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Lessons in Terror: the Lindt Café Siege and Brighton Attack

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Janet Fife-Yeomans is Chief Reporter with the The Daily Telegraph, a best selling author and award winning journalist. In May 2017, Janet Fife-Yeomans wrote a series of articles for The Daily Telegraph forensically reviewing the findings of theCoroner’s Report into the Lindt Café siege in Sydney in December 2015. The coroner's findings were tragic and exposed serious [...]

Australia: A Small Business Success

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The Hon Michael McCormack MP, a National Party MP, is the Minister for Small Business and the Member for Riverina. Before entering politics, Michael McCormack was a journalist and editor with The Daily Advertiser in Wagga Wagga, a Group Editor with the Riverina Media Group 1996-2002 and a publisher with MSS Media Services and Solutions. He entered [...]

Money, Men and Depression- “Red” Ted Theodore

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Three figures emerged from the fracas in Australia brought on by the stock market crash of 1929 and the Depression which followed. These political players were “Red Ted” Theodore, Joseph Lyons and Jack Lang. Edward Theodore, treasurer in the newly elected Scullin government, had been parachuted into the safe Sydney seat of Dalley in 1927. [...]

Why Muslims are the World’s Fastest-growing Religious Group

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Dr Conrad Hackett is associate director of research and senior demographer at Pew Research Center. He works in international religious demography, sociology of religion, and how religion relates to characteristics including gender, fertility and education. Conrad Hachett is the author of The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050, Religion and Education Around the World, The Global Religious [...]

Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework: The Case for Reform

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Following Martin Ferguson’s address to The Sydney Institute on Tuesday 8 August, Jennifer Hewett, National Affairs Columnist for The Australian Financial Review, discussed some of the issues he had raised in a brief Q & A. The paper which follows is taken from a transcript of that discussion.   AUSTRALIA'S WORKPLACE RELATIONS FRAMEWORK: THE CASE [...]