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John Henry Newman: A Cardinal for our Times

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Edmund Campion is a Sydney priest, writer, editor, literary judge and academic. Among his published works are Rockchoppers: Growing up Catholic in Australia, Australian Catholics and A Place in the City. An avid historian, Edmund Campion completed a major work on John Henry Newman in 1980 following his discovery of unpublished documents from Lord Acton [...]

God in the 21st Century

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Dr Shakira Hussein, from the National Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies at the University of Melbourne, addressed The Sydney Institute on Tuesday 23 August 2011 as part of a discussion on God in the twenty-first century. She was joined by Angela Shanahan, a columnist with The Australian , Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins from the Emanuel [...]

Letters From My Father, Robert Menzies – Book Launch

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In 2011, Sir Robert Menzies’ daughter Heather Henderson published her father’s letters to her, written over the years she had been living overseas with her diplomat husband Peter Henderson. These letters reveal a very different Robert Menzies, Prime Minister of Australia from 1939-1941 and again from 1949-1966, from the imposing public figure most Australian came [...]

The Political Phenomenon Sweeping Across The Arab World

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Ambassador Idriss Jazairy is Permanent Representative of Algeria to the UN in Geneva and Chair of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Executive Committee. Prior to his appointment as Permanent Representative of Algeria to the UN Geneva, Ambassador Jazairy was Ambassador to the United States of America. Idriss Jazairy is also the great grandson Emir [...]

The Challenge Of Palestinian State-Building

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Khaled Abu Toameh, an Arab Muslim who lives in Israel, is a veteran award-winning journalist who has been covering Palestinian affairs for nearly three decades. He studied at Hebrew University and began his career as a reporter by working for a PLO-affiliated newspaper in Jerusalem. On a visit to Sydney, Khaled Abu Toameh addressed The [...]

It’s Time to Get Real

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Senator Barnaby Joyce is one of a family of eight from a cattle and sheep business in southern New England. He is an accountant who entered the Senate after the 2004 election and became Nationals Leader in the Senate in September 2008. He is currently Shadow Finance Minster. Always a lively stirrer, Barnaby Joyce addressed [...]

God In the 21st Century

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Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins from the Emanuel Synagogue in Sydney addressed The Sydney Institute on Tuesday 23 August 2011 as part of a discussion on God in the twenty-first century. He was joined by Angela Shanahan, a columnist with The Australian, Robyn Williams, the ABC Radio National presenter of The Science Show & Ockham’s Razor and [...]

London Schools and The London Riots – Too Much Nanny State?

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In 2011, The Sydney Institute instituted the Occasional Jim and Janette Bain Lecture to honour the contribution made by Jim and Janette Bain to the establishment of The Sydney Institute. In 1989, the Bains’ substantial donation to the Institute made possible important seed money that set The Sydney Institute on its successful path. Jim and [...]

The Case for Coal Seam Gas

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The issue of mining coal seam gas became a much debated  topic in 2011, resulting in the NSW government announcing a tough new regime for the coal seam gas mining, including a ban on BTEX chemicals (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes) in drilling. In the ensuing media flux, Glenda McLoughlin, Chief Financial Officer at Metgasco [...]

Living with Depression

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The Hon Andrew Robb was introduced by the Hon Barry O’Farrell at The Sydney Institute on Tuesday 8 August 2011, click here to view. LIVING WITH DEPRESSION ANDREW ROBB I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight. It’s a great privilege to have so many distinguished people, so many friends that have brought great [...]