Annabel Crabb

The Wife Drought

2017-04-20T12:11:14+10:0010 April 2015|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

Annabel Crabb is a political journalist & commentator; author most recently of The Wife Drought. In her book she argues that working women are in an advanced, sustained, and chronically under-reported state of wife drought, and there is no sign of rain. She questions why the work-and-family debate is always about women? Why don't men [...]

Politics and the Media – My Kingdom for an Audience

2017-05-10T16:33:58+10:0012 January 2012|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

One of Australia's most popular political commentators, Annabel Crabb is the ABC's chief online political writer. She has been a journalist for more than 12 years, covering national politics for 10. Before she became a journalist, Annabel completed arts and law degrees at the University of Adelaide, but decamped when a legal career threatened to [...]

Creatures Of The Liberal Party

2017-05-12T15:34:25+10:0024 September 2009|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

As a regular columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald, Annabel Crabb has become well-known for her incisive and engaging political commentary. In 2005, she published Losing It: The Inside Story of the Labor Party in Opposition, about the demise of Labor’s Mark Latham as  federal Opposition Leader. Her journalistic caeer has included coverinpolitics for the [...]

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