David Marr

Pauline Hanson: One Nation & The Politics of Race

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David Marr, journalist, author and political & social commentator, is the author (most recently) of Quarterly Essay’s The White Queen – One Nation and The Politics of Race. As Marr writes, “This woman went to prison, danced the cha-cha on national television for a couple of years, and failed so often at the ballot box [...]

The Art of Argument

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On Wednesday 10 February 2016, The Sydney Institute organised a discussion on the art of argument between David Marr, author, Sydney journalist and former ABC TV Media Watch presenter and Gerard Henderson, Executive director of The Sydney Institute, columnists for The Weekend Australian and media commentator. The discussion was chaired by media veteran and ABC Compass [...]

David Marr

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Name:  David Marr Bio: Journalist, author; political & social commentator The Rudd Prime Ministership - 10th August 2010 The Media and Australian Politics This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.1 in 2005 (pages 121-124) Following the 2004 federal election and Labor's loss, many leading media figures were criticised for wrongly forecasting a Labor victory [...]

The Rudd Prime Ministership

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David Marr is an Australian journalist, author, and political and social commentator. His areas of expertise include the law, Australian politics, censorship, the media and the arts. He writes for The Sydney Morning Herald and appears as a semi-regular panelist on the ABC television programs, Q & A and Insiders. Marr’s In Power Trip: The [...]

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