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TSI Quarterly – Issue 44 [FINAL ISSUE]

2017-09-13T13:08:03+10:008 January 2015|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

The Islamic Veil: Unmasking the Stakeholders - Ida Lichter The Lion and the Gazelle: the Race for Economic Prosperity - Dimitri Burshtein The Canberra Air Tragedy in World War II - Alan Gregory A Phoenix Rising: Robert Menzies 1939-49 - Anne Henderson Present and Absent: Anti-Semitism Without Jews - Colin Tatz Media Watch tackles Rai Gaita, [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 43

2014-02-27T00:00:00+11:0027 February 2014|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Stephen Matchett - Labor's pain continues Adam Creighton explains why most Australians pay no net tax Margaret Thatcher - as seen by Charles Moore and Anne Henderson Ross Fitzgerald reviews Colebatch, Patrick, Bowen and Latham Vale Ken Minogue, John McConell and Ferry Levy Media Watch gets into sandals - looking at Jonathan Green and Craig McGregor Click here to [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 42

2013-09-13T00:00:00+10:0013 September 2013|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Anne Henderson – Learning from Calvin Coolidge Stephen Matchett on Lincoln’s White House, democracy and power at play Ross Fitzgerald reviews books on Bill Woodfull, Old Xaverians Football Club, Footy Town and Madeleine St John Jim Griffin, Daniel Mannix & the ABD Anonymous, a study on the American firearm Asylum Seekers and the Confusion of David Marr & Julian Burnside [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 41

2012-12-31T00:00:00+11:0031 December 2012|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Anya Poukchanski – Putin’s crackdown on Russia’s opposition Dysfunction in Labor through Labor eyes – Stephen Matchett Appeasement today and in the 1930s – Anne Henderson Don Aitkin lets fly at the ABC’s political culture Bob Santamaria in Asia with agent Frank Mount John McConnell reviews George Megalogenis and Kevin Peoples Media Watch’s Sandalista Watch with Comrade Alex Mitchell’s comrades – Vanessa [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 40

2012-04-04T00:00:00+10:004 April 2012|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Anne Henderson on the British Riots Stephen Matchett looks at political biography with Cheney, Rice & Rumsfeld Sandalista Watch Continues Sophie Cunningham and the Leftie Luvvies of Inner-City Melbourne Shelley Gare on Food as Art Documentation UNSW Goes Post- Modern under Fred Hilmer John McConnell looks at Andrew Robb’s Black Dog & Katherine Birbalsingh’s Teaching Experience Media Watch’s Anti-Gongs for 2011 with [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 39

2017-09-13T14:28:39+10:0024 August 2011|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Anya Poukchanski with a Gen Y look at The First Stone Stephen Matchett looks at political biography with Bush, Blair and Howard Ayn Rand uncovered – again Gerard Henderson versus Brenda Niall – history and the case of Fr Hackett SJ John McConnell unveils Mark Aarons’ rethink on the Australian Communist Party Faith and politics – Enid Lyons as seen [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 38

2017-09-13T14:28:53+10:009 February 2011|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Stephen Matchett finds a connection between the Medicis and the NSW Right Shelley Gare takes on food faddists Peter Hayes on Ben Hills – gilding Graham Perkin Sandalista Watch –all new expose of the sandal wearers Anne Henderson on the New Deal and Amity Shlaes Documentation – Gerard Henderson versus Brenda Niall John Mcconnell book reviews – Blanche d’Alpuget and Paul Cleary [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 37

2017-09-13T12:31:45+10:001 August 2010|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Memoirs and memory – Gerard Henderson on historical errors in the Simons- Fraser tome Helen Garner’s problem with fiction – Peter Hayes What’s happening to English – Shelley Gare on style and language Stephen Matchett and the Barack Obama (literary) industry Anne Henderson searches for meaning from Christopher/Chris Hitchens Ross Fitzgerald & Stephen Holt – Doc Evatt revived John Mcconnell reviews the lives of Alan Reid [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 36

2017-09-13T12:34:29+10:001 December 2009|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Groucho Complex - Shelley Gare Abstinence: The Ultimate Solution to Additction - Ross Fitzgerald Women, Children and Protection - Anne Henderson The Great Depression in Australia from the Perspective of Today - David Gruen & Colin Clark Memoir Without Empathy - John McLaren on Vincent Buckley Zhao Ziyang: A Reassessment - Chin Jin John McConnell reviews [...]

TSI Quarterly – Issue 35

2017-09-13T14:29:05+10:001 June 2009|Categories: TSI Quarterly|

Editorial: More Money - More Jam Government Debt and Australia – Hark the 1920s Call - Anne Henderson Documentation - Peter Costello/ ABC’s Mark Scott Menzies and Churchill at War – as Told by Auntie Rogue Nation –Why Australia’s History is Not Boring - Carol Baxter Women with Children – Catch 22 - Anne Henderson Correspondence [...]

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