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In Defence Of Silliness, Prurience And Sedition – Being A Gossip Columnist

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Rear Window columnist Joe Aston has taken the Sydney finance community by storm with his irreverent gossip write-ups in The Australian Financial Review. From Tasmania, Joe Aston turned up in Sydney to study at the UTS. He went on to work as an advisor to the Hon Joe Hockey and later for Qantas and Etihad [...]

US Policy Priorities and the ‘Rebalance’ to the Asia-Pacific

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Bonnie Glaser is a senior adviser for Asia in the Washington DC Freeman Chair in China Studies, a senior associate with CSIS Pacific Forum and a consultant for the US government on East Asia. Prior to joining CSIS, Bonnie Glaser served as a consultant for various US government offices, including the Departments of Defense and [...]

Geelong Grammar School and its Place in Australian History

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Former Head of History at Geelong Grammar School, and curator and friend to a host of old boys and girls, Michael Collins Persse has helped to educate some 10,000 youngsters who have passed through its halls and playing fields, over the last 58 years. For many, Geelong Grammar School is a bastion of an elite [...]

Air Disaster Canberra

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After 11 years as a NSW state Liberal MP, Andrew Tink left parliament in 2007 to pursue his passion for history and writing. His first book, William Charles Wentworth, Australia’s greatest native son,  won “The Nib” CAL Waverly Award for Literature. He followed this with Lord Sydney - the life and times of Tommy Townshend [...]

The Gonski Report – Yes Or No?

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Jane Caro in an author, novelist, journalist, columnist, lecturer and media commentator, and most recently the co-author of What makes a Good School? On Tuesday 16 April 2013, Jane Caro joined Kevin Donnelly, one of Australia’s leading education authors and commentators and the Director of the Melbourne based Education Standards Institute, in a discussion on [...]

Australia In A More Competitive World

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Senator Arthur Sinodinos AO is an expert on national politics, public policy issues and government and business leadership and was Chief of Staff to Prime Minister John Howard from 1997-2006. On 2 November 2011, Arthur Sinodinos replaced Senator Helen Coonan on her resignation from the Senate. At the time of his address, he was Shadow [...]

Italian Politics After The 2013 Election

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Giulia Massotti is a project manager with the Institute of European Democrats, a research institute established in 2007 and based in Brussels. On Monday 22 April 2013, at The Sydney Institute, she joined Luca Bader, CEO of the Institute of European Democrats in Brussels and an Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe University’s Centre for Dialogue in a discussion [...]

Scientists And Policy Makers; Why Are They Incompatible?

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Science and scientific thinking play an ever-increasing role in our everyday lives.  Governments need to make decisions, which should often be based on scientific evidence and arguments. In general, however, positive and flowing communication between these two groups is unusual. To give some understanding of why this is so, Herbert E Huppert, Professor of Theoretical Geophysics, [...]

Business And The Cyber Wars

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John M Green is an author, former merchant banker and non-executive director at Worley Parsons and QBE Insurance. His most recent novel, The Trusted, an eco-cyber-thriller, tackles the underworld surrounding the internet, government and business. As ever with a John Green novel the subject is both topical and farsighted. John Green’s earlier novels are Nowhere [...]

Italian Politics After The 2013 Election

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Luca Bader, CEO of the Institute of European Democrats in Brussels and an Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe University’s Centre for Dialogue. On Monday 22 April 2013, at The Sydney Institute, he joined Giulia Massotti is a project manager with the Institute of European Democrats, a research institute established in 2007 and based in Brussels in a discussion [...]