Jennifer Hewett

The Abbott Government – A Mid-Term Report

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**Book from 8 June** BAR OPENS AT 5 PM - LIGHT REFRESHMENTS Speaker(s): Chris Kenny|Dimitri Burshtein|Jennifer Hewett|Rebecca Huntley Date: 2015-06-22 Venue: The Gallipoli Club, 12 Loftus Street (between Bridge Street & Alfred Street), Sydney Time: 5.00 for 5.30pm [NOTE TIME]

The Abbott Government’s First 200 Days

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After 200 days of Abbott Government, the polls were mixed, the new Senate oddly divided and the way ahead full of humps and challenges for Australia’s leaders. Labor faced a difficult period of renewal as the Greens appeared to have captured left of centre votes. Treasurer Joe Hockey had a herculean task in preparing a [...]

Mining The Super Profits Tax and The National Economy

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The debate over the Rudd Government’s proposed Resources Super Profits Tax (RSPT) engulfed both government and media during June 2010. A leading critic of the tax was Australian journalist Jennifer Hewett, National Affairs Correspondent for The Australian since April 2007. George Megalogenis, political commentator, author and senior feature writer for The Australian, was more concerned [...]