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08/08/2022Malcolm Turnbull & The Liberal Party’s Civil War – Aaron Patrick
03/08/2022Referendums – Then and Now – George Williams AO
01/08/2022Iran in 2022 – Behnam Ben Taleblu
27/07/2022The Albanese Government: Early Signals and Coming Challenges – Paul Kelly
20/07/2022Remembering Leonie Kramer – Damien Freeman
12/07/2022Ukraine Today: A View from Australia – Andrew L Urban & Pete Shmigel
28/06/2022The Boxing Butterfly: A Life of Conviction – Margaret Cunneen SC, Andrew L Urban
21/06/2022The Liberal Party & the 2022 Federal Election – Dave Sharma and Hollie Hughes
14/06/2022Israel in 2022: Domestic Politics & Foreign Policy – Ehud Yaari
07/06/2022The Albanese Government – What To Expect – Troy Bramston & Parnell McGuinness
01/06/2022Pink Flower: Growing Up in Mao’s China – Amei Li
17/05/2022Messiah, Atheists and Deep Green Religion – Rachael Kohn
10/05/2022Federal Election 2022 – Aaron Patrick & Gemma Tognini
03/05/2022Bob Hawke’s Demons – Troy Bramston
13/04/2022Reflections of an Australian Ambassador to The US During The Trump Administration – Joe Hockey
06/04/2022Launch of Anne Henderson’s Margaret Guilfoyle – The Hon John Howard AC
22/03/2022China, Russia, Ukraine – Morrison’s Mission – Paul Kelly
16/02/2022The Duke of Windsor, His Wife & Adolf Hitler – Andrew Lownie
08/03/2022Lessons from the Pell Case – Frank Brennan, Monica Doumit & Gerard Henderson
01/03/2022A Future Made in Australia – Ed Husic
21/02/2022The International Economy: A View From the United States – Adam Creighton
08/02/2022Australian Politics 2022: An Update Aaron Patrick & Parnell McGuinness
02/02/2022An Update on President Joe Biden & US Politics – Miranda Devine
07/12/2021Margaret Cunneen SC Launching Gerard Henderson’s Cardinal Pell, The Media Pile-On & Collective Guilt
23/11/2021Beating France to Botany Bay: The Race to Found Australia – Margaret Cameron-Ash
10/11/2021Report From the US – Annelise Nielsen
01/11/2021Remembering Bill Leak – Fred Pawle
26/10/2021Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe and the Hunter/Gatherer Controversy – Geoffrey Blainey & Warren Mundine
19/10/2021Their Fiery Cross: Revisiting Australian Federation – William Coleman & Michael Sexton
11/10/2021The Great Covid Panic – Gigi Foster
06/10/2021India and Pakistan after the Return of the Taliban – Sadanand Dhume
30/09/2021China, The United States and all that – Thomas Friedman
22/09/2021Remembering Senator Neville Bonner – Michelle Grattan & Michael Reynolds
13/09/2021Christianity and Australian Jurists – Chris Merritt, Justice Geoff Lindsay, Professor Wayne Hudson & Anne Henderson
09/09/2021Suicide Prevention: What can be done? – The Hon David Coleman
31/08/2021Twenty Years after 9/11 – The Hon John Howard
19/08/2021The ABC’s Luna Park Fire Conspiracy Beatup – Milton Cockburn & Troy Bramston
03/08/2021Australia’s Immigration Intake: Plus or Minus? – Judith Sloan & Saul Eslake
19/07/2021Jennifer Hewett & Aaron Patrick – Zoom Discussion
22/06/2021China’s Wuhan Laboratory and the COVID-19 pandemic – Sharri Markson
08/06/2021A Liberal Answer to National Reconciliation – Senator Andrew Bragg
25/05/2021The Wars of Isi Liebler – Suzanne Rutland
19/05/2021Liberal Party Principles and The Energy Portfolio – The Hon Angus Taylor
18/05/2021Mutineers and Dark Secrets – Robert Hadler
05/05/2021Cancel Culture: Where to Next? – Kevin Donnelly
29/04/2021Planning, Progress & Productivity, Post-Pandemic – The Hon Rob Stokes
20/04/2021Defiant Voices: The Legacy of Australia’s Convict Women – Babette Smith
20/04/2021How The Left Failed Its Great Society – Amity Shlaes – Zoom meeting
16/03/2021Daniel Walton – Rebuilding Australia: Seizing the chance to make things in a post-COVID world
02/03/2021Rock Stars or Dogged Competitors? How to pick an Opposition Leader
27/01/2021Aaron Patrick & Parnell McGuinness – Australian Politics 2021
16/12/2020The Right Path to Victory – Joel Fitzgibbon
16/11/2020After Covid-19: A New Normal? – Tanya Plibersek MP
10/11/2020You Shouldn’t Have Joined – Peter Cosgrove
03/11/2020The Truth of the Palace Letters – Paul Kelly & Troy Bramston
20/10/2020Growing up Protestant & Catholic: Two Views – The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG & Gerard Henderson
07/10/2020Remembering Paul Ramsay – Tony Abbott & Angela Shanahan
30/09/2020Shame in Today’s World: Two Views – Tanveer Ahmed and Monica Doumit
17/09/2020Sydney Crime and the 1919 Pandemic – Nerida Campbell
07/09/2020Liberalism after the Pandemic – Tim Wilson
24/08/2020The Lethal Collision of Two Pandemics: COVID-19 and Ageism – Margaret Somerville
20/08/2020COVID-19 and The Challenge for The Courts – Michael Kirby
11/08/2020Australia & China after Covid-19: Two Views – Tony Abbott & Tim Harcourt
