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706, 2024

Issue 684

7 June 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 684 7 June 2024 * * * * Stop Press – News Breakfast gives a Greens MP a free kick to accuse the Israeli government of genocide Can You Bear It? – Shane Wright scoops the world with a letter signed by some little-known academics; New Late Night Live sounds much like the old Late Night Live; A leftist on leftist stoush at the Sydney Writers’ Festival; Malcolm Turnbull on narcissism; Carlton & Bonge foresee another American Civil War; ABC Comedy, in with the old, nothing new; Insiders skips the news Documentation – Much like the ABC, US news outlets struggle after alienating conservatives An ABC Update – The ABC in denial about anti-semitism in Australia A Laura Tingle Moment – LaTingle offers some “do as I say, not as I do” advice for young journalists A John-Laws-Style Deliberate Mistake Correspondence – Gerard Henderson & David Anderson re Cardinal Pell * * * * ABC TV NEWS [...]

3105, 2024

Issue 683

31 May 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 683 31 May 2024 * * * * Stop Press – ABC presenters abandon impartiality when discussing Donald Trump’s conviction; La Tingle calls for civility in political discourse, yes really Can You Bear It? – Laura Tingle hallucinates a scandal involving Scott Morrison and strawberries; Craig Reucassel still stinking up ABC Ultimo; Malcolm Knox on disability stickers and churches; Ita Buttrose on paying people late; Sean Kelly and David Speers on nuclear power as fantasy Documentation – Queensland Police drop all charges against a Catholic priest due to lack of evidence Nice Mr Anderson’s (Censorious) ABC Index – The books that cannot be discussed on the ABC The Sneering Secular Left – Antoinette Lattouf proud of her “awkward” interview of Scott Morrison * * * * ABC TV NEWS BREAKFAST PRESENTERS ABANDON IMPARTIALITY IN THE COVERAGE OF DONALD J TRUMP’S CONVICTION The news that Donald J Trump had been found [...]

2405, 2024

Issue 682

24 May 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 682 24 May 2024 * * * * Stop Press – PK lays on the flattery with a trowel while announcing David Marr will replace Phillip Adams on Late Night Live; Israeli Minister Interrupts Sarah Ferguson’s Interruptions Can You Bear It? – La Tingle fangs the AFR and Peter Dutton; Speersy records a mostly interruption-free interview with Jim Chalmers; PK brings it all back to climate change; ABC’s The World Today rushes out to find an anti-Israel commentator to bang on about the ICC; Times are tough for ABC Friends Victoria A Phillip Adams Moment – Comrade Adams recounts his communist past in another trip down Memory Hole Lane The ABC/Australia Institute Entente – The Australia Institute’s Ebony Bennett pops up on RN Breakfast to sneer at nuclear and coal power Media Fool of the Week – Craig Foster drones on about Israel The Cliché in the Room: An Elephant’s Perspective – Peter Hartcher gets [...]

1705, 2024

Issue 681

17 May 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 681 17 May 2024 * * * * Stop Press - Sarah Ferguson admits she’s no expert; Ex-ABC Board member Joe Gersh on the ABC’s Israel coverage Can You Bear It? - Geoffrey Robertson instructs Australia; The question that Fran Kelly did not ask; What is to become of Lisa Wilkinson’s Logie Award; David Crowe compares Dutton to Marx Top Media Interrupter of the Week - Speersy scores with 36 interjections in 17 minutes An ABC Update - David Marr comments on Insiders as an outsider; The sorry state of Q+A Great Media U-Turns of our Time - Phil Coorey on the possibility of an early election Five Paws Award - Step Forward Michael Deacon Correspondence - Gerard Henderson & David Anderson et al * * * * SARAH FERGUSON – LONG ON INTERRUPTIONS BUT SHORT ON HOUSING EXPERTISE In today’s issue, ABC TV Insiders presenter David (“Please call me [...]

1005, 2024

Issue 680

10 May 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 680 10 May 2024 * * * * Stop Press – David Speers downplays divisions within Labor Anthony Loewenstein scores tops for narcissism; Geoffrey Robertson returns to Aus for another sermon; Fitz gets sensitive when his passive-aggressive swipes at another Nine columnist elicit a response; Dan Ziffer tries a bad joke and talks toilets A Mark Humphries Moment – Comrades Humphries and Reucassel put out the begging bowl You Must Remember This – Mike Carlton’s 2020 premonition of future Prime Minister Daniel Andrews An ABC Update – The ABC talks to the ABC about the opening of a new ABC office at Parramatta Correspondence – Gerard Henderson, Michael Rowland, Justin Stevens, Mark Maley & Tyson Shine re a verballing of the late Cardinal Pell * * * * ABC TV DAVID SPEERS RECKONS THAT THERE ARE NO SERIOUS DIVISIONS WITHIN LABOR ON GAS The “Politics” segment on ABC Radio National [...]

