Politics in 2012

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Troy Bramston is a columnist with The Australian, a former speech writer for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the author of Looking for the Light on the Hill. On Tuesday 21 February 2012, Troy Bramston joined columnist for The Australian and commentator on ABC TV’s The Drum Niki Savva to address The Sydney Institute in [...]

The Other Life of the King James Bible

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The Sydney Institute’s Annual Dinner Lecture 2012, on 20 March, was given by Lord Bragg of Wigton, otherwise known as Melvyn Bragg, award-winning documentary producer and presenter, historian and author. Melvyn Bragg’s most recent book The Book of Books – A Biography of the King James Bible 1611-2011 formed the background to his address. Lord Bragg was introduced [...]

Developing A Uniquely Australian School Education System

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The Hon Peter Garrett AM MP is Australia’s Minister for School Education & Minister for Early Childhood and Youth. In the wake of the Gonski Report “Review of Funding for Schooling”, Peter Garrett has said, “Given that this government has provided record levels of investment in education … the next natural step  The next natural step for us [...]

The Future Of Work Is Having A Good Job

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Australia’s Minister for Employment and Workplace relations, Financial Services and Superannuation is the Hon Bill Shorten, Member for Maribyrnong. Industrial relations and the Howard Government’s Workchoices legislation was a key issue in the 2007 election campaign that took Labor to government. Over the terms of the Rudd and Gillard governments, the Fair Work Act and [...]

Sustainable Finances – Why Bother?

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Mike Baird is the NSW Treasurer and has held this position since the O’Farrell Government was elected in March 2011. He was first was elected to the New South Wales Parliament in 2007. After initially serving time in a range of junior shadow ministries, in 2008 Baird was promoted to the position of Shadow Treasurer [...]

The Ottoman Empire and the Contemporary Middle East

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Ehud R. Toledano is Professor of Ottoman and Middle Eastern History and the Director of the Graduate School of Historical Studies at Tel-Aviv University. He holds a Princeton PhD (1979), and has taught and held research positions at the University of Oxford, University of Pennsylvania, and UCLA. He has published extensively on the Middle East [...]

How Numbers Came To Rule The World

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Jane Gleeson-White has worked as an editor, writer and reviewer in Sydney and London since completing her degrees in English and Australian literature, and economics, at the University of Sydney in 1987. She also worked as a student at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, where she studied Byzantine, early Renaissance and modern art. Her [...]

Australian Politics

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Niki Savva joined the Canberra press bureau in 1972 and today is a columnist for The Australian and commentator on ABC TV’s The Drum. During the Howard Government, in 1998, Niki Savva left her job as head of The Age’s Canberra desk to take up the position of then Treasurer Peter Costello’s press secretary. In [...]

The Army After Afghanistan

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Lieutenant General David Morrison is Australia’s Chief of Army. He served as Colonel Operations, Headquarters International Force for East Timor (INTERFET) from October 1999 and on his return to Australia, Morrison was posted to the Deployable Joint Force Headquarters as Chief of Staff. David Morrison was promoted to major general in December 2005 and served [...]

Hazel’s Journey

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Sue Pieters-Hawke is the daughter of Bob and Hazel Hawke. She has just published a second book on her mother, Hazel – My Mother’s Story, which is a full biography of her mother’s  life and times. In 2004, Pieters-Hawke wrote the bestselling book Hazel’s Journey, about Hazel Hawke’s experience with Alzheimer’s disease. Sue Pieters-Hawke co-chairs the Federal [...]

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