Jeffrey Grey

The War With The Ottoman Empire: A Century Perspective

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Professor Jeffrey Grey, from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) at UNSW Canberra, is one of Australia’s finest military historians. His publications include A Military History of Australia, (Cambridge University Press) and The Australian Army: volume I: The Australian Centenary History of Defence, (Oxford University Press). In this centenary year of the Great [...]

Sir Thomas Daly And Australia’s Military Commitments – From Tobruk To Vietnam

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Jeffrey Grey, Professor History Program UNSW Canberra, is both teacher and author of Australian military history. His books have included A Military History of Australia (1990), Australian Brass: The Career of Lieutenant General Sir Horace Robertson (1992), 'Up Top': The Royal Australian Navy in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1955-1972 (1998) and The Australian Army: Volume I: [...]

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