Name:  John Bell

Bio: Artistic Director, The Bell Shakespeare Company

Let’s Have One of Us, A Mate for Head of State – 18th January 2006

This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.18 No.2 in 2006 (pages 12-14)

Australia’s relations with Britain carry a special bonf from a century and a half of British settlement. But while the president of the Phillipines or the USA or Nigeria can stand beside the Queen as head of state for their respective nations, no Australian can do this – Australia does not have an Australian head of state. The Sydney Institute held a launch for the inaugural Mate for Head of State Day on Wednesday 18 January 2006. At the Museum of Sydney, John Bell, artistic director of the Bell Shakespeare Company, Kathy Bail, editor of The Bulletin, and Gerard Henderson, Executive Director of the Sydney Institute, put their arguments on the issue.