Name: Dr Stephen Holt

Bio: co-author of Ross Fitzgerald and Stephen Holt, Alan the Red Fox Reid: Pressman Par Excellence (University of New South Wales Press, Sydney 2010

Alan Reid and the 36 Faceless Men – 9th June 2010

Alan Reid and the 36 Faceless Men – Stephen Holt

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Alan Reid and The Thirty Six Faceless Men

Stephen Holt is a Canberra-based historian and speech writer, and the author of biographies on historian Manning Clark and trade union leader Lloyd Ross. His latest book, co-authored with Ross Fitzgerald, Alan “the Red Fox” Reid, explores the career of influential political journalist Alan Reid, and his role in chronicling and participating in behind-the-scenes machinations of […]

Alan Reid and the 36 Faceless Men

LIGHT REFRESHMENTS Speaker(s): Stephen Holt Date: 2010-06-09 Venue: 41 Phillip St, Sydney Time: 6:00pm (arrive at 5:30pm)