relations Reform – the Next Logical Step BY John Howard
  13. History on Trial – My Day in Court with David Irving BY Deborah Lipstadt
  14. The Task of Economic Policy BY Henry Ken
  15. Islam and the West BY Geraldine Doogue
  16. Dealing with Islam in Australia: After the London Bombings BY Samina Yasmeen
  17. The Rise and Fall of Monetary Targeting in Australia: From Phillip Lynch and John Howard to Paul Keating BY Simon Guttmann
  18. Remembering Morris West BY Maryanne Confoy
  19. From Army Officer to Writer of Fiction BY Yasmina Khadra

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Sydney Papers – Vol.17 No.2 Autumn 2005

VOLUME 17 Issue 2 (Autumn 2005)         

  1. The Motherguilt Phenomenon BY Ita Buttrose
  2. From the End of the World: Thoughts about Artists and Ratbags Here and Abroad BY Richard Tognetti
  3. Higher Education – the Challenge BY Brendan Nelson
  4. Australia: After Kyoto BY Peter Garrett
  5. Bio-terrorism – A UK Perspective BY Herbert E Huppert
  6. Curtin’s Gift BY John Edwards
  7. A Nation of Participants – Workplace Relations & Welfare Reform BY Kevin Andrews
  8. Muslims in Australia: Immigration, Race Relations and Cultural History BY Nahid Kabir
  9. Early Australia in War and Peace: Prime Minister Chris Watson and Brigadier-General Pompey Elliott BY Ross McMullin
  10. Australian Beach Culture – Puberty Blues Revisited BY Nell Schofield
  11. An Australian Head of State: Where Are We At? BY Allison Henry
  12. The Elites: Who Are They Really? BY Marion Sawer
  13. Isolation and Depression in Rural Australia: The Story of Mary Cunningham BY Jennifer Horsfield

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Sydney Papers – Vol.17 No.1 Summer 2005

VOLUME 17 Issue 1 (Summer 2005)        

  1. The Pacific-ation of New Zealand BY Colin James
  2. Who Rules? How Government Retains Control of a Privatised Economy BY Michael Keating
  3. The Media and Australian Politics BY David Marr, Catharine Lumby, Gerard Henderson
  4. Constitutional Change: What Chance Now? BY Cheryl Saunders, Geoffrey Bolton
  5. The Business of Great Journalism BY Mark Scott
  6. The War Against the Terror Masters BY Michael Ledeen
  7. Donald Bradman: A Private Life BY Christine Wallace
  8. Labor’s Economic Agenda: Creating Wealth for the Common Good BY Wayne Swan
  9. Australian Business & China: Two Views BY Heather Ridout, Warwick Smith
  10. Stories From the Front and the Home Front BY John Hamilton, Melanie Oppenheimer
  11. My Country – Flannery’s Australia BY Tim Flannery
  12. The Australian Army in the 21st Century BY Peter Leahy
  13. Whatever Happened to Tony Blair’s Third Way? BY Paul Skidmore

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Sydney Papers – Vol.16 No.4 Spring 2004

VOLUME 16 Issue 4 (Spring 2004)        

  1. The Global Nature of Terrorism BY Dennis Richardson
  2. Poland’s National Memory: Nazism & Communism BY Leon Kieres
  3. Israel and Palestine: Herzl’s Nightmare BY Peter Rodgers
  4. Young Refugees in Australia BY Alan Gill, Ruth Rack
  5. Advancing the Asylum Seeker Cause – The Case for Pragmatism BY Maron Le
  6. Media Tarts: Why I Wrote it and What the Reaction has Been BY Julia Baird
  7. Medicare’s Best Friend BY Tony Abbott
  8. The Australian Senate: From the Depression to the Cold War BY Ann Millar
  9. The Politics of Going to War: Vietnam and Iraq BY Garry Woodard
  10. Indonesia in 2004 BY Yuli Ismartono
  11. Great Southern Land: A New History of Australia BY Frank Welsh
  12. Australia’s Future Media: A Pay TV Perspective BY Nick Greiner
  13. Not Happy, John! BY Margo Kingston

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