Sydney Papers – Vol.16 No.3 Winter 2004

Volume 16 Issue 3 (Winter 2004)  

  1. The ACTU and Labor BY Greg Combet
  2. Better Than Sex? – A Generation Hooked on Work BY Catherine Fox
  3. Better Than Sex? – a Generation Hooked on Work BY Helen Trinca
  4. Prosperity with a Purpose: A New Agenda for Economic Reform BY Simon Crean
  5. Individualism, Democracy and the Debate We Have to Have BY John Anderson
  6. Right & Wrong: How to Decide for Yourself BY Hugh Mackay
  7. Back on the Wooltrack: In the Footsteps of C.E.W. Bean BY Michelle Grattan
  8. Australian Citizenship: Then and Now BY Gary Hardgrave
  9. Climate Change – Solutions for Australia BY Graeme Pearman
  10. Climate Change – Solutions for Australia BY Tony Coleman
  11. The Place of Economic Management in the 2004 Election BY Bob McMullan
  12. Exits from Wars BY Coral Bell
  13. Liberal Women – from 1901 to 1949 BY Margaret Fitzherbert
  14. The National Judiciary BY Murray Gleeson
  15. US Foreign Policy and the 2004 Presidential Election BY Michael Rubin
  16. Remembering Jessie Street BY Leonore Coultheart

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Sydney Papers – Vol.16 No.2 Autumn 2004

VOLUME 16 Issue 2 (Autumn 2004)        

  1. Multilateralism in the Post-Iraq Order – Australia’s Commitment BY Kevin Rudd
  2. The US, Britain and Australia – In the Age of Terrorism BY William Shawcross
  3. Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Australia’s Policy Shift BY Elsina Wainwright
  4. A New Framework: Counter-terrorism and the Rule of Law BY Philip Ruddock
  5. The Sinking of HMAS Voyager: What Happened? BY Chris Oxenbould
  6. The Sinking of HMAS Voyager: What Happened? BY Tom Frame
  7. The Damage Done by Critics of Australia’s Immigration Policies BY Amanda Vanstone
  8. Afghanistan, Iraq and the War on Terror BY Amin Saikal
  9. The Media after Lord Hutton’s Report BY Sally Begbie
  10. John Wren – A Life Reconsidered BY James Griffin
  11. Remembering Professor John Anderson BY James Franklin
  12. Security and Legitimacy: Managing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict BY Leanne Piggott
  13. Understanding the New America – A US Global Perspective BY Tom Pickering
  14. Promoting Competition and Fair Trading BY Graeme Samuel
  15. Fleeing Saddam Hussein BY Sandra Lee, Guzin Najim

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Sydney Papers – Vol.16 No.1 Summer 2004

VOLUME 16 Issue 1 (Summer 2004)        

  1. Honesty and the Issues BY Frank Brennan
  2. Honesty and the Issues BY Andrew Bolt
  3. Honesty and the Issues BY Anne Henderson
  4. The Democrats, Public Policy and the Senate BY Andrew Bartlett
  5. Clear Thinking, Dogma and the War on Terrorism BY David McKnight
  6. National Security and Democratic Rights: Australian Terror Laws BY Jenny Hocking
  7. Dealing with Mental and Physical Illness BY Dorothy Rowe
  8. 2004 – The Political Outlook BY Grahame Morris
  9. New Labor, New Latham BY Mary Easson
  10. 2004 – the Political Outlook BY Antony Green
  11. Keeping Gender on the Agenda BY Dominique Hogan-Doran
  12. The End of Equality BY Anne Summers
  13. Fact Or Fission – Some Reflections on Australia’s Nuclear Industry BY Richard Broinowski
  14. Bluestocking in Patagonia: Mary Gilmore’s Quest at the World’s End BY Anne Whitehead
  15. Indonesian Islam and Democracy BY Syafi’i Ma’arif
  16. Morality versus Ideology BY Tom Bentley
  17. Communicating Communications Policy BY Daryl Williams

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Sydney Papers – Vol.15 No.3-4 Winter/Spring 2003

