Rodney Cavalier

The Struggle For The Soul Of The Labor Movement

2017-05-10T15:23:32+10:0019 June 2012|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

The Hon Rodney Cavalier AO is a former NSW Minister in the Wran and Unsworth Governments. He is also the author of a powerful critique of contemporary Labor - Power crisis: the self-destruction of a state Labor Party (2010). On Tuesday 19 June, Rodney Cavalier joined Cassandra Wilkinson, author, activist and former senior adviser in [...]

Power Crisis: New Labor

2017-05-12T10:33:49+10:0014 December 2010|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

Rodney Cavalier was Minister for Education in the NSW Wran and Unsworth Labour governments. After leaving politics, Cavalier has served on numerous committees and government bodies, as chairman of the Australian Language and Literary Council, on the Council of the National Library of Australia and as Chairman of the Committee for the Sesquicentenary of Responsible [...]

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