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Bruce Pascoe’s book, Dark Emu was published in March 2014. Praised by leftist revisionist historians it won awards and became part of education in schools about Indigenous Australian first peoples. The fundamental thesis of the book is that Indigenous Australians were not hunter gatherers at all but had a developed an agrarian economy along the lines of [...]

Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe and the Hunter/Gatherer Controversy – Geoffrey Blainey & Warren Mundine

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Register for the Zoom talk. Bookings open to Members only. The link will be sent out the day of the event. Speakers: Geoffrey Blainey Warren Mundine Date: Tuesday 26 October 2021 5pm Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe and the Hunter/Gatherer Controversy Australian Eastern Standard Time NOTE THAT THIS MEETING IS FOR MEMBERS OF THE SYDNEY INSTITUTE [...]


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As riots and activists became the news in the US after the death of black American George Floyd at the hands of police, the issues of Indigenous deaths in custody in Australia and the state of Indigenous welfare became a discussion point yet again. At a “virtual” function and discussion for The Sydney Institute on [...]

Race, Politics and Changing Australia

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Warren Mundine AO IS A former ALP president, Abbott Government adviser and author of Warren Mundine in Black and White. Warren Mundine believes that Indigenous potential is real and – as yet - unexplored, that the standards set for the close-the-gap programs are too low and that Indigenous businesses are the way ahead for Indigenous Australians. [...]

Warren Mundine- Race, Politics and Changing Australia

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Speaker(s):  WARREN MUNDINE AO (Former ALP president, Abbott Government adviser & author Warren Mundine in Black and White) Date: 2018-01-23 Topic: Warren Mundine- Race, Politics and Changing Australia Venue: The Sydney Institute, Level 40, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney Time: 5.30 for 6pm Book from: 9 January 2018  

Indigenous Affairs – A New Conversation

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As the anniversary of the Australian federal government’s Apology to Indigenous Australians approached, Dr Marcia Langton, head of the Australian Indigenous Studies Program at the University of Melbourne, and Warren Mundine, Chief Executive Officer, Native Title Services Corporation, addressed The Sydney Institute on Tuesday 10 February 2009. While the tenor of their message was increasing [...]

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