Vol. 15 Nos 3&4.  Winter/Spring 2003

  1. The Iraqi Campaign -The Political Consequences for the Arab World BY David Pryce-Jones
  2. Contemporary US Politics in the Lead Up to the 2004 Election BY Norm Ornstein
  3. Women’s Role in Medical Research: a Case Study from the History of the Asthma Foundation of NSW BY Babette Smith
  4. Managing Compliance BY Michael Carmody
  5. Whatever Happened to The Dot-Com Revolution? BY Lindsay Tanner
  6. Environmental Issues and Policy -The Role of Government and Business BY Kerry Schott
  7. Griffith Review – Launching Australia’s Newest Quarterly BY Julianne Schultz, Geraldine Doogue & Frank Moorhouse
  8. The History Wars BY Stuart Macintyre & Janet Albrechtsen
  9. History on Foot: The Central Australian Expedition 2002 BY Kieran Kelly
  10. Senate Reform BY John Faulkner
  11. The Media and Politics in Australia: From World War II to the Dismissal BY Bridget Griffen-Foley
  12. Factoring in Our Grandchildren BY Bob Brown
  13. Australian Liberals and The Moral Middle Class BY Judith Brett
  14. The Politics of Meaninglessness BY Michael Casey
  15. The Hawke Government -A Retrospective BY Susan Ryan & Gerard Henderson

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Sydney Papers – Vol.15 No.2 Autumn 2003

VOLUME 15 Issue 2 (Autumn 2003)        

  1. Neo-conservatives: In Defence of America BY Ruth Wisse
  2. The Meeting of the Waters and the Problem of the Barrages BY Ron Brunton
  3. The Hindmarsh Island Affair and Australian Anthropology BY Margaret Simons
  4. Equality and Inequality – Two Views BY Jacinta Collins
  5. Equality and Inequality – Two Views BY Tony Smith
  6. Building Social Capital BY Peter Costello
  7. Water: Australia’s Challenge BY Ticky Fullerton
  8. Recalibrating Australian Defence BY Alan Dupont
  9. Australian Defence – After the Defence Report BY Hugh White
  10. Australian Foreign Policy BY John Howard
  11. Clerical Celibacy – the Catholic Problem BY Edmund Campion
  12. Bali as Blowback: Australia’s Reputation in Asian Countries BY Alison Broinowski
  13. Good Partner, Neighbour and Ally: Reflections on Australian Defence BY Peter Cosgrove
  14. Postmodernism: What Went Wrong? BY Ihab Hassan
  15. Labor’s Approach to Corporate Governance – Empowering the Shareholder BY Stephen Conroy
  16. Islam in Australia and the US BY Hind Kourouche
  17. Condemned to Repeat?: The Paradox of Humanitarian Action BY Fiona Terry

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Sydney Papers – Vol.15 No.1 Summer 2003

Volume 15 Issue 1 (Summer 2003)        

  1. Advertisements for Myself BY Kate Jennings
  2. The Intellectuals, Baby BY Imre Salusinszky
  3. Where the Left’s At BY Margo Kingston
  4. Holocaust Denial – After the David Irving Trial BY Yehuda Bauer
  5. Pressures on the Budget BY Nick Minchin
  6. Do Australian Households Borrow Too Much? BY Ian Macfarlane
  7. The Politics of War BY David Day
  8. Reflections on Diplomacy: Australia’s Role in an Ever-changing World BY Richard Woolcott
  9. Winning the Culture War BY Julia Gillard
  10. Work-life Conflict in Canada in the New Millennium – a Status Report BY Linda Duxbury
  11. Fiji-Australia Bilateral: Shifting Into a Higher Gear BY Kaliopate Tavola
  12. Dealing with North Korea BY James Cotton
  13. The Future of Medicine in Australia BY Kerryn Phelps
  14. The Spread of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons – The Sum of All Our Fears BY Alexander Downer
  15. The Fabrication of Aboriginal History BY Keith Windschuttle
  16. My Life in India BY Sarah McDonald
  17. Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Iraq Case and All Others BY Richard Butler

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Sydney Papers – Vol.14 No.4 Spring 2002

VOLUME 14 Issue 4 (Spring 2002)

