Governing can be difficult, while it’s easy to criticise

2021-07-27T09:23:12+10:0024 July 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

One of the advantages of being a reporter, media presenter, commentator or academic is that you rarely, if ever, have to make decisions for which there are policy consequences. In short, critics say rather than do. On Thursday, Josh Frydenberg appeared on the ABC-TV News Breakfast program. Towards the end of the interview, the Treasurer [...]

Premier Daniel Andrews could try playing ball instead of politics

2021-07-19T09:29:55+10:0017 July 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

On Wednesday, ABC Radio National Breakfast presenter Fran Kelly spoke to opposition Treasury spokesman Jim Chalmers, followed by Josh Frydenberg, about the Australian economy during the current Covid-19 lockdown in NSW. It came as no surprise that the former received a soft interview while the latter was consistently challenged and interrupted. What was surprising turned [...]

Puff-piece interview shows ABC lacking critical balance

2021-07-12T09:14:03+10:0010 July 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

It must surely pass for one of the softest political interviews in Australia this century so far. The reference is to the discussion between ABC 7.30 political correspondent Laura Tingle and former Liberal Party and independent parliamentarian Julia Banks. The interview took place on 7.30 on Monday to coincide with the publication of Julia Banks’ [...]

David O’Byrne fails to get the message and exits stage left

2021-07-05T09:44:01+10:003 July 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

These days only Lunar Right ideological extremists and/or the genuinely deranged identify with fascism and Nazism along with Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, the respective leaders of these movements. But there are plenty in our midst who are still attracted to communism. The Australian Labor Party in Tasmania was in enough trouble at the start [...]

Barnaby Joyce’s return puts focus on realities of emission targets

2021-06-28T11:28:45+10:0026 June 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

There is a wise saying known to participants in, and observers of, leadership challenges that take place within the Westminster political system. Namely, the only colleagues whose promises can be trusted are the ones who readily declare that they will be supporting someone else. They have no reason to deceive or fudge. It’s much the [...]

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