Australia’s Game: Football as Art and Culture

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Barry Oakley well known Australian author, lecturer and former literary editor of The Australian has published numerous books and plays including A Wild Ass of a Man, and Let’s Hear it for Prendergast, for which he was the joint winner of the Captain Cook Bicentenary Literary Award. His early plays were performed at La Mama Theatre in [...]

Forty Years in the Making – Why Leadership is the Least of Labor’s Troubles

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Nick Cater is an Australian journalist and author and Chief Opinion Editor at The Australian. He has held editorial executive posts at The Weekend Australian, The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph and in 2006 edited The Howard Factor. In 2013, Nick Cater published The Lucky Culture, a book which has opened debate on the [...]

Choosing The Right Market Mechanisms For Addressing Environmental Problems

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The Hon Greg Hunt was a minister in the Howard Government and became Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Urban Water in opposition after the 2007 election. In December 2009, Greg Hunt’s role was expanded when he was appointed Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage. On Monday 30 May 2013, Greg Hunt [...]

Efficiency in Government

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Paul Fletcher MP has been the member for Bradfield since 2009. Prior to entering parliament, he was the principal of a strategic consulting firm serving the communications sector and before that was Director, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, at Optus for eight years. Paul Fletcher is a well-known figure in communications policy in Australia and his [...]

The Real Marriage Question

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Bettina Arndt in a sex therapist, journalist and clinical psychologist. Early in her career she edited Forum, an Australian adult sex education magazine. In the 1980s, Arndt shifted her focus to writing and speaking about broader social issues, writing for The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and hosting her own program on [...]

Australian Politics and the Carrick Era

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Dr Graeme Starr is a Visiting Fellow at the Public Policy Institute of the Australian Catholic University. He has written extensively on politics and public policy and taught at several major Australian and American universities and has held a number of advisory positions in government including Senior Private Secretary to the Minster for Defence and [...]

The Greens And Labor – Allies Or Enemies?

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In Why Labor Should Savour Its Greens, former investment banker and economist Brad Orgill reviews the Greens’ major economic, social, and environmental policies; and argues that progressive voters, and the nation as a whole, deserve an aligned ALP–Greens platform incorporating the best elements of each. On Tuesday 13 August, Brad Orgill joined Cassandra Wilkinson in [...]

The Politics Of Small Differences

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Cassandra Wilkinson is a columnist with The Australian. She is also an author, strategy consultant and co-founder of FBi Radio and a regular commentator for Sky News Agenda, The Bolt Report and ABC TV's The Drum. On Tuesday13 August, Cassandra Wilkinson joined Brad Orgill in a discussion for The Sydney Institute over the ideas to challenge the next generation. [...]

God in the Lodge: The Religious Beliefs of Australia’s Prime Ministers, and Why They Mattered

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Roy Williams is the author of In God They Trust - The Religious Beliefs of Australia’s Prime Ministers 1901-2013. As an emerging writer, Williams’ book reviews appear in The Weekend Australian and he is a contributor to The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Literary Review, Dissent and Inside Sport. Before taking up a career in writing, Roy Williams was a litigator at Allens [...]

Whatever Happened to Economic Reform? A Gen X Reflection

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Dr John Kunkel is an economist and Deputy Chief Executive of the Minerals Council of Australia. He is also the author of America's Trade Policy Towards Japan: Demanding Results published in 2003. Before joining the Minerals Council of Australia, John Kunkel worked as a speech writer for Prime Minister John Howard. Dr John Kunkel addressed [...]

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