The Geopolitics of America’s Pivot to the Pacific

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Andrew Neil is a leading BBC politics host (the Tony Jones of Britain but with a conservative bent) and former editor of The Sunday Times who fell out spectacularly with Rupert Murdoch, founder of Sky News UK. Neil is currently publisher of the Spectator, presenter of This Week with ex-Conservative minister Michael Portillo and Alan Johnson. [...]

Labor’s Future

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NSW Labor leader John Robertson has a mission to define Labor once more as the party that cares. Over time, the electorate has viewed Labor as the compassionate party. Robertson argues that the cuts enacted by the Federal and State Liberals offer Labor an opportunity to re-state its founding belief in a more humane vision [...]

Britain And The World Economy In 2014

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The Rt Honourable George Osborne is the UK Conservative MP for Tatton. He became UK Chancellor of the Exchequer in May 2010. Osborne entered Westminster as the youngest Conservative MP in the House of Commons, went on to serve on the Public Accounts Committee and hold a number of shadow ministerial posts before being appointed [...]

Implications Of The Upheaval In The Middle East

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Ehud Ya'ari is Israel's most authoritative and influential foreign affairs analyst and commentator, having reported on the politics of The Middle East, particularly Palestinian affairs, since the 1970s. He now reports regularly for Israel's Channel Two Television Network and is an Associate Editor and Columnist for The Jerusalem Report newsmagazine. Ehud Ya'ari has written eight [...]

Harry Seidler’s Sydney Vision

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Helen O’Neill, a British/Australian writer, who has worked as a journalist for over 25 years, on The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and Vogue Australia, The Independent, The Observer and The Telegraph newspapers in the UK, USA’s Marie Claire magazine and Reader’s Digest worldwide. She has won awards in science and health journalism, a Walkley [...]

Beyond The Horror – Gardens, Ghettos And Georgina

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In December 1944, whilst heavy snows fell over Budapest and soldiers battled for the streets, Georgina, a young Jewish woman was nearly starving to death with her newborn child. … For Georgina there was no choice. Alone and completely vulnerable, she headed out into the freezing cold. Her story is the story of many in [...]

Responding To Crises Of Human Rights – From North Korea To Syria

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Kenneth Roth is the executive director of Human Rights Watch, one of the world's leading international human rights organisations, which operates in more than 90 countries. Prior to joining Human Rights Watch in 1987, Roth served as a federal prosecutor in New York and for the Iran-Contra investigation in Washington, DC. Roth has conducted numerous [...]

Beyond the Horror – Gardens, Ghettos and Georgina

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Jacquelynne Willcox is Senior Vice President at Weber Shandwick and the author of a PhD thesis on “Gardens & Ghettos”. The study in Willcox’s thesis covers the incredible phenomena of gardens established in the Jewish ghettos under Nazi occupation. Says Willcox, “The garden narrative appears to have faded from (recent) survivor recollections. This fading from [...]

Reopening the Whitlam File

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The Hon Nicholas Hasluck AM, QC is a former Judge and well-known also as a novelist. His novel The Bellarmine Jug won The Age Book of the Year Award. His books about the Whitlam era include Dismissal (Fourth Estate/Harper Collins, 2011) and Legal Limits (Federation Press, 2013). He has also edited two books which include [...]

The Abbott Government’s First 200 Days

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After 200 days of Abbott Government, the polls were mixed, the new Senate oddly divided and the way ahead full of humps and challenges for Australia’s leaders. Labor faced a difficult period of renewal as the Greens appeared to have captured left of centre votes. Treasurer Joe Hockey had a herculean task in preparing a [...]

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