22/07/2020State Border Closures & the Section 92 Challenge in the High Court – Rosalind Dixon and Anne Twomey
14/07/2020Warren Mundine & Josephine Cashman – Indigenous Australia in the Time of Black Lives Matter
23/06/2020Reflections During a Pandemic – Cate McGregor
16/06/2020The US After the Death of George Floyd: Overflowing Anger vs Voices of Hope – Barbara Heinebeck
03/06/2020The High Court of Australia & the Release of the Palace Letters – Professor Anne Twomey
27/05/2020We Need to Talk About Mum & Dad – Jean Kittson
20/05/2020Lockdown in a pandemic – how do we come out? -Adam Creighton & Parnell McGuinness
06/05/2020Politics and the Pandemic – Paul Kelly
29/04/2020The Economic & Psychological Impacts of COVID-19 – Dr Gigi Foster & Dr Tanveer Ahmed
15/04/2020Finding My Other Family – Robert Tickner
01/04/2020Imre Salusinszky – The Hilton Bombing: Evan Pederick and the Ananda Marga
01/04/2020Ursula Dubosarsky – Reading and Childhood Education
23/03/2020Ross Fitzgerald – Fifty Years Sober: An Alcoholic’s Journey
18/03/2020The Vietnam War: A Memoir – Carl Robinson
11/03/2020Ainsley Gotto: Working with John Gorton – Ian Hancock
24/02/2020Labor: The State of The Party – Craig Emerson & Meredith Burgmann
18/02/2020Reforming Australia’s Foreign Investment Laws – Sarah Henderson
13/02/2020Trump takes on Teheran – Ehud Yaari
10/02/2020A Political Update: Setting the Scene for 2020 – Paul Kelly & Jennifer Hewett
05/02/2020Australian Bushfires: A history – Paul Collins & Jennifer Marohasy
04/02/2020The Kangaroo Valley Set: Australians in Britain in The Sixties – Nicholas Hasluck
11/12/2019Election 2019: How the Coalition went From Chaos to Comeback – Aaron Patrick
03/12/2019Behind The Red Velvet Curtain: The Backstage Story of Ballet in Australia – Valerie Lawson
28/11/2019Energy, Mining and Climate: Fact and Fiction – Tony Maher
25/11/2019Accelerating Research and Development in NSW – Gabrielle Upton
20/11/2019The Crisis on Campus – Dr William Coleman & Dr Gigi Foster
06/11/2019Sydney – What is to be Done? Christine Forster
04/11/2019Israel: Netanyahu, Gantz or Other Options – Ehud Yaari
28/10/2019Housing In Australia – How The Morrison Government Is Backing Australians’ Housing Choices – Michael Sukkar
23/10/2019Tasmania, the Turnaround State – Will Hodgman
17/10/2019Myall Creek Massacre: The trial that defined a nation – Mark Tedeschi
09/10/2019The World is Moving While Australia Stands Still – Joel Fitzgibbon
17/09/2019A Remarkable Ten: They Left Their Mark on Australia and were then Forgotten – Ian Macfarlane
12/09/2019Iran and the United States: An Update – Behnam Ben Taleblu
11/09/2019The Quiet Australians – Why I Blog – John Anderson
28/08/2019Australia’s Labor: Looking Back and The Way Forward – Adrian Pabst
27/08/2019Policies Supporting Opportunity and Aspiration Prevailed – Mathias Cormann
20/08/2019Far Left and Far Right Populism in Europe – James Kirchick
19/08/2019Billy Hughes at Versailles: The New Evidence – Carl Bridge
13/08/2019Sovereign, Focused, Fair: Immigration Policy under the Morrison Government – The Hon David Coleman MP
07/08/2019Religious Freedom: Two Views – Senator Kimberley Kitching & Tim Wilson MP
06/08/2019The Link Between Pope Pius XI and Bob Brown – Senator The Hon Matt Canavan
31/07/2019A Life Writ Large – Geoffrey Blainey Remembers
24/07/2019Where Has all The Satire Gone? What’s Wrong with Australian Satire? – Anne Pender
11/07/2019The Media and Freedom of Speech: Two Views – Chris Kenny & Chris Mitchell
Mobility, Driving Innovation and Enhancing our Liveability – Transport as a True Tech Business – The Hon Andrew Constance MP
26/06/2019Writing Biography in the 21st Century – The Life of William McMahon and Others – Patrick Mullins
24/06/2019Brad Norington & Michael Sexton – Where to Now? Labor After the 2019 Federal Election
06/06/2019Remembering Patrick McMahon Glynn – Anne Henderson & Greg Craven
28/05/2019Margaret Cameron-Ash – How The Great Navigator Missed Bass Straight: Looking Back At James Cook
Catherine Runcie & David Furse-Roberts: Taking back The Classroom – Reclaiming Education in Australia
20/05/2019Paul Kelly and Caroline Overington – A Night After The Election
15/05/2019Hamish McDonald – Reasonable Doubt – Spies, Police and the Croatian Six
13/05/2019Troy Bramston – Revisiting The Life and Legacy of Robert Menzies
07/05/2019Rebecca Huntley and Dr Tanveer Ahmed – Listening to The Nation – What Do Australians Want Most from Their Government?
01/05/2019Charles Edel – Statecraft and World Order
23/04/2019Phillip Bradley – The Battle for Lae and The Pacific War
09/04/2019Ann Blainey – Charles Kingsford Smith – Hero and Innovator
04/04/2019Michael Doran – Trump’s Middle East Strategy?
