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1904, 2024

Issue 677

19 April 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 677 19 April 2024 * * * * Stop Press – A dumbed down terrorism debate on RN Breakfast; A tale of two Sarah Ferguson interviews; David Crowe (yet again) runs the anti-Morrison line Can You Bear It? – Lech Blaine’s Quarterly Essay an exercise in Dutton-bashing; Paul Barry gives a weak apology; Daniel Ziffer lectures on art; The Sunday Telegraph - tops for columnist post-nominals A Robert Manne Moment – Manne needs help writing about Frank Knopfelmacher The Flann O’Brien Gong for Literary or Verbal Sludge – Ross Gittins has his head in the clouds Documentation – Lisa Wilkinson deep in denial re the many criticisms of her in the Lehrmann defamation ruling * * * * THE MENTAL HEALTH/TERRORISM DEBATE DUMBED DOWN ON ABC RADIO NATIONAL BREAKFAST On the evening of Thursday 18 April 2024, NSW Police announced that “a 16-year old boy has been charged with a terrorism offence… following an investigation by [...]

1204, 2024

Issue 676

12 April 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 676 12 April 2024 * * * * Stop Press: Chris Uhlmann Joins Sky News And Praises Its Diversity Of Views (Which Does Not Exist On The ABC); Sassy Sara’s Moral Equivalence Re The Israel-Hamas War; Sarah Ferguson Defies Kim William’s Call For Fair-Minded Reporting Can You Bear It? Australia’s “Most Trusted News Source” Reveals Steve Carey’s Shopping Habits; Lech Blaine’s (Abuse-Ridden) Quarterly Essay  “Bad Cop” On Peter Dutton Falsely Implies That Scott Morrison Went To A Private School; The Monthly’s Sean Kelly Declares That We Are Not Interested In Prime Ministers – But Then Writes At Length About Scott Morrison; Crikey Walks Back Its Support For Chundering In Someone Else’s Taxi An ABC Update: All Dull On The Insiders’  Front – Except For The David Speers/Karen Middleton Constitutional Howler Five Paws Award: Zany Samantha Maiden Stars With A Lively Performance While On A Panel With The Predictable David Speers [...]

504, 2024

Issue 675

5 April 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 675 5 April 2024 * * * * Stop Press – ABC’s Sally Sara – Tough On Israelis, Soft On Pro-Palestinians; Will The ABC Also Censor Gavin Silbert KC’s Critique Of The Victorian Legal System As Being In A Parlous State? Can You Bear It? – Nine’s Peter FitzSimons Interviews ABC Comedian Charlie (“A Bit Of Canned Laughter Helps”) Pickering About, Wait For It, Peter Dutton; The SMH’s Ross Gittins Claims That He Has Given “Free Advice” To Every PM Since Gough Whitlam; Crikey Praises Gough Whitlam For Something He Did Not Do; Erik Jensen’s The [Boring] Saturday Paper Stumbles At Its Own Disclosure Hurdle Great Media U-Turns Of Our Time – Nine’s David Crowe’s Flip-Flops On The Albanese Government’s Immigration Detention Legislation Five Paws Award – Historian Alex McDermott Demolishes The Myth That John Curtin Was A Great War-Time Leader An ABC Update – The ABC’s Dan Bourchier Once [...]

2203, 2024

Issue 674

22 March 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 674 22 March 2024 * * * * Stop Press – Another leftist stack at the Melbourne Writers Festival; The ABC staff collective tries to cancel Deborah Conway Can You Bear It? – David Crowe can’t remember any of Kevin Rudd’s insults towards President Trump; Lech Blaine’s hatchet job on Peter Dutton receives praise from leftist journalists; Charles Croucher forgets that US President Franklin Roosevelt did not join World War 2 until forced to; The AFR’s Craig “No Whyalla Wipe-out” Emerson yet to weigh in on the current day woes for the South Australian steel town The Australia Institute/ABC Entente – Greece’s failed marxist finance minister Yanis Varoufakis receives a hero’s welcome from the Entente after his party failed to record 3 per cent of the vote at the latest Greek election New Feature: A Liz Storer Moment – The Storer and Bond duo bag the Tasmanian AFL jersey Phillip Adams AO [...]

1503, 2024

Issue 673

15 March 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 673 15 March 2024 * * * * Editorial – Antoinette Lattouf and the weakness of ABC management Can You Bear It? - Mike Seccombe bores away in The Saturday Paper; Margot Saville forgets the 1983 and 2007 elections; Fitz finds a nuclear expert to bag the Coalition, only to be told he isn’t a nuclear expert at all; Dan Ziffer offers up confused commentary on a newspaper he didn’t read; Crikey’s Michael Bradley praises a London taxi chunder; Michael Rowland demonstrates his ignorance during an interview with Jane Hume MWD Exclusive – Yet more Exclusive coverage of Josh Szeps’ American podcast appearances Phillip Adams re the late Communist Party of Australia: The Mystery Continues Top Media Interrupter of the Week – Step Forward Sarah Ferguson The Guardian/ABC Axis – Amy Remeikis fills in for Laura Tingle MWD’s Sneerer of the Week - Step Forward Peter Hartcher Your Taxes at Work – The Sydney Writers’ [...]

