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Afghanistan Today – Strategic and Social Issues – Sajjan Gohel & Ida Lichter

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Register for the Zoom talk. Bookings open to Members only. The link will be sent out the day of the event.  Topic - Afghanistan Today - Strategic and Social Issues Speakers: Sajjan Gohel, Ida Lichter Date: Thursday 25 August 2021 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time | 8am London time NOTE THAT THIS MEETING IS FOR [...]

After the Fall of the Caliphate: International Terrorism’s On-Going Concerns & Challenges

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Defeated in Iraq, the ISIS inspired terrorist movement is by no means dead. Terrorism expert Dr Sajjan Gohel, speaking after London Bridge and Borough Market terrorist attacks in 2017, has warned, “The more they lose, the more they will attack. They are confined operationally so their only option is to react aggressively to attack, like [...]

After The Fall of the Caliphate: How Terrorism Will Continue to Present A Challenge

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Speaker(s):  DR SAJJAN GOEL (International Security Director, Asia Pacific Foundation, London) Date: 2017-12-7 Topic: TBA Venue: The Sydney Institute, Level 40, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney Time: 5:30 for 6pm  Book from: 19 November ASSOCIATES & ASSOCIATE’S ONE GUEST ONLY  

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