27/03/2019John Howard – The Sydney Institute Annual Dinner 2019
21/03/2019Lindsay Tanner – A Critical Analysis of What is Wrong with Fitzroy North
25/03/2019The Hon. Paul Fletcher – The Cashless Debit Card – An Update
14/03/2019Michelle Rowland MP – Communications Policy in Australia – The Road Ahead
11/03/2019Kate Legge – Escaping the Rat Race – The Story of Cradle Mountain
06/03/2019A Night Before the Election: Australian Politics Today – Caroline Overington & Paul Kelly
25/02/2019Arguing with Family Ghosts – The Unsafe Memoir – Geoffrey Lehmann
20/02/2019Crafting the Nation: The Story of a Banner, a Bicentennial and a Berth in the Big House of Australian Democracy – Clare Wright
18/02/2019Voluntary Euthanasia: Impacts on Individuals and Society – Peter Kurti & Penny Hackett
11/02/2019Democratic Pushback: How to Confront the New Authoritarian Powers without Going to War – Michael Danby
06/02/2019Australia and China – Different Views – Alan Dupont & Bob Carr
04/02/2019Religious Schools and the Sex Discrimination Act – Amy Maguire & Greg Walsh
22/01/2019Delivering on our Economic Plan for all Australians – Josh Frydenberg
17/12/2018Political Choices Matter – Mathias Cormann
15/12/2018Scott Morrison on International Relations
10/12/2018Growth: Why it Matters – Grant King
06/12/2018James Packer and His World – Damon Kitney
03/12/2018Why I Am No Longer A Feminist – Bettina Arndt
27/11/2018Australia’s Part in Man’s First Walk on The Moon – Andrew Tink
20/11/2018John Russell: And the Importance of the Australian Arts Documentary – Catherine Hunter
14/11/2018Ending the Culture Wars – Greg Craven
07/11/2018Villers-Bretonneux – What Really Happened – Ross McMullin
29/10/2018The Art of Counter Terrorism – Boaz Ganor
24/10/2018Snowy 2.0: Nation Building in Action – John Barilaro
23/10/2018Communism: What the Young Should Know – James Bartholomew
16/10/2018Fighting Back to Preserve our Freedom – Dominic Perrottet
10/10/2018Rusted Off: Navigating the gulf between parliament and rural Australia – Gabrielle Chan
08/10/2018The Internet: Not an Ungoverned Space – Mitch Fifield
24/09/2018Enid Lyons: Her Life and Times – Anne Henderson & John Nethercote
17/09/2018Australian Federal Politics on the Eve of The Wentworth By-Election – Aaron Patrick & Sharri Markson
11/09/2018Can We Trust Opinion Polls? US in 2016; Australia in 2018 – Martin O’Shannessy
03/09/2018Australia, the Soviet Union & the Cold War – and Russia Today – Paul Dibb
29/08/2018Absolute Power – God, Belief and The Pope – Margaret Somerville
15/08/2018The Sydney Opera House: Its History & Its People – Helen Pitt
08/08/2018Cambodia: After the Election – Monovithya Kem
06/08/2018The Queen’s Role in the Appointing and Dismissing the Governor General – Anne Twomey
31/07/2018The Liberal Party’s Women MPs – Where are They? Katherine O’Regan, Peter Van Onselen & Sophie York
23/07/2018Run for Your Life: A Political Memoir – Bob Carr
18/07/2018My Life In Journalism: From Adelaide to London and New York – Les Hinton
11/07/2018Partnering with our Cities – Anthony Albanese
09/07/2018On Disruption: A Report from the Australian Coalface – Katharine Murphy
04/07/2018An Australian Government Act to Combat Modern Slavery? Alex Hawke
26/06/2018The Year That Changed Everything – Phillipa McGuinness
25/06/2018Transforming Australia into an Outward-Looking Economy: Why the 1940s Matter – David Vines
20/06/2018A Silent Force – Colonial Businesswomen in Sydney – Catherine Bishop
19/06/2018Syria 2.0: The Current Situation in Syria and How it Affects The Region – Jonathan Spyer
14/06/2018The Case for English: Why a Shared Language is Key to Social Cohesion and Economic Success – Alan Tudge
13/06/2018An Australian Diplomat Remembers – Milton Osborne
06/06/2018Solutions for Society: Facing New Threats – Angus Taylor
31/05/2018Myanmar and the Rohingya Crisis – Christopher Lamb
22/05/2018Budget 2018: The Aftermath – Adam Creighton & Jennifer Hewett
16/05/2018Peter Dutton
15/05/2018Catholic Schools – the Education Option Australia Can’t do Without – Dallas McInerny
03/05/2018The Sydney Institute Annual Dinner 2018 Gladys Berejiklian
26/04/2018The AIF Heroes of Tobruk, El Alamein, New Guinea and Borneo – Mark Johnston
24/04/2018Jewish Settlement in Australia – Suzanne Rutland & Damien Freeman
11/04/2018Reflections on Edmund Burke – Jesse Norman
10/04/2018Australia’s Women Writers in a Man’s World – Ann-Marie Priest
04/04/2018Edmund Campion & John Luttrel: A Cardinal and Servant – Norman Thomas Gilroy
21/03/2018Turnbull, Joyce, Shorten and all that – What’s Happening? Caroline Overington & Aaron Patrick
19/03/2018The Growing Influence of Modern – Chris Chappel
13/03/2018The Trump Administration and the US Economy – Leonard Harlan
07/03/2018Rorting or Supporting? The Value of Private Health Insurance – Richard Di Natale
01/03/2018Europe or Eurabia: Islam and the Continent’s Future – Daniel Pipes
28/02/2018Zeny Edwards: Australia’s John Sulman – A Prodigy of His Generation
21/02/2018Derek Rielly & Blanche D’Alpuget: Wednesdays on My Mind – Seeing The World with Bob Hawke
20/02/2018Australia Today – Tony Abbott
19/02/2018Managing The Financial Risks of Climate Change – Mark Butler
The Trump Administration and The Middle East – Jonathan Schanzer
06/02/2018Sarah Goldman: Caroline Chisholm – A Game-Changer in Early Australia
31/01/2018Old Wine In New Bottles – Strengthening Liberal Values – Kelly O’Dwyer
23/01/2018Warren Mundine – Race, Politics and Changing Australia
07/12/2017After The Fall of the Caliphate: How Terrorism Will Continue to Present A Challenge – Sajjan Gohel
29/11/2017Climate Change- 2017 Jennifer Marohasy & Peter Ridd
22/11/2017Technological Change: Dealing With Disruption – Martin Parkinson
15/11/2017Beersheba 1917-2017: The Commemoration of the Australian Light Horse – Sam Lipski
09/11/2017Gladys Berejiklian
08/11/2017Peter Hall and The Sydney Opera House – Anne Watson & Michael Baume
31/10/2017Australia, Security And The Pacific – Concetta Fierravanti-Wells
30/10/2017Centennial of the Battle of Beersheba – Australia-Israeli Relations: Efraim Inbar
26/10/2017The Protestant Reformation – 500 Years On: Frank Brennan, Peter J Elliott & Scott Cowdell
23/10/2017Constitutional Recognition after the Uluru Statement from the Heart – Danny Gilbert, Megan Davis & Noel Pearson
10/10/2017Terri Butler: A Labour of Love – Is Politics Worth it?
