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Scientists And Policy Makers; Why Are They Incompatible?

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Science and scientific thinking play an ever-increasing role in our everyday lives.  Governments need to make decisions, which should often be based on scientific evidence and arguments. In general, however, positive and flowing communication between these two groups is unusual. To give some understanding of why this is so, Herbert E Huppert, Professor of Theoretical Geophysics, [...]

Business And The Cyber Wars

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John M Green is an author, former merchant banker and non-executive director at Worley Parsons and QBE Insurance. His most recent novel, The Trusted, an eco-cyber-thriller, tackles the underworld surrounding the internet, government and business. As ever with a John Green novel the subject is both topical and farsighted. John Green’s earlier novels are Nowhere [...]

Italian Politics After The 2013 Election

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Luca Bader, CEO of the Institute of European Democrats in Brussels and an Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe University’s Centre for Dialogue. On Monday 22 April 2013, at The Sydney Institute, he joined Giulia Massotti is a project manager with the Institute of European Democrats, a research institute established in 2007 and based in Brussels in a discussion [...]

The Gonski Report – Yes Or No

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Dr Kevin Donnelly was a secondary school teacher in Victoria for 18 years and is now one of Australia’s leading education authors and commentators and the Director of the Melbourne based Education Standards Institute. His most recent publication is Why Our Schools are Failing. On Tuesday 16 April 2013, Kevin Donnelly joined Jane Caro, novelist, [...]

Surrounded On All Sides – Five Lessons In Leadership From History

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The 2013 Sydney Institute Dinner lecture was given by Dr Amanda Foreman, award-winning historian and international best-selling author of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (1998 Whitbread Prize for Biography) and A World on Fire: Britain’s Crucial Role in the American Civil War. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire has been developed into a television documentary, a radio play starring Dame Judi [...]

Searching For Madeleine St John: The Craft Of Biography

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Helen Trinca is an author and Managing Editor of The Australian. Her early books were co-written - Waterfront: The Battle that Changed Australia and Better than Sex: How a Whole Generation Got Hooked on Work. She has now published the biography of Australian expat writer Madeleine St John, title Madeleine  - The Life of Madeleine [...]

Sir Thomas Daly And Australia’s Military Commitments – From Tobruk To Vietnam

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Jeffrey Grey, Professor History Program UNSW Canberra, is both teacher and author of Australian military history. His books have included A Military History of Australia (1990), Australian Brass: The Career of Lieutenant General Sir Horace Robertson (1992), 'Up Top': The Royal Australian Navy in Southeast Asian Conflicts 1955-1972 (1998) and The Australian Army: Volume I: [...]

Politics And The Australian Coal Industry: What’s Next?

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Dr Nikki Williams is the Chief Executive Officer of Australian Coal Association. With the environmental debate entering a new phase where activists are no longer seeking to improve the environmental performance of industry but to shut entire sectors down, Nikki Williams has news for energy consumers – coal is necessary to sustain living standards and [...]

Introduction – Dr Amanda Foreman

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The Hon Barry O’Farrell, Premier of New South Wales, gave the introduction to Dr Amanda Foreman at The Sydney Institute’s Annual Dinner 2013 on Tuesday 30 April. The premier highlighted not only Amanda Foreman’s contribution to history but also her keen interest in “liberty” and its paradoxes.  INTRODUCTION - DR AMANDA FOREMAN  BARRY O’FARRELL  Dr [...]

The Freedom Wars

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Senator The Hon George Brandis is Shadow Attorney-General and Shadow Minister for the Arts Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate in the Abbott Shadow Ministry. In the Howard Government, Senator Brandis held the portfolio of Arts and Sport and was appointed Shadow Attorney-General by Opposition leader Brendan Nelson and continued to hold that [...]