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Christians are under assault

2017-06-26T09:41:58+10:0018 April 2017|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: , , , |

The Palm Sunday attacks by the so-called Islamic State or Daesh on Coptic churches in Egypt is the latest manifestation of the unrelenting war against Christianity in the Middle East. The Islamist terrorists attacked a Coptic church in the town of Tanta and St Mark’s Cathedral in the city of Alexandria. The Coptic Church’s leader, [...]

Whatever Turnbull says, Menzies was more than small-l liberalism

2017-04-18T11:43:19+10:008 April 2017|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: , |

Only four Liberal Party leaders have taken the Coalition into government by defeating Labor from opposition. In order of their years of tenure in office, they were Robert Menzies (1949), John Howard (1996), Malcolm Fraser (1975) and Tony Abbott (2013). Viewed in this light, it’s easy to see why so many contemporary Liberals associate themselves [...]

Issue 356

2017-04-23T15:29:11+10:007 April 2017|Categories: Media Watch Dog|Tags: |

  • Stop Press: SMH Finds Catholic Mafia & North Korean Influence on Sydney’s North Shore
  • Editorial: Fairfax Media’s Mission Statement on the Need for a Broad Church Examined
  • Media Fool of the Week – Mike Carlton on Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  • Can You Bear It? Mike Carlton’s Death Wish for the Likes of Tony Jones & Sarah Ferguson; US Studies Centre in Denial about Political Balance and Basic Academic Competence
  • MWDScoop: John Howard and the Ramsay Centre’s Western Civilisation Course – as Depicted by Nancy via a Leak
  • New Series: Flat Out Like a Lizard Drinking – David Day Still Can’t Stump Up Promised Evidence on Mr Churchill and Mr Menzies Circa 1941
  • The Fallibility of Memory: Robert Manne’s False Memory About Life at La Trobe University Circa 1975
  • Robert Manne’s Memory Jogger Reward Now Raised to $25,000

Issue 355

2017-04-23T15:29:12+10:0031 March 2017|Categories: Media Watch Dog|Tags: |

  • Stop Press: Gillian Triggs’ Sadness; Nick Bisley’s China Climate Spin
  • Editorial: On New ABC Chairman Justin Milne
  • Can You Bear It?: Alex Malley on Snakes; Fran Kelly & Tilman Ruff on Anything But North Korea
  • New Feature: The Fallibility of Memory featuring Peter FitzSimons & Louise Milligan
  • Nancy’s Old Bones: Remembering Tim Flannery’s False Prophecy of Endless Droughts Down Under
  • The Flann O’Brien Gong for Verbal Sludge: Scott Stephens’ Scores on The Drum
  • A Wendy Harmer Moment: On Clothes Dryers, Sky News and all that
  • ABC Update: The ABC and (Historical) Pederasty & Jim Spigelman’s Denial
  • Correspondence: Tom Switzer helps out on the US Studies Centre & RN & Donald J Trump

Conservative values, and money, unsafe in liberal academic hands

2017-04-18T11:43:19+10:0031 March 2017|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: , |

I opposed John Howard’s decision in 2006, when he was prime minister, to provide an endowment of $25 million to the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. The USSC received ­additional support from the NSW government and the taxpayer-subsidised University of Sydney. Certainly there were financial contributions from business and individuals, channelled [...]

Coalition’s multicultural statement shows importance of mixing

2017-04-18T11:43:19+10:0025 March 2017|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: , |

I, for one, am not mourning the death of Martin McGuinness, the former deputy first minister of Northern Ireland. Sure, in the last two decades of his life the leader of the essentially Catholic Sinn Fein party played an important role in implementing the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement in co-operation with Ian Paisley and [...]

Issue 354

2017-04-23T15:29:14+10:0024 March 2017|Categories: Media Watch Dog|Tags: |

  • Stop Press: Eric Campbell’s Donald Trump Rave
  • ABC Update: Jim Spigelman’s Confusing Last Hurrah
  • Nancy’s Modest Proposal: Why President Trump should join the Gin & Tonic Club
  • A Wendy Harmer Moment: Life’s Trauma as a Broken Down Clothes Dryer
  • Manners Maketh a Canine: Nancy’s Advice to Sky News’ Rowan Dean as to How Not to Treat an ACTU Lady
  • Can You Bear It?: Starring Tom Ballard with a Little Help from Charlie Pickering & Judith Lucy and an Intervention by your man Tom Gleeson; Peter FitzSimons’ Test Cricket Howler; Mike Carlton Tweets From Avalon Beach on Life & Death and Fran Kelly’s Productivity Concern
  • Correspondence: Professor Simon Haines Helps Out re the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation (Chairman: John Howard); Tom Switzer Helps Out re the US[eless] Studies Centre; Jim Spigelman Helps out Not Very Much At All re The ABC and the Alleged Motives of Its Critics

Issue 353

2017-04-23T15:42:39+10:0017 March 2017|Categories: Media Watch Dog|Tags: |

  • Stop Press: Liberty Sanger on Breaking the Law; SBS on the Irish in Australia (tomorrow)
  • Editorial: John Howard’s Centre for Western Civilisation – a Likely Target for a Leftist Takeover?
  • Can You Bear It? Fran Kelly; Scott Burchill and Paul Bongiorno
  • Media Watch Exclusive: ABC and Fairfax Media “Out to Lunch” on Child Sexual Abuse in the Uniting Church & the Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Media Fool of the Week: Mem Fox stars on Q&A
  • History Corner: Clarke and Dawe’s “Fake News” About the One-time Left-Wing Legend Bert Evatt
  • Correspondence: Due to Popular Demand MWD repeats Gerard Henderson’s Correspondence with Mark Scott on the Uniting Church’s Knox Grammar

Australia goes from being power rich to facing an energy crisis

2017-04-18T11:43:20+10:0017 March 2017|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: , |

Growing up in Melbourne in the 1950s and early 60s, I could never have anticipated that, a half-century later, Australia would have an energy crisis. Throughout the 20th century, Victoria’s relative economic prosperity was sustained by cheap brown coal from the Latrobe Valley area. Coal extraction led to job creation and increasing living standards. Other [...]

Many Australians resent the ABC’s daily leftist sermons

2017-04-18T11:43:20+10:0012 March 2017|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: , |

Last Wednesday the ABC celebrated International Women’s Day by replacing all male presenters with females. Some found this gesture condescending while others thought it uplifting. But what’s certain is that the taxpayer-funded public broadcaster’s line-up on March 8 did not do what it claimed to do. According to ABC Publicity, the whole of the exercise [...]

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