04/10/2017The Conservative Tradition from Menzies to Abbott – Damien Freeman
28/09/2017Defence Issues For Australia – Marise Payne
China Orphans and The One Child Policy – Jane Hutcheon
Remembering Alfred Deakin – Judith Brett
Identity, Tolerance and The Politics of Place – Louise Clegg & Peter Kurti
Policies for Opportunity vs. Politics of Envy – Mathias Cormann
Australia: A Small Business of Success – Michael McCormack
Australia’s Workplace Relations Framework: the Case for Reform – Jennifer Hewett & Martin Ferguson
Israel in a Changing Middle East – Eran Lerman
World Religions – Who’s Up, Who’s Down? Conrad Hacket & Ruth Powell
Jane Austen & D’Arcy Wentworth – Wal Walker
The Changing Face of the Labour Market: Where to from here? Brendan O’Connor
“Red” Ted Theodore & Joseph Lyons – David Moore & Kevin Andrews
Lessons in Terror – Janet Fife-Yeomans
Electronic cigarettes: A threat or an opportunity? Colin Mendelsohn
The Dangers of North Korea: Don’t Forget The Denial Of Human Rights – Michael Kirby
Martin Sharp: Taking On The Establishment – Joyce Morgan
Low Wage Growth Risks Australia’s Future Prosperity – Tanya Plibersek
Why Marriage is Too Risky for Men – Karen Straughan
Sydney’s Anglicans – Andrew Sempell & Bruce Ballantine-Jones
Federal Budget 2017: Two Views – Mark di Stefano & Sharri Markson
Ways forward for Women in the Workplace – Tracey Spicer
Pauline Hanson: One Nation & the Politics of Race – David Marr
Why 19th Century in Victoria was different from NSW and Tasmania – Patrick Morgan
Writing After: How my Mother’s Death Changed My Life – Nikki Gemmell
Fighting for the Forgotten People: 75 Years On – Michaelia Cash
Address To The Sydney Institute – Malcolm Turnbull
Can Wealth Concentration Be Stopped? Muhammad Yunus
Disruption Goes Mainstream: Report from America – Joe Hockey
Donald Trump and the Trump Phenomenon: An Update – Leonard Harlan
A Personal Journey Into the World of the Brain – Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
Is Good Government Enough? Andrew Constance
Australian War Reporters – Neil McDonald & Tony Hill
The State of The Nation – Breakdown or Happiness? Rebecca Huntley & Tanveer Ahmed
Ensuring Energy Security and Affordability as we Transition to a Lower Emissions Future – Josh Frydenberg
Labor Icons: Paul Keating and Lionel Murphy – Stephen Walmsley & Troy Bramston
Identity Politics and the New Age of Multicultural Nations – Jatinder Mann
09/02/2017The Australian Dream: Blood, History and Becoming – Stan Grant
The Red Pill – Betinna Arndt
Australia’s Secret Cold War – John Blaxland
Sir James Plimsoll: Man for All Seasons – Jeremy Hearder
Same Sex Marriage: For and Against – David Van Gend & Julie McCrossin
Thea Astley: Iconic Australian Writer and Reluctant Feminist – Karen Lamb
Putting a Price on Australia’s Resources – Matt Canavan
Sir Paul Hasluck and The Menzies Era – Nicholas Hasluck
Victoria’s Secrets – Julia Baird
The NBN And Media Regulation: Reshaping The Future – Mitch Fifield
A New Approach to Welfare Reform – Alan Tudge
Robert Menzies and the Visual Arts – Judith Pugh
Making Headlines – Chris Mitchell
Politics and the English Language: an Update – Barry Spurr & Miranda Devine
Telling it Straight: Behind the Albo Bio – Karen Middleton
From Closed Circle to Fault Lines: A Life – David Pryce-Jones
12/09/2016Why Australia is so different from other Western Democracies
06/09/2016Democracy in Deficit: Why reform in the NSW Liberal Party is necessary for future electoral success
30/08/2016100 Years of Disruption, Technology and Science
25/08/2016The Saudi Arabia/Iran Conflict
23/09/2016Clinton v Trump: US Politics as Reality Television
22/08/2016Jobs, Growth and the Importance of Living Within Our Means
16/08/2016The Challenge of Funding Australia’s Road System
09/08/2016Australia’s Strategic Origins in the South Pacific and its Future in East Asia
27/07/2016Justice Must Serve
28/07/2016Britain: After David Cameron, Brexit and the Chilcot Report
20/07/2016Remembering Randolph Stow – Australian Literary Legend
13/07/2016Tom Hughes QC – Many Sides to A Character
05/07/2016The 2016 Election: A Reflection
29/06/2016Why Music Matters
22/06/2016The Hilton Bombing – Unravelling The Mysteries
14/06/2016The New Economy: More than just a Slogan
09/07/2016A Greens/Liberal Party Deal? – And the Future of Australian Politics
07/06/2016The 2016 Senate Elections
31/05/2016Election Score at Half Time– The Players, The Stumbles, The Issues
24/05/2016Armenia, Australia and the Great War
27/04/2016Indigenous Recognition – a Conservative Answer
28/04/2016The Killing Season
19/04/2016Passage To Pusan – The Impact of the Korean and Vietnam Wars on an Australian Family
07/04/2016Australian History and Crime
30/03/2016Innovation, Capitalism and Europe
22/03/2016Australia’s World-Leading Energy and Resources Sector: Riding the Waves of Volatility
21/03/2016Aussie Rules & Heartfelt Moments
10/03/2016A New Agenda For Australian Cities
09/03/2016Australia’s Multiculturalism – Success or Not?
