Stone the Crows

No. 250

2015-06-22T00:00:00+10:0022 June 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

AUSTRALIA’S “HAVING A GO” ETHOS WILL WORK IN A DIGITAL WORLD Stone the crows! Employment isn’t mass produced anymore The big news in additive manufacturing this week was printing monuments to ego. It is now possible to print customised statues of individuals from photos.[i] This is indeed fortunate for those of us who are no [...]

No. 249

2015-06-15T00:00:00+10:0015 June 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

Journal publishers get what they don’t pay for – but not for long Stone the crows! The rivers of gold are drying up in the way the world shares knowledge, so journal publishers are building a bigger dam to catch the revenue streams. But it isn’t going to work – like the music industry before [...]

No. 248

2015-06-01T00:00:00+10:001 June 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

HEALTH PRIORITIES – WHO GETS WHAT? Stone the crows! Ever-more medical research is just what doctors order, but which doctors? Despite the Senate knocking back the GP co-payment supposed to fund the $20bn Medical Research Future Fund, the government came good, starting the scheme last week, kicking in $1bn and promising to allocate $10m for [...]

No. 247

2015-05-25T00:00:00+10:0025 May 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

Electric e-cars. It’s enough to drive a Crow to drink. Stone the crows! We are all set to stall. According to Infrastructure Australia, cities will stop as roads choke, with travel times increasing by 20 per cent on essential urban arteries in 15 years. The cost of congestion is already $13.7bn IA warns.[i] To deal [...]

No. 246

2015-05-18T00:00:00+10:0018 May 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

FEDS TO SPEND $5M TO ADVERTISE THE OBVIOUS – PARENTS SHOULD BE INTERESTED IN EDUCATION Stone the crows! The feds will spend $5m urging parents to ask their kids what they did at school. Buried in the budget is $5m for an advertising campaign to “raise awareness of the positive effect parental engagement has on [...]

No. 245

2015-05-11T00:00:00+10:0011 May 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

HEALTH SPENDING – AN INCURABLE COMPLAINT STONE the crows! Even if tomorrow’s budget prescribes spending cuts to deal with the deficit the prognosis will be poor because the country suffers from an incurable complaint – health spending. Short of super-humans living physically perfect lives in perpetuity there will always be diseases to cure and treatments [...]

No. 244

2015-04-27T00:00:00+10:0027 April 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

NOT WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED STONE the crows! Health Minister Sussan Ley has commissioned a review of the 5500 services, (who knew!) on the Medicare Benefits Schedule.[i] Quite right, millions spent on tests here, a motza on procedures there and pretty soon you are talking about serious Medicare money. Adam Elsghaug and colleagues estimated in [...]

No. 243

2015-04-20T00:00:00+10:0020 April 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

Stone the crows! Pharmacists have a prescription to cure competition. While the Competition Policy Review acknowledged the sales of prescription drugs must be regulated, it rejected the existing restrictions on who can own pharmacies and competition between them. Current regulations preventing pharmacists from choosing freely where to locate their pharmacies, and limiting ownership to pharmacists [...]

No. 242

2015-04-13T00:00:00+10:0013 April 2015|Categories: Stone the Crows|

We need a Navy able to fight when it does not choose the terms Stone the crows, not only is the Navy spending a bomb on building submarines it is also investing in ways to sink them! While everyone is arguing about the replacement of the Collins class submarines another huge capital programme is setting [...]

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