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Multiculturalism in the Australian Context

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The Hon Chris Bowen MP was sworn in as the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship on 14 September 2010. He was born and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney and in 1998-9 was Mayor of Fairfield. His electorate of McMahon takes in suburbs west of Sydney’s Fairfield and Prospect and is the heart [...]

White Savages? Sketches of Colonial Manners

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Associate Professor and author Penny Russell is fascinated by snobs and social climbers, scandals large and small, and the mysterious ways people lived, loved and learned in times past. Firmly wedded to the nineteenth century, Russell avidly pursues the “small talk” of history in Australia and England, finding within private writing and the intimacies of [...]

In Search of Sydney

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Delia Falconer is a senior lecturer at the University of Technology in Sydney and an acclaimed writer – most recently of Sydney (New South Press). Her two novels are the bestselling The Service of Clouds, (short listed for major literary awards including the Miles Franklin, NSW Premier's Literary Awards, Victorian Premier's Literary Awards, and the [...]

The World needs a Different China

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Chin Jin is a Chinese-born Australian who has lived in NSW since 1988. He has been active in the overseas Chinese democratic movement since early 1989. Chin Jin is an MA graduate of the University of Western Sydney, and has written widely on Human Rights and the political structure of China. He hosted the Dalai [...]

Georgia in 2010: Afghanistan, Georgian foreign policy and trade and investment

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As the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, a contributor to the NATO-led military campaign in war-torn Afghanistan, Alexander Nalbandov made a visit to Sydney in 2010. Georgia has deployed 900 troops as part of the international coalition fighting Taliban militants. On Monday 15 November 2010, Alexander Nalbandov addressed The Sydney Institute. In his [...]

“Poor old pinko conservative, half-arsed political puritan, cyrpto-fascist”: Barry Humpries and the politics of satire

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Barry Humphries has twice written his life in autobiographies – with different takes on the same life. But neither account gives the whole story. Dr Anne Pender took years researching, interviewing and delving into the real Barry Humphries to produce a more comprehensive story. Her book, One Man Show, examines the life, and the aspirations [...]

Wikileaks – A Discussion

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Gerard Henderson, Executive Director of The Sydney Institute, is also a weekly columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald. In his weekly Sydney Institute blog Media Watch Dog, Gerard Henderson has become a regular critic of Australia’s mainsteam media, in particular some of its left leaning personalities. On Wednesday 27 January 2011, Gerard Henderson joined Richard [...]

Afghanistan Today

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Malalai Joya was elected to the 249-seat National Assembly, or Wolesi Jirga, in September 2005, as a representative of Farah Province. Shei won the second highest number of votes in the province and  rose to fame in December 2003 when, as an elected delegate to the Constitutional Loya Jirga, she spoke out publicly against the [...]

Wikileaks and The Mainstream

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Sydney Morning Herald columnist Richard Ackland has spent more than 30 years in journalism and publishing. He has also hosted Late Night Live on ABC Radio National and later the network's breakfast program Daybreak. In 1999, he won a Gold Walkley award for his work as writer and presenter of ABC TV's Media Watch. Richard [...]

Minority Government in Australia and Canada

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Professor Anne Twomey, from Sydney University Law School, has also worked for the High Court of Australia as a Senior Research Officer, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Research Service as a researcher in the Law and Government Group, the Commonwealth Senate as Secretary to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee, and The Cabinet Office of NSW as [...]