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Everybody agrees to agree in festival echo chamber

2024-06-03T09:22:27+10:001 June 2024|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

Have you heard the story about the experienced Australian journalist who maintains that an accurate report of an on-the-record panel discussion may amount to an attack on free speech? Last Sunday, The Australian’s media reporter Sophie Elsworth attended the final day of the Sydney Writers Festival. Her focus was on the session titled Barrie Cassidy [...]

Alienated left has a sorry history of spreading its hate

2024-05-21T09:17:51+10:0018 May 2024|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

The concept of alienation has been a feature of Western democracies for at least a century. It manifests itself in the dislike, sometimes hatred, some citizens have for their nation. Invariably it is rationalised, even propelled, by alienated intellectuals and journalists. In the period between the two world wars, alienation was mainly found on the [...]

Aunty’s fine with diversity, just not diversity of views

2024-05-06T15:32:01+10:0027 April 2024|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

Could it be that ABC television’s 7.30 presenter Sarah Ferguson has two personas? It would seem so – according to ABC ombudsman Fiona Cameron. But first some background. On April 8, Ferguson interviewed Israel Defence Forces spokesman Lt Col Peter Lerner. The discussion took place in the aftermath of an attack on a World Central [...]

Despite the desire to keep them separate, religion and politics have always gone together

2024-05-06T15:27:20+10:0013 April 2024|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|

In the previous century in Australia and some other Western nations, it was common to hear the cry: religion and politics should not be mixed. This warning was directed particularly at Catholics, many of whom were of Irish heritage. During the 1917 plebiscite, on whether there should be conscription for overseas service during the First [...]

Abusive left can’t cop the idea of an electable Dutton

2024-04-08T09:08:32+10:006 April 2024|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column, Uncategorized|

What’s frequently missing from the Australian political debate is a sense of historical perspective. Look at it this way. No federal government in Australia has been defeated after serving only one term in office in nearly a century. And that was at a most unusual time. In December 1928, James Scullin led the Australian Labor [...]

Faith schools stoush a solution looking for a problem

2024-04-04T12:00:45+11:0030 March 2024|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column, Uncategorized|

Once upon a time, the term sectarianism was used in Australia to describe hostility to the Catholic Church in general and Catholics in particular. Anti-Catholic sectarianism has never gone away, but it has diminished dramatically from around half a century ago. It has been replaced by a more general form of sectarianism directed at religion [...]

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