  1. Pope Pius XII and Nazi Germany BY Edgar Feuchtwanger
  2. Graeme Murphy – A Life BY Graeme Murphy
  3. The Purple People-eater BY Stephen Crittenden
  4. George Pell, Prelate and Public Figure BY Tess Livingstone
  5. Henry’s Harmonica – Memory and History in a Genocidal World BY Douglas Greenberg
  6. Trade – Multilateral and Bilateral BY Mark Vaile
  7. Joe Stalin and My Family – the Tale of One is the Tale of Many BY Mara Moustafine
  8. Australia’s Ageing Population – Don’t Worry BY Bob Gregory
  9. Australia’s Ageing Population – Some Answers BY Bronwyn Bishop
  10. Israel – an Australian View BY Sam Lipski
  11. Arc of Instability – Arc of Insecurity BY Kevin Rudd
  12. Asylum Seekers – What Australians Don’t Know BY Linda Jaivin
  13. Asylum Seekers and Refugees – Striking Some Balance BY Paris Aristotle
  14. Mandatory Detention – What Australians Don’t Know BY Frank Brennan
  15. Industry in a Global World BY Ian Macfarlane
  16. Hope Happens! Moving On from 9/11 BY Catherine DeVrye
  17. Free Trade Hypocrisy in America and Europe – What Can Australia Do? BY John Kunkel
  18. The Middle East – A Palestinian View BY Mustapha Barghouthi
  19. Writing a Boyd Family Biography BY Brenda Niall
  20. Australia’s Foreign and Trade Policy Agenda BY Ashton Calvert
  21. The Public Death of Public Discourse BY Amanda Vanstone

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Sydney Papers – Vol.14 No.3 Winter 2002

VOLUME 14 Issue 3 (Winter 2002)

  1. Mixed Matches: Inter-racial Marriage in Australia BY June Duncan Owen
  2. The Sectarian Foundations of Australian Liberalism BY Judith Brett
  3. Sectarianism, Politics and Australia’s Catholics BY Jeff Kildea
  4. Heroine in the Shadows: The Search for Australia’s Most Decorated Woman BY Susanna de Vries
  5. Legal Writing: Surpassing All Understanding BY Chris Enright
  6. Getting the Message Across: How to Argue with Economists BY Lindy Edwards
  7. After Writing about Paul Keating BY Don Watson
  8. New South Wales: Planning for the Future BY John Brogden
  9. Once an Australian: Reflections of a British Cabinet Minister BY Patricia Hewitt
  10. A New Agenda for Government BY Bob Carr
  11. Black Chicks Talking BY Leah Purcell
  12. Is the Australian Family an Endangered Species? BY Wayne Swan
  13. Explaining the War on Terrorism: A View from Islamabad BY Kenton Keith
  14. Single Bottom Line Sustainability BY Paul Gilding
  15. The Changing Threat of International Terrorism BY Boaz Ganor
  16. The United Nations – Overstretched and Out of Date? BY Rita Hauser
  17. We’re All in It Together BY Jenny Macklin
  18. The Clash of Fundamentalisms BY Tariq Ali
  19. A Conversation: Canada and Australia BY John Ralston Saul, David Malouf

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Sydney Papers – Vol.14 No.2 Autumn 2002

VOLUME 14 Issue 2 (Autumn 2002)

  1. US-Asia Pacific Relations – an Update BY Robert Sutter
  2. Australian-US Relations and the Shadow of Vietnam BY Michael Sexton
  3. The United States and Foreign Aid After 11 September BY Joel Shin
  4. On the Road with Lord McAlpine BY Alistair McAlpine
  5. Fire Snow and Honey – Voices from Kurdistan BY Gina Lennox
  6. Fighting For Franco – in the Spanish Civil War BY Judith Keene
  7. Fiji – Social and Political Upheaval BY Susan Boyd
  8. Northern Gateway – NT Finds the Future BY Clare Martin
  9. Getting It Right – Damien Parer, Osmar White and Chester Wilmot on The Kokoda Track BY Neil McDonald
  10. Why People Aren’t Coming to the Party BY Christopher Pyne
  11. Building Political Relevance for Young People BY Nicola Roxon
  12. The Vision of Education – Higher Education Reform BY Brendan Nelson
  13. Stasiland: Writing a World Gone Wrong BY Anna Funder
  14. Human Rights and the Women of Afghanistan BY Tahmeena Faryal
  15. John Gorton – His Way BY Ian Hancock, Ainsley Gotto
  16. Ronald Ryan and Ned Kelly BY Mike Richards
  17. Biography and Memory – The Killing of Sister McCormack BY Anne Henderson, William Deane
  18. Running in the Family – Novels, Film and Nations BY Thomas Keneally, Michael Ondaatje, Andrea Stretton
  19. The New China in Asia and the World BY Kenneth DeWoskin

