What Men Want – In Bed

2017-05-10T18:28:13+10:0014 December 2010|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

Bettina Arndt is a leading commentator on issues of sexuality. Trained as a clinical psychologist, Bettina Arndt entered public debate in the 1970s as the editor of Forum, a controversial adult sex education magazine. Since then, Arndt has worked as a writer for The Australian, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, hosted her own [...]

The Politics of Desire

2017-05-12T16:11:55+10:0022 July 2009|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

As one of Australia’s first sex therapists, Bettina Arndt has focussed her professional life on the changing nature of relationships between men and women. She has spent 20 years researching, writing and advising governments on a wide range of social issues, including family law, child care and ageing. On Tuesday 28 April 2009, Bettina Arndt [...]

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