Sydney Festival boycott over Israel funding makes for strange bedfellows

2022-01-17T08:55:03+11:0014 January 2022|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

If I was a young gay man, I would be disturbed to know that the Islamists who control Hamas in Gaza regard me as a “bestie”. But this is the fate that has befallen Australian comedian Tom Ballard, who identifies with the LGBTQI+ movement in Australia. On January 4, Nine journalist Garry Maddox reported that [...]

ABC turns a blind eye to attack on Old Parliament House

2022-01-11T09:01:58+11:007 January 2022|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

It speaks volumes for the ABC that one of its key current affairs programs has discussed the first anniversary of the Capitol building riot in the US but ignored the alleged arson attack on Old Parliament House in Canberra on December 30 last year. On Radio National Breakfast last Thursday, presenter Hamish Macdonald interviewed Mick [...]

Election 2022: ‘Mood’ will decide between two paths to power

2022-01-04T10:00:02+11:0031 December 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

And so it has come to pass that there will be an election in 2022. This should not have come as any surprise – despite the fact that quite a few commentators predicted an early poll. The truth is that this never made much sense. Moreover, Scott Morrison has consistently mentioned that his government would [...]

A staggering 12 months of hubris and hapless hyperbole

2022-01-04T09:32:54+11:0023 December 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

This was the Year of the Ox – a symbol that represents, among other things, honesty. But, alas, not this time round. For we have lived through a period of massive hyperbole, wilful exaggeration, calculated deception and false prophecy on an industrial scale, along with bucketloads of pomposity and invincible ignorance. As can be judged [...]

Another year of ABC bias is not to be celebrated

2021-12-20T09:15:55+11:0017 December 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

When the Queen had a bad 1992, she used the words “annus horribilis” to describe her fate. It was a year that saw the separation of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, the devastating fire at Windsor Castle, and more besides. On any objective analysis, the ABC experienced a difficult 2021. However, you would [...]

Nothing Menzian about Holmes a Court’s political appropriation

2021-12-13T09:14:23+11:0010 December 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

If ever there was a case of political appropriation, this is it. In The Australian on Wednesday, Greg Brown reported that Simon Holmes a Court, the convener of Climate 200, has declared himself to be a “Menzian Liberal” who has lost faith in the modern Liberal Party. The reference is to Robert Menzies, who was United Australia [...]


2022-01-06T19:01:31+11:007 December 2021|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

On Tuesday 7 December, barrister and senior counsel Margaret Cunneen SC launched Gerard Henderson’s Cardinal Pell, The Media Pile-on and Collective Guilt which, Margaret Cunneen’s words, “is a meticulous chronology which draws together all the stakeholders, as they would call themselves, in the attempted destruction of Cardinal George Pell. As Gerard illustrates so eloquently, they [...]

You can take it from Menzies – divided, the Liberals will fall

2021-11-28T12:47:54+11:0026 November 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

Looking at the state of the Liberal Party and the Nationals in Parliament House right now, it seems that their parliamentarians are undertaking a general rehearsal for the end of the (political) world as they know it, to somewhat ­rephrase an old saying. As a result, it will be an extraordinary achievement if Scott Morrison [...]

Media Watch is progressively losing the plot

2021-11-22T09:13:09+11:0019 November 2021|Categories: Gerard Henderson's Weekly Column|Tags: |

Believe it or not, Howard Kurtz’s MediaBuzz program on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel in the US (it airs on Foxtel in Australia) is fair and balanced – whereas Paul Barry’s weekly ABC TV Media Watch program is devoid of pluralism. Before going to Fox News, Kurtz hosted CNN’s media criticism program Reliable Sources. Prior [...]

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