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Sydney Papers – Vol.14 No.1 Summer 2002

VOLUME 14 Issue 1 (Summer 2002)

  1. The Legacies of Federation: The Case of the 1901 General Election BY Marian Simms
  2. ‘Safety in Numbers’ – Tax Reform and the National Nest Egg BY Helen Coonan
  3. Whither the Australian Film Industry? BY Peter Thompson
  4. International Nuclear Issues BY Max Hughes
  5. Our Industrial Relations System – What Makes it Unique? BY Geoff Giudice
  6. Speaking the Unspoken BY Clare Loewenthal
  7. Speaking the Unspeakable BY Anne Deveson
  8. A Conservative Reflection on Family, the State and Social Capital BY Ross Cameron
  9. Mexico’s Art and Politics – From Malinche to Frida Kahlo BY Anna Lanyon
  10. Britain and the Global Issues BY John Prescott
  11. The Success of Women in Small Business BY Pru Goward
  12. The Australian People BY James Jupp
  13. The Golden Age of Ben Chifley BY David Day
  14. Some Facts about Islam – Indonesia BY Dewi Anggraeni
  15. Some Facts about Islam in Afghanistan BY William Maley
  16. Trauma and Memory BY Diane Armstrong
  17. This War Never Ends BY Michael McKernan
  18. Drugs and Society – Australia, the Netherlands and the USA BY Peter Cohen
  19. Insights Australia Should and Should Not Take from US Drug Policy BY Jonathon Caulkins

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Sydney Papers – Vol.13 No.4 Spring 2001

VOLUME 13 Issue 4 (Spring 2001)

  1. Tall Poppies – A Decade On BY Susan Mitchell
  2. Peter Costello – The New Liberal BY Shaun Carney
  3. The Case of The Jewish Biography BY Michal Govrin
  4. Tax Reform What’s Next? BY Anna Carrabs & Chris Jordan
  5. Selling the Work Ethic BY Sharon Beder & Garry Brack
  6. Ethical Lives – Two Views BY Peter Singer & Bernadette Tobin
  7. A City that Works BY George Miller, Elizabeth Farrelly & Elsa Atkin
  8. Work and Employment Policy in the UK BY Alistair Darling
  9. War Criminals – Where is the Justice? BY Mark Aarons
  10. Australian Writing – The Challenges BY Frank Moorhouse & Nikki Gemmell
  11. The DNA Revolution – Does Privacy Matter? BY Thomas J Schneider
  12. Two Nations or a Knowledge Nation? BY Stephen Smith
  13. Leadership BY Natasha Stott Despoja
  14. My Flight to the Space Station and Walk in Space BY Andy Thomas
  15. The Monkey and The Dragon – A Story of China and Taiwan BY Linda Jaivin
  16. Globalisation and its Critics BY Clive Crook

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Sydney Papers – Vol.13 No.3 Winter 2001

VOLUME 13 Issue 3 (Winter 2001)

  1. The Challenges and Benefits of Globalisation BY Peter Costello
  2. Remembering Bob Santamaria BY Bruce Duncan, Greg Sheridan
  3. Where To? – Australia and Japan BY Peter Drysdale, Masako Fukui
  4. In the National Interest BY Hilary McPhee
  5. The Campaign Against Australian Economists BY William Coleman
  6. Here I Stand: Spirituality in the 21st Century BY John Shelby Spong
  7. Civil Society, the New Millennium and the Commonwealth of Nations BY Rudo Chitiga
  8. The ABC: Unique Competition BY Jonathan Shier
  9. Knowledge Nation BY Kim C Beazley
  10. The Law, Politics and the Media BY Ruth McColl
  11. Where for Welfare? BY Ann Harding, Patrick McClure, Steve Maharey
  12. Australia’s Population: The Options BY Barry Jones, Katharine Betts, Kevin Andrews, Meredith Hellicar
  13. Peace Keeping Lessons – the ADF in East Timor and Bougainville BY Bob Breen
  14. The 2001-2002 Migration Program BY Philip Ruddock
  15. Critic Critique Thyself: The Media and Self-delusion BY Rob Johnson, Pilita Clark



