Suzanne Falkiner

Randolph Stow’s Politics

2017-04-20T11:55:28+10:0022 September 2016|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

Novelist and poet Randolph Stowe was an Australia artistic giant who found himself unwelcome in his own land. Why is it that so many creative Australians find their natural surroundings haunting them and their compatriots confounding them. Stow’s personal story has now been brought to life in popular author Suzanne Falkiner’s Mick – A Life [...]

Tragedy and Scandal – Mrs Mort, Eugenia and the Courts

2017-04-20T15:51:40+10:0022 December 2015|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

Suzanne Falkiner is a publisher and author, most recently, of Eugenia (XOUM 2014) and Mrs Mort's Madness, a forensic study of the story of one of New South Wales’ most intriguing murders. Sydneysiders, in 1920, could hardly have imagined how it was that murder had happened in the sitting room of a bungalow in quiet [...]

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