Sophie York

The Liberal Party’s Women MPs – Where are They?

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August 2018 marked the 75th anniversary of the first Australian woman to be elected to the House of Representatives - Dame Enid Lyons, who stood for the United Australia Party, the forerunner of the Liberal Party of Australia. In the last three decades, female MPs have become a familiar sight in both houses of the [...]

The Liberal Party’s Women MPs – Where are They?

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Speaker(s): Katherine O'Regan (Executive Director, Cities Leadership Institute), Peter Van Onselen (Academic, UWA and Griffith, & Contributing Editor, The Australian) & Sophie York (Lecturer, Public International Law & Legal Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, & Jurisprudence, Sydney University) Date: 31st July 2018 Topic: The Liberal Party’s Women MPs - Where are They? Venue: The Sydney Institute, [...]

Angels Of Aceh – Australian Aid Abroad

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After the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami hit Indonesia in 2004, Australian aid was a key to the emergency effort. Among the volunteers, Defence personnel and government aid workers who rushed to the disaster scene was a team of medical specialists who worked for weeks in gruelling conditions to help survivors in Aceh. Sydney barrister and [...]