Ian Macfarlane

A Remarkable Ten – They Left Their Mark On Australia and Were Then Forgotten

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Ian Macfarlane AC is an Australian economist and was Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, from 1996 to 17 September 2006. He has not let retirement end his endeavours, however, and is now the author of a new book, The Remarkable Australians, that puts together the stories of ten remarkable Australians who were once [...]

Australia’s Competitive Edge In The Industries Of The Future

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On Tuesday 9 September 2014, The Hon Ian Macfarlane, Minister for Industry, addressed The Sydney Institute to outline the Abbott Government’s Industry policy. In the Minister’s opinion, Australia needs to “be looking to industries that can secure long-term jobs for people, based on clever high-tech ideas, where they can use the latest manufacturing techniques.” In [...]

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