07/03/2016Bird On An Ethics Wire – Battles About Values In The Culture Wars
29/02/2016Modern Government: Less Can Be More
16/02/2016Respectable Free Settler or Audacious Convict? The Mystery of Artist S T Gill
10/02/2016The Art of Argument
02/02/2016Why, Oh Why, Do We Love Paris?
29/04/2016Israel’s Politics Today
28/01/2016The Budget – in Context
09/12/2015Defending Australia’s National Interests in a Changing World
22/12/2015Kidnapping for Ransom – The Graeme Thorne Tragedy
17/11/2015Canberra’s Story – Marion Mahony and Burley Griffin
09/11/2015The Dismissal – Different Views
02/11/2015Wealth, Rivalry and Asia’s New Geopolitics
27/10/2015“Can Do” – The Campbell Newman Story
20/10/2015Tragedy and Scandal – Mrs Mort, Eugenia and the Courts
13/10/2015Lessons from Prime Ministers’ Chiefs of Staff
30/09/2015Building Life After 70 – Frank Lowy’s Story
28/09/2015Heading In The Right Direction: Much More Work To Be Done
22/09/2015On the Edges of History
15/09/2015Canberra Knights: The Rise and Fall of the Public Service Mandarins
07/09/2015The Future for Christians in the Middle East
01/09/2015Australians and Foreign Investment
25/08/2015My Misguided Youth: With Tony Abbott, Bob Carr and Many More
24/08/2015Divided Palestinians – The Consequences
18/08/2015Restoring Australia’s Competitiveness
17/08/2015Narendra Modi at the Crossroads: Will the Indian PM Fulfil his Potential?
05/08/2015Australia’s Top 12 Treasurers
12/08/2015Sydney Launch of Gerard Henderson’s Santamaria: A Most Unusual Man
30/07/2015Melbourne Launch of Gerard Henderson’s Santamaria: A Most Unusual Man
29/07/2015From India With Love
21/07/2015Delivering the best service: addressing family and domestic violence
15/07/2015The “Joh for Canberra” Political Drama – what really happened?
07/07/2015Magna Carta and The Rule of Law in the Digital Age
24/06/2015Political Fiction and Non-Fiction – Alan Reid (1914-1987) and Peter Coleman
22/06/2015The Abbott Government – A Mid-Term Report
15/06/2015Industrial Relations Down Under – Where to Next?
09/06/2015The Legacy of the Magna Carta – 800 Hundred Years On
27/05/2015Constitutional Recognition for Indigenous Australia
20/05/2015Small Business After the 2015 Budget
19/05/2015The Untold Story of Australia and The Soviet Jews 1959-1989
11/05/2015Nixon and Whitlam at War: Legacies of the 1970s US-Australia Alliance Crisis
06/05/2015The Rise and Fall of Ancient Australia
27/04/2015Annual Dinner Address
27/04/2015Reflections on Leadership, Love and Survival
21/04/2015Australia and the War with the Ottoman Empire
09/04/2015A Square Deal For Families And Young Australians
07/04/2015The Nuclear Opportunity
31/03/2015The Outbreak of the Great War in the South Pacific – Germany v The Allies
24/03/2015How “Progressives” got the Khmer Rouge so Wrong
17/03/2015Stimulating Economic Growth through Tax Reform
10/03/2015Our Troubled Youth – Some Answers
03/03/2015Repairing Social Housing – A Big Job That Can’t Wait
25/02/2015The Australian Century – the one just gone and the one to come
Telling the Secrets – Writing the Official History of ASIO
Passion and History
The New Generation Gap – Ending The Age of Entitlement for Governments
The Wife Drought
London Launch of Anne Henderson’s Menzies at War
John Monash: His Life and Times
Transforming NSW in the context of Federation reform
The Australian Model For Inclusive Growth: A Message For The G20
Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq
Linda Burney – A Life
Honouring Dishonour
Poetry and Science – and the Future
Murder most Foul? – The Disturbing Case of Louisa Collins
Competition Policy – the next 20 years
Robert Menzies: December 1949 – January 1966
Reaching for the Summit – Australian Women in Power
Triumph and Demise: the story of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd government
Defending the History of Australia
Childcare and Early Childhood Learning
Industry Policy – Abbott’s Competitive Agenda
Energy Innovation: Proving the Catastrophists Wrong
Beyond the Boom – How has the mining boom changed Australia?
Responding to the Caliphate – From Israel to Iraq
Australia Needs A Fiscal Reality Check
The Men Behind the Masks: The New Leadership of China and the World they Live In
Making History – The Executions of Ellen Thompson & Jean Lee
The Forest Report-Closing the Gap
The Sociology of Online Dating
Human Rights and North Korea
Luck of the Irish
Launch of Anne Hendersons Menzies at War (Melbourne)
Learning Let Loose: Reforming Our Universities
One Stop Shop: The Abbott Government’s McClure Report & Its Consequences
Launch of Anne Henderson’s Menzies at War
Modelling Global Temperatures – What’s Wrong. Bourke & Amberley – as Case Studies
Australia’s Iconic Houses
The Price of a Wife – Test Cricketer Arthur Coningham V Catholic priest Denis O’Haran
A Budget For Opportunity
Australia and War: Some Lessons of the Vietnam era
Beyond the Wire – Refugee Advocacy in Australia
Diary of a Foreign Minister
Ten Ways to Tackle Drugs Today – The Story of the Street University
Freedom wars? Or the 21st Century contest of ideas?
