Name:  Mark Scott

Bio: Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The ABC’s Editorial Values – 16th October 2006

This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.19 No.1 in 2007 (pages 64-76)

The Business of Great Journalism

This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.1 in 2005 (pages 85-95)

The business of newspapers has undergone radical changes in the past two decades. New and online media have not only increased competition but also forced the traditional daily newssheet into more appealing forms. On Monday, 6 December 2004, Mark Scoot, Fairfax Editor in Chief, Metropolitan Newspapers, addressed The Sydney Institute and spoke of the need for newspapers not only to continue as good business financially, but also to keep up the standard of good journalism, “stories that might cause some harm to yourself and your interests or those of of your friends – because you understand the value of free and independent journalism”.
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