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Professor Ross Fitzgerald is proud to say that he has been sober for over fifty years. Thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous and the support he found among its members. As a prolific author, Ross Fitzgerald has again taken up the subject of recovered alcoholism in a new book My Last Drink, co-edited with Neal Price, an artist [...]


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Ross Fitzgerald AM is Emeritus Professor of History & Politics at Griffith and author of 42 books, including two memoirs and seven Grafton Everest adventures. Most recently he has published Fifty Years Sober: An Alcoholic's Journey . In a speech at The Sydney Institute – recorded to camera for podcast and Youtube broadcast - on Monday 23 March 2020, Ross Fitzgerald recalled [...]

Ross Fitzgerald: Fifty Years Sober: An Alcoholic’s Journey

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SPEAKER:   ROSS FITZGERALD (Emeritus Professor at Griffith University and author of Fifty Years Sober: An Alcoholic's Journey) DATE: Monday 23 March 2020 *Book from 1 March 2020**  PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE TIME: 5.30 for 6pm     LIGHT REFRESHMENTS   TOPIC: Fifty Years Sober: An Alcoholic's Journey VENUE: The Sydney Institute, 47 Phillip Street [...]

The 2016 Federal Election – The Australian Sex Party

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Professor Ross Fitzgerald AM is the Australian Sex Party's lead Senate candidate in NSW. He is the author of 39 books, most recently of Going Out Backwards - a sexual/political satire in which his alter ego Senator Professor Dr Grafton Everest holds the balance of power in the Upper House! On Tuesday 7 June 2016, Ross [...]

Aussie Rules & Heartfelt Moments

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A life-long Collingwood supporter, Professor Ross Fitzgerald AM is the author of 39 books, including his memoir My Name is Ross: An Alcoholic’s Journey and the co-authored political/sexual satire, Going Out Backwards: A Grafton Everest Adventure. In 2015, he edited Aussie Rules & Heartfelt Moments which is a collection of well known Australian contributors each [...]

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