Address To The Sydney Institute
The Abbott Government’s First 200 Days
The Geopolitics of America’s Pivot to the Pacific
Enabling Efficient & Effective Environmental Management
Fiscal Sustainability & Living Standards – The Decade Ahead
Beyond the Horror – Gardens, Ghettos and Georgina
Responding to crises of human rights – from North Korea to Syria?
Harry Seidler’s Sydney Vision
Labor’s Future
Demographics, Productivity and Innovation
Ukraine: Strategic Lynchpin or the Next Bosnia?
Friends & Neighbours: Australia and the World
The Empress Who Launched Modern China
Implications of the Upheaval in the Middle East
Britain and the World Economy in 2014
Kings Cross – Its Life and Times
1914 – A Century Later
Re-opening the Whitlam File
Industrial Relations: After the 30 Years War
Gough Whitlam’s Legacy – What Worked; What Didn’t
The Unravelling Middle East
Freedom of Speech: How can it be balanced with racial vilification?
The Liberal Party (NSW Division): The Case for Reform
Trust in Politics: Who Cares?
Norman Haire – Studying Sex in the Early 20th Century
James Cook’s Three Remarkable Voyages of Discovery in the Pacific
Labor after the 2013 Election
The Abbott Government’s Deregulation Agenda
Remembering Sir Robert and Dame Pattie Menzies
Franklin D Roosevelt and America’s European Pivot
Egypt Today – The Way to Peace
Henry Plantagenet, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Power, Seduction and Politics
Going to the People – Election Campaign 2013
An Australian at the Holy See
Women in the Australian Defence Force
Nick Greiner – A Political Life
Who Runs China and How?
Australia’s immigration Future under a Coalition Government
Australia in the next decade – a Gen X Point of View
The Middle East in Upheaval: Interpreting and Predicting
Iran, Red Lines and Other Threats
The Greens and Labor – Allies or Enemies?
Australia’s Game: Football as Art and Culture
God and the Lodge: The Religious Beliefs of Australian Prime Ministers
Literary Festivals – Classroom, Sandpit or Amusement Park?
International Law: Climate Change and National Security
Whatever Happened to Economic Reform? A Gen X Reflection
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Geelong Grammar and its place in Australian History
US Policy Priorities and the “Rebalance” to the Asia-Pacific
Politics and the Australian Coal Industry – what’s next?
In Defence Of Silliness, Prurience and Sedition. Being A Gossip Columnist
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Scientists and policy makers: why are they incompatible?
Italian Politics after the 2013 Election
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Australian Politics 2013
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Integrity in Politics
Bob Carr in conversation with Gerard Henderson and Jacquelynne Willcox
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War Crimes Trials: From Nuremberg to Guantanamo Bay
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The Battle of Mont St Quentin-Peronne – Lest we forget
“Other People’s Wars”? An assessment of Australia’s Military Commitments
India at a Crossroads: Will its Politics Allow it to Fulfill its Promise?
Turkey and the Middle-East
Farewell, Dear People: Biographies of Gifted Australians who Died in the Great War
Why the Australian Labor Party is the Party of Small Business
Melbourne Before Archbishop Daniel Mannix
Retail and its competitive future
Time To Bring Our Troops Safely Home From Afghanistan
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Four Corners’ Stories that Changed Australia
Writing About the Holocaust – and its Australian Connections
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Building A New Age of Certainty
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Non-Muslim Minorities and The Arab Spring
Making “Mrs Carey’s Concert”
Sydney as a Global City
Climate Change: What We Know and What We Don’t
Bishop John Moyes vs Robert Menzies on Banning Communism & the Vietnam War
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Launch of “The Yalda Crossing”
Hitler’s Germany Down Under
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Opportunities for women – is the battle fought and won? [Launch of Women in NSW 2012]
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Predictability in Australia’s foreign policy
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Lord Sydney and the Founding of Sydney Town – Andrew Tink
Political Anecdotes from a Life in the House – Barry Cohen
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London Book Launch of Joseph Lyons: The People’s Prime Minister – Anne Henderson, Peter Lyons, William Shawcross
Making your own luck – A stronger economy for a stronger Australia
Foreign Affairs – Life in the Service
Are Australians better at poetry than sport? – Geoffrey Lehmann, Robert Gray
NSW Family and Community Services: From managing disadvantage to breaking it – Pru Goward
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Sydney Book Launch of Joseph Lyons: The People’s Prime Minister – Anne Henderson, John Howard
Politics and the Media – Annabel Crabb
Sharia in the West – is this a reality? – Raheel Raza
The Role of the ABC in the Arts – Jonathan Mills
Australia’s social inclusion heritage – past, present, future – Tanya Plibersek
London Schools and The London Riots – Too Much Nanny State? – Katharine Birbalsingh
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It’s Time to Get Real – Barnaby Joyce
The United States and Australia: Partners in Sustaining Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific – Thomas Nides
Living with Depression – Andrew Robb
God in the 21st Century – Angela Shanahan, Jeffrey Kamins, Robyn Williams, Shakira Hussein
Letters from My Father: Robert Menzies – Heather Henderson
The Challenge of Palestinian State-building – Khaled Abu Toameh
The Winds of Political and Socio-Economic Change in the Arab Region – Idriss Jazairy
