Robyn Williams

God in the 21st Century

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Robyn Williams addressed The Sydney Institute on Tuesday 23 August 2011 as part of a discussion on God in the twenty-first century. Robyn Williams, who is the ABC Radio National presenter of The Science Show & Ockham’s Razor argued the case for atheism. He was joined by Angela Shanahan, a columnist with The Australian, Rabbi [...]

Australia, Science Policy and the Commercialisation of Ideas

2017-04-21T17:32:54+10:0028 March 2001|Categories: Function|Tags: , , , , , |

Speaker(s): Ann Henderson-Sellers|Catherine Livingstone|Robin Batterham|Robyn Williams|Ron Johnston Date: 2001-03-28 Venue: Time: 6:00pm (arrive at 5:30pm)

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