Name: The Hon Morris Iemma


Civilizing Capital – Fairness for All – 25th May 2006

This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.18 No.3-4 in 2006 (pages 1-7)

The long serving Premier of New South Wales Bob Carr announced he would retire in August 2005. His successor, Morris Iemma was elected unapposed on 2 August. On becoming premier, Morris Iemma appeared as a little known member of the NSW government but over half a year on from his election, has established his image as very much the leader of both the state and his party. In an address to The Sydney Institute on Thursday May 25 2006, Premier Morris Iemma took up the theme of equity and fairness in a speech that emphasised his belief that government is both about running an enonomy and caring for the community.