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Sydney Papers – Vol.13 No.2 Autumn 2001

VOLUME 13 Issue 2 (Autumn 2001)

  1. Trade, the USA and Down Under’s Tyranny of Size BY Ann Capling
  2. Globalisation and Competition Policy BY Allan Fels
  3. Online Gambling BY John Tierney, Steve Toneguzzo
  4. Harry Seidler – a Life BY Alice Spigelman
  5. Foreign Investment: What is at Stake? BY Ian Harper, John Quiggin
  6. Broome – Remote Frontier Town or the Future Shape of Australia? BY Susan Varga, Anne Coombs
  7. Science and the Commercialisation of Ideas BY Robin Batterham, Ron Johnston, Ann Henderson-Sellers, Catherine Livingstone
  8. The Bush Administration – Prospects and Expectations BY Vin Weber
  9. Against Roonism – Combating the Culture of Despair BY Tony Abbott
  10. English as a Global Language – Opportunity or Threat? BY Anne Burns
  11. People and Nations – Their Need to Love and Hate BY Dorothy Rowe
  12. National Vision – John Flynn and the Blind Spots of Leadership BY Penelope Nelson
  13. Protecting People – Tax Reform and the Impact of Structured Settlements BY Danna Vale, Judie Stephens, Jane Ferguson

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Sydney Papers – Vol.13 No.1 Summer 2001

VOLUME 13 Issue 1 (Summer 2001)

  1. Powerhouse or Branch Office? Australia’s Choice BY Lindsay Tanner
  2. Egalitarian Australia – Then and Now BY Virginia Ginnane, Phillip Knightley
  3. Election 2001 BY David Barnett, Gary Gray, Antony Green
  4. Globalising People BY Gwynne Dyer
  5. Lunch with Maxine McKew BY Maxine McKew
  6. Augustus Gregory and Australian History BY Kieran Kelly
  7. Reinventing International Drug Control BY Ernest Drucker
  8. Jim McClelland: What Made Him Tick? BY Gillian Appleton
  9. Australian Prime Ministers – a Discussion BY Neal Blewett, Anne Henderson, Gerard Henderson
  10. Does It Work Anymore? The Changing Nature of Work BY Cheryl Kernot
  11. Finding the AE2 BY Selcuk Kolay
  12. Uncertain Justice: Inside Australia’s Legal System BY Michael Sexton
  13. Iran and the Middle East BY David Menashri

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Sydney Papers – Vol.12 No.4 Spring 2000

VOLUME 12 Issue 4 (Spring 2000)

  1. 21st Century Innovation in Australia BY Richard Alston
  2. Why the Senate? BY Ann Millar
  3. Duty of Care – Paying the Price BY Steve Pratt
  4. Liberating Our Environment BY Peta Seaton
  5. The International Criminal Court – What’s the Future for War Criminals? BY Helen Brady
  6. Whispers Outside the Boardroom Door: Making Working Australia’s Money Talk BY Sharan Burrow
  7. Water Politics and the Mekong: China’s Dams and Indochina BY Milton Osborne
  8. Ignorance of Language Acquisition as a Barrier to Justice BY Anne Graffam Walker
  9. Renewing Democracy: Can Women Make a Difference? BY Carmen Lawrence
  10. The Middle East Today BY Moshe Ma’oz
  11. Uncle Reg’s Bookcase – the World through Books BY Margaret Scott
  12. Australia’s Noisome Neighbours: Never Pacific, Never Paradise, Never Ours BY Rowan Callick
  13. Social Democratic Responses to Globalisation BY Kevin Rudd
  14. Globalisation and International Intervention BY Alexander Downer
  15. High Risk, High Demand – Launching Memoirs BY Wendy McCarthy

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