Louis Nowra


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"I came to Sydney from Melbourne in 1978 and immediately fell in love with its history, the sandstone buildings, the gorgeous harbour, the bridge, the Opera House, its ad hoc streets and its denizens." Acclaimed playwright and author Louis Nowra arrived in Sydney looking for opportunities. He never left. He fell in love with a [...]

Sydney: A Biography – Louis Nowra [Zoom]

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Speaker: Louis Nowra, Playwright and Author Date: Wednesday 12 July 2023 Time: 6pm Venue: Online [A link will be sent on the morning of the event] PLEASE NOTE: THIS MEETING IS FOR PAID ASSOCIATE MEMBERS OF THE SYDNEY INSTITUTE ONLY & 1 GUEST - If you would like to renew your membership or join you [...]

Kings Cross – Its Life and Times

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Kings Cross is a no-holds barred place, where backpackers, prostitutes, strippers, chefs, mad men, poets, beggars, booksellers, doctors, gangsters, sailors, musicians, drug traffickers, eccentrics, judges and artists live side by side. Part flaneur, part historian and part eyewitness, in Kings Cross – a biography, Louis Nowra - acclaimed writer, playwright, screenwriter and librettist - has [...]

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