Villers-Bretonneux: What Really Happened

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In March 1918, the Germans launched an immense offensive that led to Britain’s gravest crisis of WWI. There was widespread concern — under-recognised today — that after years of terrible casualties and hardships the war might be lost. Australia’s soldiers, rushed to the rescue in this climax of the conflict, were influencing the destiny of [...]

Villers-Bretonneux – What Really Happened

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Speaker(s): Ross McMullin (Award winning biographer and historian) Date: 7th Nov 2018 Topic: Villers-Bretonneux - What Really Happened Venue: The Sydney Institute, Level 40, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney Time: 5.30 for 6pm Book from: 25 October 2018  

Pompey Elliott at War

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Ross McMullin is an historian and biographer who has written extensively about Australia's involvement in World War I. Dr McMullin’s biographies include the award-winning Pompey Elliott and Will Dyson: Australia’s radical genius. His most recent publication is a new work – Pompey Elliott at War – In His Own Words. To talk about this remarkable Australian general and [...]

Farewell, Dear People: Biographies of Gifted Australians who Died in the Great War

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Dr Ross McMullin is a senior History fellow at the  University of Melbourne and the author (most recently) of Farewell, Dear People: Biographies of Australia’s Lost Generation. He is also the author of the award winning Pompey Elliott. Farewell Dear People tells the stories of ten outstanding young Australians who gave their lives in battle during the First World War. [...]

Farewell, Dear People: Biographies of Gifted Australians who Died in the Great War

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Light refreshments will be served. Speaker(s): Ross McMullin Date: 2012-10-30 Venue: The Sydney Institute, 41 Phillip Street, Sydney Time: 5.30 for 6pm

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