Gerard Henderson’s Weekly Column

ABC activists in a coronavirus battle

2020-04-01T15:16:37+11:00Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

In my working life I will have lived through four recessions: the mid-1970s, early 80s, early 90s and the likely forthcoming recession. I barely noticed the severe economic downturn on the first two occasions. Between 1973 and 1975 I was a contracted academic at a university. In the early 80s I was a permanent employee [...]

Coronavirus: Listen to the medics: confused messages create chaos

2020-04-01T15:11:56+11:00Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

Scott Morrison responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by announ­cing the creation of a national cabinet composed of the leaders of commonwealth, state and territory governments. It’s not a national cabinet of the kind that was presided over by ­Neville Chamberlain and later Winston Churchill in Britain during World War II, which consisted of Conservative, Liberal [...]

ABC’s journos have always bitten hand that feeds

2020-04-01T15:04:14+11:00Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

It was no surprise to see Paul Keating on ABC television last Tuesday accusing the Coalition government of “ideological contempt”. The former Labor Party prime minister makes occasional ent­rances into the public debate and when he does, the language is invariably lively and memorable. What was surprising turned on the fact Keating was defending the [...]

The insidious force of rising foreign interference

2020-03-04T10:27:02+11:00Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

The media’s response to Monday’s speech by director-general of security Mike Burgess tended to focus on his comments about right-wing extremism as terrorism. However, as the ASIO head pointed out, “right-wing extremism has been in ASIO’s sights for some time”. Burgess added: “Obviously this threat came into sharp, terrible focus last year in New Zealand.” [...]

Sports grant saga kicks off fresh round of hyperbole

2020-02-26T13:42:16+11:00Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

In a public forum at the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre late last month, speaker Kim Hoggard declared that observing President Donald J. Trump in action was “like watching Rome burn”. The reference was to what she perceived as declining standards across the US under the Trump administration. The taxpayer-funded USSC tends to [...]

The left media’s different treatment of two very different prime ministers

2020-02-03T13:04:42+11:00Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

It is a rare occasion when comments made by two former Australian prime ministers make news on the same day, especially when both are former Liberal Party leaders. The circumstance provides a case study on how the media reports politics. On Thursday Imogen Crump, editor of the University of Melbourne’s Pursuit research news publication, was [...]