Building the foundations for change: Indigenous Affairs in the Gillard Government – Jenny Macklin
Global Emission of Carbon Dioxide: The Contribution from Natural Sources – Murry Salby
Environmental Issues and the Murray Darling Basin – Tony Burke
Social media in natural disasters – the Queensland experience – Anna Bligh
Climate Change and the Storage of Carbon – Herbert Huppert
“Westmin-ovation” – Barry O’Farrell
Compulsory Superannuation: Two Views – Dallas McInerney, Ross Cameron
Mother and Son: Life with Austen Tayshus – Margaret Gutman, Sandy Gutman
The Carbon Tax and Regional Australia – Richard Marles, Sophie Mirabella
Labor, Nation Building and Other Challenges – Anthony Albanese
Is the War on Terrorism still necessary? – Michael Rubin
Reflections on Age Discrimination – The price we pay for growing older – Elizabeth Broderick
Tobacco Labelling – Two Views – Ainslie Van Onselen, Simon Chapman
Green Light for Senate Chaos – Eric Abetz
My Life as a Political Blogger – Iain Dale, Peter Van Onselen
David Cameron’s Education Revolution – Sajid Javid
Communism & the Labour Movement during the Cold War – Bob Carr, Mark Aarons
Remembering Stanley Melbourne Bruce – Ann Moyal, David Lee
My School: Parents, Pupils and the Public Interest – Helen Proctor, Maralyn Parker
Australians Behaving Badly – Ita Buttrose
Australia’s Colonial Experience in New Guinea Between the Wars – Michael Waterhouse
Kapyong: The Forgotten Battle of the Forgotten War (Korea) -Cameron Forbes, John Lewis
A Future Fair for All – School Funding in Australia – Annual Dinner, Julia Gillard
Liberalism and the Simplification of Government – Greg Hunt
Facing the Dragon: Meeting Life’s Challenges Head On – Elizabeth Lancaster, Joanne Jones
John Curtin and Great Britain – James Curran
Politics & Language: Political Abuse and the Web – Bernard Keane, Shelley Gare, Tom Switzer
In Defence of Opportunity – Joe Hockey
Social Entrepreneurs and the ‘Big Society’ – the future of the social economy in the UK – Alastair Wilson
The Ten Desires that Drive Us – Hugh Mackay
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White Savages?: Sketches of Colonial Life and Manners – Penny Russell
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In Search of Sydney – Delia Falconer
Wikileaks – a Discussion – Gerard Henderson, Janet Albrechtsen, Richard Ackland, Wendy Bacon
Book Launch of From Migrant to Citizen – Christina Slade, Martina Mollering
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Death or Liberty – Tony Moore
Water – From Ancient Rome to Centennial Park – Malcolm Turnbull
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Labor’s Economic Agenda: Creating Wealth for the Common Good – Wayne Swan
Fundamentalism and Literature – David Malouf, Ihab Hassan
Employment and Workplace Relations – Women and Work – Joe Hockey
The World is Still Flat – Thomas Friedman
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Detainee 002: The Case of David Hicks – Leigh Sales
An Alternative to “The God Delusion” Views of Richard Dawkins – Margaret Somerville
In Defence of Politics
Does the Left Need a Sense of Humour? Satire and Politics Down Under – Tony Moore
Little Children are Sacred- To Stabilise and Protect – John Howard
EU Foreign Policy: Myth or Reality? – Benita Ferrero-Waldner
Labor’s Broadband Policy – Stephen Conroy
Fresh Ideas for the Future Economy: Confronting the Challenges of Workforce Participation, The Cost of Living and Childcare – Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd – Nicholas Stuart
Citizenship: Committing to a way of life – Kevin Andrews
The Australian Financial Sector: A Story of Growth – Edna Carew, Jim Bain
The US and Australia – Dennis Richardson
The Good Fight: Why in the United States only Left-Liberals can Win the War on Terror – Peter Beinart
Heroic Leaders- Who are they: what they know and how they live – Chris Lowney
Mum, Dad and International Relations
Allied or Addicted?: Two Views – Alan Dupont, Alison Broinowski
Contemporary Australia: Two Views – Hugh Mackay, Sol Lebovic
Bringing Depression to Heel – Gordon Parker, Tessa Wigney
Central Bank Communication – Glenn Stevens
“Poor Old Pinko Conservative, Half-arsed political puritan, Crypto-fascist”: Barry Humphries and the Politics of Satire – Anne Pender
Minority Government: Canada and Australia – Anne Twomey, Jeffrey Simpson
Saying the Unsayable: reactions to grief in modern Australia – Maggie Mackellar
Campaign Diary of a Faceless Man – Paul Howes
Georgia In 2010: Afghanistan, Georgian Foreign Policy & Trade and Investment – Alexander Nalbandov
Afghanistan Today – Malalai Joya
Getting it Right in the Early Years – Maxine McKew
Magic Pudding Economics: The Economy Under Labor – Helen Coonan
Teaching History: Two Views – Anna Clark, Mark Lopez
A Future of Promise – Wayne Swan
Public housing – public good or good for nothing? – Tanya Plibersek
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Clifton Pugh: Art and Politics in the 1970 – Judith Pugh
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Freedom and Prosperity : The Liberal Party’s Legacy – Julie Bishop
E-Campaigning in the Democratic Party – Joe Trippi
A Resilient Australia – Julia Gillard
Indigenous Affairs: A New Conversation – Marcia Langton, Warren Mundine
Beyond the Wire: Refugee Advocacy in Australia – Margot O’Neill
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Once Were Westies – Gabrielle Gwyther
Joseph Lyons: Two Views – Anne Henderson, David Bird
American Journeys: After the Election – Don Watson
Reclaiming Liberalism for the Left: Social Justice in the 21st Century – Chris Bowen
John Monash – Two Views – Jeffrey Grey, Tim Fischer
Broken Glass, Shattered Lives: The Relevance of the Reichskristallnacht Today -Michael Abrahams-Sprod
Women and Men: A New Conversation about Equality – Tanya Plibersek
Andrew Fisher – Australian Prime Minister – David Day