305, 2024

Issue 679

3 May 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 679 3 May 2024 * * * * Stop Press – Compass highlights the point of view of an anti-Israel Australian Jew; Gavin Silbert KC lists the Pell prosecution among the failures of the Victorian legal system Can You Bear It? – Steve Carey bangs on about Tasmanian beards on News Breakfast; Laura Tingle reckons Coalition politicians are more likely than Labor ones to go in for campaign hyperbole; PK joins the anti-nuclear scare campaign; The Nine newspapers give mixed messages on the future of electric vehicles An ABC Update – Fran Kelly presents a one-sided account of American college protests Shane Wright & Candlesticks – The Grattan Institute sounds the alarm on the status of Australia’s transition to renewable energy History Corner – 15 years on, the factual howlers in MUP’s Malcolm Fraser: The Political Memoirs remain uncorrected * * * * ABC’s LEFTIST ANTI-ISRAEL FAVE ANTONY LOEWENSTEIN SET TO GIVE NARCISSISM A [...]

2604, 2024

Issue 678

26 April 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 678 26 April 2024 * * * * Stop Press – Paul Barry squibs proper apology to Laura Jayes Can You Bear It? – Nick Bryant ponders the possibility of another American Civil War; Hamish Macdonald gets excited for an interview with Trump White House washout The Mooch; Fran Kelly dances around the topic of anti-semitism during a one-sided discussion on social cohesion Five Paws Award – Step Forward Alan Howe for a truthful reminder about Julian Assange An ABC Update – Insiders misses the point re the Lehrmann decision and Bondi Stabbing, Lenore Taylor overstates the importance of Australian carbon emissions Correspondence – Gerard Henderson & Boris Frankel re Vladimir Petrov and all that * * * * PAUL BARRY SQUIBS PROPER APOLOGY TO LAURA JAYES There was enormous interest in last week’s Media Watch Dog which drew attention to the fact that Paul Barry, presenter of the ABC TV Media [...]

1904, 2024

Issue 677

19 April 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 677 19 April 2024 * * * * Stop Press – A dumbed down terrorism debate on RN Breakfast; A tale of two Sarah Ferguson interviews; David Crowe (yet again) runs the anti-Morrison line Can You Bear It? – Lech Blaine’s Quarterly Essay an exercise in Dutton-bashing; Paul Barry gives a weak apology; Daniel Ziffer lectures on art; The Sunday Telegraph - tops for columnist post-nominals A Robert Manne Moment – Manne needs help writing about Frank Knopfelmacher The Flann O’Brien Gong for Literary or Verbal Sludge – Ross Gittins has his head in the clouds Documentation – Lisa Wilkinson deep in denial re the many criticisms of her in the Lehrmann defamation ruling * * * * THE MENTAL HEALTH/TERRORISM DEBATE DUMBED DOWN ON ABC RADIO NATIONAL BREAKFAST On the evening of Thursday 18 April 2024, NSW Police announced that “a 16-year old boy has been charged with a terrorism offence… following an investigation by [...]

1204, 2024

Issue 676

12 April 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 676 12 April 2024 * * * * Stop Press: Chris Uhlmann Joins Sky News And Praises Its Diversity Of Views (Which Does Not Exist On The ABC); Sassy Sara’s Moral Equivalence Re The Israel-Hamas War; Sarah Ferguson Defies Kim William’s Call For Fair-Minded Reporting Can You Bear It? Australia’s “Most Trusted News Source” Reveals Steve Carey’s Shopping Habits; Lech Blaine’s (Abuse-Ridden) Quarterly Essay  “Bad Cop” On Peter Dutton Falsely Implies That Scott Morrison Went To A Private School; The Monthly’s Sean Kelly Declares That We Are Not Interested In Prime Ministers – But Then Writes At Length About Scott Morrison; Crikey Walks Back Its Support For Chundering In Someone Else’s Taxi An ABC Update: All Dull On The Insiders’  Front – Except For The David Speers/Karen Middleton Constitutional Howler Five Paws Award: Zany Samantha Maiden Stars With A Lively Performance While On A Panel With The Predictable David Speers [...]

504, 2024

Issue 675

5 April 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 675 5 April 2024 * * * * Stop Press – ABC’s Sally Sara – Tough On Israelis, Soft On Pro-Palestinians; Will The ABC Also Censor Gavin Silbert KC’s Critique Of The Victorian Legal System As Being In A Parlous State? Can You Bear It? – Nine’s Peter FitzSimons Interviews ABC Comedian Charlie (“A Bit Of Canned Laughter Helps”) Pickering About, Wait For It, Peter Dutton; The SMH’s Ross Gittins Claims That He Has Given “Free Advice” To Every PM Since Gough Whitlam; Crikey Praises Gough Whitlam For Something He Did Not Do; Erik Jensen’s The [Boring] Saturday Paper Stumbles At Its Own Disclosure Hurdle Great Media U-Turns Of Our Time – Nine’s David Crowe’s Flip-Flops On The Albanese Government’s Immigration Detention Legislation Five Paws Award – Historian Alex McDermott Demolishes The Myth That John Curtin Was A Great War-Time Leader An ABC Update – The ABC’s Dan Bourchier Once [...]

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