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Australian Federal Police raids on the offices of the ABC and the home of a journalist with The Australian provoked a heated debate over press freedom in Australia during June 2019. Predictably, the debate gained widespread media coverage as the Australian media voiced its collective disapproval of the raids. To offer a more nuanced appraisal [...]

The Media and Freedom of Speech – Two Views

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SPEAKER:      CHRIS KENNY (Author, columnist The Australian & Sky News presenter) & CHRIS MITCHELL (Columnist & former Editor-in-Chief, The Australian) DATE:             Thursday 11 July **Book from 26 June 2019** TIME:             5.30 for 6pm LIGHT REFRESHMENTS TOPIC:           The Media and Freedom of Speech – Two Views VENUE:          The Sydney Institute, Level 40, Governor Phillip Tower, [...]

Aussie Rules & Heartfelt Moments

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Journalist and commentator Chris Kenny is an associate editor at The Australian and presenter on Sky TV. He is also a contributor to Ross Fitzgerald’s edited Aussie Rules & Heartfelt Moments, a collection of well known Australian contributors each writing of moments they hold dear from the team of their heart. Every team in the [...]


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With reaction to the Abbott Government’s second budget a great deal more favourable that that which greeted the budget for 2014, The Sydney Institute brought together four political commentators to assess how the government could be seen to be doing. Jennifer Hewitt, National Affairs columnist, for The Australian Financial Review, Chris Kenny, columnist with The [...]

The Abbott Government – A Mid-Term Report

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**Book from 8 June** BAR OPENS AT 5 PM - LIGHT REFRESHMENTS Speaker(s): Chris Kenny|Dimitri Burshtein|Jennifer Hewett|Rebecca Huntley Date: 2015-06-22 Venue: The Gallipoli Club, 12 Loftus Street (between Bridge Street & Alfred Street), Sydney Time: 5.00 for 5.30pm [NOTE TIME]

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