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How to make sense of the astonishing upheaval of February 2020 and following? Normal life – in which expected rights and freedoms were taken for granted – came to be replaced by a new society as managed by a medical/ruling elite that promised but failed to deliver virus mitigation, all in the name of public [...]

The Great Covid Panic – What Happened and What Next – Gigi Foster and Gerard Henderson

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Register for the Zoom talk. Bookings open to Members only. The link will be sent out the day of the event. Speakers: Gigi Foster - Professor, School of Economics, UNSW and co-author of The Great Covid Panic - What Happened, Why and What to do Next in conversation with Gerard Henderson, Executive Director, The Sydney Institute [...]


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Professor Gigi Foster is Director of Education at the UNSW. She received her BA from Yale (majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics) and her PhD in economics from the University of Maryland.​ Professor Foster's research interests and contributions lie in the areas of education, social influence, behavioral economics, and the multi-disciplinary analysis of human behavior [...]

The Crisis on Campus

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Universities across the Western world are now educating a majority of high school graduates. What are they being taught? How high are standards? Why is freedom of expression under attack on campus? These questions and many more are the focus of a new book, Campus Meltdown The Deepening Crisis in Australian Universities edited by William Coleman. [...]

Dr William Coleman & Dr Gigi Foster – The Crisis on Campus

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SPEAKERS:     Dr William Coleman (Associate Professor, ANU College of Business and Economics) & Dr Gigi Foster (Associate Professor, School of Economics at the University of NSW ) DATE:             Wednesday 20th November *Book from 6 November 2019* TIME:              5.30 for 6pm     LIGHT REFRESHMENTS               TOPIC:          The Crisis on Campus VENUE:      [...]

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