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Tragedy and Scandal – Mrs Mort, Eugenia and the Courts

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Suzanne Falkiner is a publisher and author, most recently, of Eugenia (XOUM 2014) and Mrs Mort's Madness, a forensic study of the story of one of New South Wales’ most intriguing murders. Sydneysiders, in 1920, could hardly have imagined how it was that murder had happened in the sitting room of a bungalow in quiet [...]

1975 – Myths Revisited

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 Professor Anne Twomey is Director of the Constitutional Reform Unit at Sydney University and author of  numerous constitutional law studies especially The Chameleon Crown - The Queen and her Australian Governors She has expert knowledge of the legal story surrounding Sir John Kerr’s actions and what followed. On Monday 9 November 2015, Anne Twomey joined [...]

Canberra Knights: The Rise and Fall of the Public Service Mandarins

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The word “mandarin”, as applying to those government bureaucrats closest to political leaders, first became commonly used in Australia after the election of Gough Whitlam’s government in 1972. Since then, heads of significant departments have increasingly come to be seen as an influential part of successive governments. Professor John Nethercote, Adjunct Professor at the Australian [...]

Remembering The Dismissal

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The Hon John Howard, prime minister of Australia from 1996 to 2007, is also an author - his most recent work The Menzies Era - and commentator on Australian politics. As a young MP in 1975, and Liberal back bencher, John Howard witnessed many of the events of November 1975 at close range. On Monday [...]

Fear and Greed – Australia and the Rise of Asia

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Professor Michael Wesley is director of the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs and an author, most recently of Restless Continent: Wealth, Rivalry & Asia’s New Geopolitics which is an integrated account of the economic, political and strategic trends across the world's largest continent and which provides a guide for thinking about Asia's future [...]

Remembering The Dismissal

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Paul Kelly is editor-at-large at The Australian, journalist, commentator, author of numerous books and co-author of The Dismissal - in The
 Queen’s Name. With Troy Bramston, Kelly has pulled together a comprehensive version of the story of events of 11 November 1975 from fresh interviews, new archival material and a reinterpretation of events. On Monday [...]

The Dismissal- Different Views

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Dr Gerard Henderson is the executive director of The Sydney Institute, a columnist with The Weekend Australian and a political commentator. In 1987, Gerard Henderson interviewed Sir John Kerr for two articles in The Weekend Australian. He was also a contributor to Sybil Nolan’s edited collection The Dismissal: Where were you on November 11, 1975? [...]

Offshore Processing: The Way Forward

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THE HON RICHARD MARLES MP is the Member for Corio and the Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. In the Rudd Labor Government, Richard Marles was the Minister For Trade. In 2015 the Australian Labor Party debated, and formally adopted it's policy platform on the handling of refugees and asylum seekers. To outline Labor's approach to processing asylum seeker processing, [...]

Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin: The Canberra Story

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Marion Mahony Griffin was the American woman who changed Australian history and broke through barriers for women in architecture. Marion Mahony spent 15 years working for Chicago architect Frank Lloyd Wright, in the formative years of the Prairie School of Architecture. After she teamed up with Walter Burley Griffin, she worked with him to win [...]

Lessons from Prime Ministers’ Chiefs of Staff

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Professor Anne Tiernan from the 
School of Government and International Relations, Griffith University is also the co-author of The Gate Keepers compiled from interviews with the most prominent among the CEOs of the prime minister’s office over decades. The book uncovers hidden wisdom about this complicated position and unparalleled insights into how things really work [...]