Skullduggery in Early Sydney: Australia’s Biggest Bank Robbery – Carol Baxter
The Greens, Balance of Power, and Australia’s Emissions Trading Plans – Christine Milne
Why Menzies Matters – 2008 Sir Robert Menzies Lecture – Gerard Henderson
Australian Social Policy: Back in Business – Jenny Macklin
Ezra Norton – His Life and Times – Sandra Hall
Robert Menzies, Joe Lyons, Enid Lyons – The Menzies Research Centre – Anne Henderson
The Public Good, Public Companies, and the Future of Print Media and Quality Journalism – David Kirk
History and the Judicial System – Ann Genovese
The Costello Memoirs – Peter Coleman, Peter Costello
National Leadership in Infrastructure and Transport Reform – Anthony Albanese
Over-achieving and Self-loathing in Corporate Australia – Lisa Pryor
Spy Fiction : Then and Now – Bob Carr, Paul O’Sullivan
Multicultural Society, Monocultural Media: SBS – more special than ever – Shaun Brown
The Economy, Carbon Emissions, & Business – An “ETS” That Works – Greig Gailey
A New Era of Engagement with the World – Stephen Smith
Scottish Settlement and Australia – Malcolm Prentis
National legal reform to meet the economic challenges of the 21st century – Robert McClelland
Pakistan – The Current Political Scene – Wajiha Ahmed
Coal and Climate Change: How We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It Too – Nikki Williams
Democratic objections to bills of rights – Hilary Charlesworth
A Political Dynasty: The Anthonys in Australia – Paul Davey
Tasmania Book Launch of Enid Lyons: Leading Lady to a nation
United States Government Nonproliferation Priorities and Asia – Patricia McNerney
The Web and the next US President – political movements in the Internet Age – Matt Bai
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The Northern Territory Emergency Response: A Reflection – Sue Gordon
Phnom Penh: Yesterday and Today – Milton Osborne
No Fatal Shore – Re-envisaging Australian History – Babette Smith
The Porn Report: The Good News and the Bad News – Catharine Lumby
India’s Century – Kamal Nath
Why Constitutions Matter to Women – Helen Irving
Broadband and the Digital Economy – Stephen Conroy
The World’s Response to the Armenian Genocide – Peter Balakian
Setting our Nation’s Sights for the Future – Kevin Rudd
Chasing Ishmael – Truth, racism, blockbuster publishing and the US media – Shelley Gare
A Charter of rights or a Charter of Wrongs? – John Hatzistergos
Growing Old (Dis)gracefully – Gerry Connolly, Margaret Fink, Ross Fitzgerald
Reforming the ABC – It’s not Just About Money: Doug Kirsner, Pru Goward, Tony Moore
Uranium Sales To India: A Strategic Imperative – Andrew Robb
FILE MISSING Taxation and Climate Change BY Malcolm Turnbull
East Timor: What’s Wrong – Frank Brennan, Paul Cleary
Early Colonial Society: Bligh and Wentworth – Penelope Nelson, Peter Cochrane
Estonia: From Soviet occupation to e-government in the European Union – Ene Ergma
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Business De-regulation – Lindsay Tanner
Trials and Tribulations of Life in Israel – Herb Keinon
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Reflections on the Global Financial Crisis – David Gruen
Telecommunications: The Way Forward – Henry Ergas, Paul Fletcher
Addressing the Challenges of an Ageing Australia – Jenny Macklin
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Renovation Nation: our obsession with home – Fiona Allon
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FILE MISSING The Politics of Desire BY Bettina Arndt
Vietnam and China: The Spratly and Paracel Islands Dispute – Nguyen Van Canh
Greenspan, Bush and Obama: Who’s responsible for the Global Financial Crisis – Peter Hartcher
Nationhood Before Gough Whitlam: Australia in the 1960s – James Curran, Stuart Ward
Did Australia Fight Other Peoples’ Wars? Australia and the World Crisis: 1914-1923 – Neville Meaney
Australia Without A Charter of Rights – Two Views – Margaret Kelly, Susan Ryan
In Depth Working Lives – Jana Wendt
Robert Hughes – The Australian Years – Patricia Anderson
Revisiting Gallipoli – Janda Gooding
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Why Productivity Growth Needs Competition – Craig Emerson
Irregular Migration – The Global Challenge – Chris Evans
Obama And America – Simon Schama
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Why Australia should sell Uranium to India – Lavina Lee
A New Age of Energy – Martin Ferguson
Mining Booms and the Australian Economy – Ric Battellino
Older and Wiser – Remembering Frank Devine – Miranda Devine
Progressive Conservatism in Contemporary Britain – Jonty Olliff-Cooper
Book Launch of My Name is Ross: An Alcoholic’s Journey – Ross Fitzgerald
Bad Language – David Malouf, Don Watson, Sue Butler
Pakistan Today – Embesat Khan
Practical Environmentalism – Tony Abbott
‘Dial-in democracy’? Forty years of talkback, from Andrea to Kyle – Bridget Griffen-Foley
The Nuclear Echo post-Copenhagen – Ziggy Switkowski
Early Australia: Nobles and Convicts in the Age of Liberty – Andrew Tink, Kirsten McKenzie
Unfettered Free Market Bad, Public Interest Good? Why hasn’t the global meltdown led to a resurgence of left of centre politics across the world? – David Blunkett
In Defence of God – Joe Hockey
Changes in Radical Islam – Daniel Pipes, Ida Lichter
From Collins to Force 2030 – The Challenge of the Future Submarine – Greg Combet
Writing Readable History – Anne McGrath
Angels of Aceh – Australian Aid Abroad – Sophie York
The Angel of Death – and The Elderly – Susan Varga
Now, Not Then – 21st Century – Australian Army – Ken Gillespie
Poland and Russia – Adam Rotfeld
Workplace Laws – What Every Business Needs to Know
Communicating Climate Science – Andy Pitman
In Trouble Again: The Perils of Memoir – Gabrielle Carey
Accumulating poverty? Women’s experiences of inequality over the lifecycle – Elizabeth Broderick
The March of Patriots – Paul Kelly
Over the Nullarbor and Over the Horizon – Colin Barnett