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Paul Fletcher is the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts. On Wednesday 7 April 2021, Paul Fletcher addressed The Sydney Institute on the topic of funding the Arts. While making it clear that Coalition governments have been consistent supporters of the Arts in Australia, he cautioned that priorities are in constant need [...]

Welfare, Personal Responsibility and the Cashless Debit Card

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On Monday 25 March 2019, The Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Families and Social Services, addressed The Sydney Institute. Paul Fletcher is the Member for Bradfield and entered parliament in 2009.In his speech, the Minister clarified the government’s belief in the positive effects of the cashless credit card for welfare recipients. He also announced [...]

The Challenge Of Funding Australia’s Road System

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Broadband, transport, cities, environmental issues are just some of the areas that depend on vigorous investment in infrastructure. What is to come, how is it to be paid for and how will it improve our lives? The Hon Paul Fletcher MP is the Minister for Urban Infrastructure. As Director, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, at Optus [...]

Efficiency in Government

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Paul Fletcher MP has been the member for Bradfield since 2009. Prior to entering parliament, he was the principal of a strategic consulting firm serving the communications sector and before that was Director, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, at Optus for eight years. Paul Fletcher is a well-known figure in communications policy in Australia and his [...]

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