803, 2024

Issue 672

8 March 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 672 8 March 2024 * * * * Stop Press – The ABC’s John Lyons receives a predictably softball interview from PK; Josh Szeps dubs Hendo not a “right-wing nutjob” Can You Bear It? – Ross Gittins concedes his own mortality while predicting the end of the world; Red Kerry returns to the ABC to say not much at all; Hugh White offers up even more pronouncements about China and the USA; Rear Window tut tuts about Peter Dutton’s personal spending Comedy Corner – Leftist comedians Hannah Gadsby and Tom Ballard set a new high mark for self-importance New Segment: A Hyperbolic Interlude – Graham Nash on Trump’s second term assassination plans The Flann O’Brien Gong for Literary or Verbal Sludge – Step Forward (yet again) Jonathan Green History Corner – A “when did Phillip Adams quit the Communist Party of Australia?” update Shane Wright & Candlesticks – Eraring coal-fired power plant [...]

103, 2024

Issue 671

1 March 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 671 1 March 2024 * * * * Editorial – Paul Barry’s glass jaw Can You Bear It? – James Massola continues his breathless coverage of the PM’s proposed marriage; The ABC-Australia Institute Entente continues on News Breakfast; Murpharoo switches quickly from transparency-seeking journo to no-comment politico; SMH finds a flimsy excuse for more Taylor Swift content; The Climate Council reckons they can predict the weather in your suburb in 2090 An ABC Update – 7:30 ignores the failures of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse MWD’s Rant of the Week – Liz Storer on NATO, Ukraine and Russia A La Tingle Moment – Laura Tingle yet to accuse to Albanese government of “ideological bastardry” despite ongoing ABC redundancies New Segment: Report from Alienation Land – Mark Kenny and Nick Bryant decry the country they call home History Corner – When exactly did Phillip Adams quit [...]

2302, 2024

Issue 670

23 February 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 670 23 February 2024 * * * * Stop Press – Out with The Drum and a revamp of Q+A Can You Bear It? – Malcolm Farr brings out Bruce to bash Barnaby but not Bob; La Tingle gets snippy when faced with criticism; ABC Alumni Comrade Gael Jennings begs for taxpayer cash on News Breakfast; Bridget Brennan gives soft interview to Israel antagonist Chris Gunness Editorial – There is more debate on Fox News’ Media Buzz than on ABC TV’s Media Watch A John-Laws-Style Deliberate Mistake – SMH did run the news of the day alongside the many Ross Gittins tributes The Flann O’Brian Gong for Literary or Verbal Sludge – Santilla Chingaipe scores for The Saturday Paper with an incomprehensible anti-Taylor Swift rant An ABC Update – The ABC diversity apparatus grows another head Your Taxes at Work – Yet another leftist stack at Adelaide Writers’ Week Correspondence – Bevan Shields & Gerard Henderson re a MWD deliberate mistake * * * [...]

1602, 2024

Issue 669

16 February 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 669 16 February 2024 * * * * Editorial – The ABC’s Nemesis fails to secure the interviews necessary to fully document the recent Coalition government Stop Press – David Speers & Michael Rowland launch a false comparison at Barnaby Joyce An ABC Update – The ABC News division’s labyrinthine efforts to promote diversity Can You Bear It? – The SMH gushes over an Albanese romance; The news the SMH missed while it was celebrating Ross Gittins; Hilary Harper on online dating after 50 Five Paws Award – Step Forward Samantha Maiden The Guardian/ABC Axis – Insiders regular Karen Middleton jumps from The Saturday Paper to The Guardian Special Taylor Swift Segment – RN Breakfast interview a Taylor Swift expert New Feature: Ellie’s Pedantry Classes – A PK flub about Barnaby Joyce that Ellie won’t take “laying” down You Must Remember This – John Hewson’s circa 1994 complaint about former Liberal leaders bagging current Liberal leaders * * * * EDITORIAL NEMESIS’ FAILURE [...]

902, 2024

Issue 668

9 February 2024|

GERARD HENDERSON’S MEDIA WATCH DOG ISSUE – NO. 668 9 February 2024 * * * * Editorial – Sarah Ferguson goes soft on Anthony Albanese and hard on Peter Dutton Can You Bear It? – The SMH canonises Ross Gittins; David Crowe spends half his column defending himself from a Peter Dutton joke; Liz Storer gives the Prime Minister some false advice re the GST; 7:30 takes a gratuitous swipe at Sir John Kerr An ABC Update – The ABC’s annual Diversity and Inclusion report can’t distract from Aunty’s white-as-ever line-up of presenters The Guardian/ABC Axis – The Guardian’s Josh Taylor makes yet another appearance on News Breakfast Your Taxes at Work – Jenny Hocking uses taxpayer funds to air the latest version of her Kerr-Whitlam-Elizabeth II conspiracy theory * * * * EDITORIAL KENNY SAYS BIAS, HENDO SAYS INTELLECTUAL FASHION – WHILE SARAH FERGUSON HELPS OUT WITH A SOFT INTERVIEW WITH THE PM AND A TOUGH ONE WITH THE OPPOSITION LEADER Media Watch Dog is [...]

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