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Tim Wilson MP has been the Member for Goldstein since 2016, is Chairman of the House of Representatives Economics Committee and a Fellow of the P.M. Glynn Institute at the Australian Catholic University. Many will remember Tim Wilson as a former Human Rights Commissioner. On Monday 7 September 2020, Tim Wilson spoke for a Sydney [...]

Religious Freedom – Two Views

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In 2019, the Morrison government tasked the Australian Law Reform Commission to review current legislation around religious freedom. This was in response to the recommendations put to the government by the findings of the Expert Panel into Religious Freedom in 2018. As debate continued over what the legislation might look like, Labor’s Senator Kimberley Kitching [...]

The Legacy of the Magna Carta – 800 Hundred Years On

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**Book from 26 May ** BAR OPENS AT 5 PM - LIGHT REFRESHMENTS   Speaker(s): Anya Poukchanski|Hugh Harley|Tim Wilson Date: 2015-06-09 Venue: The Gallipoli Club, 12 Loftus Street (between Bridge Street & Alfred Street), Sydney Time: 5.00 for 5.30pm [NOTE TIME]

The Legacy Of The Magna Carta – 800 Hundred Years On

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On 15 June 1215, English King John, in the meadow of Runnymede beside the Thames between Windsor and Staines, sealed the document now known as the Magna Carta. It is a document some 3,550 words long written in Latin. Some of its chapters seem of minor importance but there are also chapters which are still [...]

Freedom Wars? Or The 21st Century Contest Of Ideas?

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Tim Wilson was appointed as the new Human Rights Commissioner by the Abbott Government in 2013. formerly he was Director of Climate Change Policy and the Intellectual Property and Free Trade Unit at the Institute of Public Affairs in Melbourne. Seen as a strong conservative in politics, Tim Wilson has challenged current interpretation of the [...]

Freedom wars? Or the 21st Century contest of ideas?

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  **Bookings from 30 Aprilonly **BAR OPENS AT 5 PM – LIGHT REFRESHMENTS Speaker(s): Tim Wilson Date: 2014-05-13 Venue: The Gallipoli Club, 12 Loftus Street (between Bridge Street & Alfred Street), Sydney Time: 5.30 for 6pm

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