Ehud Yaari: Trump takes on Teheran

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SPEAKERS:   EHUD YAARI (Israel-based Middle East commentator, award-winning journalist and author) DATE: Thursday 13 February 2020 *Book from 29 January 2020**  TIME: 5.30 for 6pm  LIGHT REFRESHMENTS  *MEMBERS & ONE GUEST ONLY* TOPIC: Trump takes on Teheran VENUE: The Sydney Institute, 47 Phillip Street (between Bent and Bridge Street), Sydney Please note this function [...]

Israel: Netanyahu, Gant or Other Options

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Ehud Ya’ari is an Israel-based Lafer international fellow of The Washington Institute and author of Toward Israeli-Palestinian Disengagement and Peace by Piece: A Decade of Egyptian Policy and Sinai: The New Front? A Middle East commentator for Israel's Channel Two television and former associate editor of Jerusalem Report, Ehud Yaari has been a Middle East [...]

Ehud Yaari – Israel: Netanyahu, Gantz or Other Options

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SPEAKER:       EHUD YAARI (Israel-based Middle East commentator, award-winning journalist and author) DATE:              Monday 4 November 2019 *Book from 17 October 2019** TIME:               5.30 for 6pm     LIGHT REFRESHMENTS  ***MEMBERS & ONE GUEST ONLY*** TOPIC:             Israel: Netanyahu, Gantz or Other Options VENUE:            The Sydney Institute, Level 40, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney Please [...]

Implications Of The Upheaval In The Middle East

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Ehud Ya'ari is Israel's most authoritative and influential foreign affairs analyst and commentator, having reported on the politics of The Middle East, particularly Palestinian affairs, since the 1970s. He now reports regularly for Israel's Channel Two Television Network and is an Associate Editor and Columnist for The Jerusalem Report newsmagazine. Ehud Ya'ari has written eight [...]

Implications of the Upheaval in the Middle East

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**Bookings from 13 February only** BAR OPENS AT 5 PM - LIGHT REFRESHMENTS Speaker(s): Ehud Ya'ari Date: 2014-02-27 Venue: The Gallipoli Club, 12 Loftus Street (between Bridge Street & Alfred Street), Sydney Time: 5.30 for 6pm

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