Name:  Ian Dunlop

Bio: Fellow, Centre for Policy Development; formerly a senior oil, gas and coal industry executive

Climate Change – Two Views – 30th June 2009

Climate Change: Two Views – Ian Dunlop, Ray Evans

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Climate Change – The Case For Emergency Action

Ian Dunlop began his professional career as an engineer and progressed to be a senior executive in the oil, gas and coal industry, acting as Chair of the Australian Coal Association from 1987-88. With the climate change debate, he has become an advocate for an Australian integrated policy response to the global challenges of climate […]

Climate Change – Two Views

[NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE] Speaker(s): Ian Dunlop|Ray Evans Date: 2009-06-30 Venue: Metcalfe Auditorium, State Library NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney Time: 6:00pm (arrive at 5:30pm)