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Wednesdays on My Mind – Seeing The World with Bob Hawke

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The Hon Bob Hawke was one of the most popular Australian prime ministers who lived his life in a privately adventurous bubble that never held him back – whether the weakness was alcohol or women. As he nears the end of an extraordinary public and private life, Bob Hawke chose to spend a series of [...]

Derek Rielly & Blanche D’Alpuget: Wednesdays on My Mind – Seeing The World with Bob Hawke

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Wednesdays on My Mind – Seeing The World with Bob Hawke

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Speaker(s): Derek Reilly (Sydney Journalist & author of Wednesdays with Bob) with Blanche d’Alpuget (Writer) Date: 2018-02-21 Topic: Wednesdays on My Mind – Seeing The World with Bob Hawke Venue: The Sydney Institute, Level 40, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney Time: 5.30 for 6pm Book from: 7 February 2018    

Passion and History

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In 1154, Henry Plantagenet avenged his family honour by taking back the English throne. The kingdom he inherited was impoverished, and lawless. With his beautiful and indomitable Eleanor of Aquitaine, this golden couple crushed rebellious barons and restored England’s prestige and glory. In her second volume of a four part series on Henry II and [...]

Henry Plantagenet, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Power, Seduction and Politics

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Speaker(s): Blanche D'Alpuget Date: 2013-10-08 Venue: The Gallipoli Club, 12 Loftus St (between Bridge Street & Alfred Street) Sydney NSW 2000 Time: 5:30 for 6pm

Henry Plantagenet, Eleanor of Aquitane, Power, Seduction and Politics

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Blanche D’Alpuget is an award winning author and essayist. In 1982, her perfectly timed biography of Bob Hawke, a year before he won power and became Australian prime minister, won D'Alpuget the New South Wales Premier's Literary Award. She went on to write more political history. The Young Lion, her latest work, is her first novel [...]

A Portrait of Leadership

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Blanche d’Alpuget is the author of seven books including novels, political biographies and essays. She has won of a number of literary prizes including the PEN Golden Jublilee Award, The Age Novel of the Year Award, the South Australian Premier’s Award and the Australasian Prize for Commonwealth Literature. Blanche D’Alpuget has served on the boards [...]