David Uren

Australians and Foreign Investment

2017-04-20T12:05:28+10:0015 October 2015|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

Australia’s economy has been built on the back of foreign capital – alone among nations advanced or emerging, we have been able to run deficits with the world throughout our history precisely because foreigners are so keen to invest here. In his just published Takeover – Foreign Investment and the Australian Psyche, Economics editor of [...]

The Politics of Stimulating the Economy

2017-05-12T11:43:53+10:0011 October 2010|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

David Uren has 35 years of experience in economic journalism, working from the Canberra Press Gallery since 2004. As Economics Correspondent The Australian he covered the global financial crisis of 2008 very closely.  From this he produced the book Shitstorm, with Lenore Taylor. On Tuesday 20 July 2010, David Uren addressed The Sydney Institute evaluating [...]

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