Name: Professor Susan Greenfield

Bio: Advisor to Britain’s Social issues Research Centre, author of The Human Brain: A Guided Tour [Phoenix Press, 1998] and general editor or The Human Mind Explained [Cassell, 1996]

The Future of the Brain – 24th August 2005

The Future of the Brain

This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.3-4 in 2005 (pages 153-159)

Professor Susan Greenfield is an advisor to Britain’s Social Issues Research Centre. Apart from her primary research where she heads a group of 18 scientists studying Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, Professor Greenfiled has developed an interest in the physical basis of the mind. She was general editor in 1996 for The Human Mind Explained (Cassell) and has recently authored The Human Brain: A Guided Tour published as paperback in 1998 (Phoenix Press). Susan Greenfield addressed The Sydney Institute on Wednesday 24 August 2005.