Address To The Sydney Institute

Speaker: Malcolm Turnbull

6 April 2017

Innovation, Capitalism and Europe

Speaker: Sajid Javid

30 March 2016

Address To The Sydney Institute

Speaker: Julie Bishop

27 April 2015

Address To The Sydney Institute

Speaker: Tony Abbott

28 April 2014

Surrounded on all Sides: 5 Leadership Lessons from History

Speaker: Amanda Foreman

30 April 2013

The King James Bible

Speaker: Melvyn Bragg

20 March 2012

A Future Fair for All – School Funding in Australia

Speaker: Julia Gillard

15 April 2011

Obama And America

Speaker: Simon Schama

16 March 2010

Address To The Sydney Institute

Speaker: Quentin Bryce

01 September 2009

Setting our Nation’s Sights for the Future

Speaker: Kevin Rudd

17 April 2008

The World is Still Flat

Speaker: Thomas Friedman

09 May 2007

Prelude to the Aftermath – The Media and Celebrity

Speaker: Clive James

05 April 2006

From the End of the World: Thoughts About Artists and Ratbags Here and Abroad

Speaker: Richard Tognetti

19 April 2005

The US Britain and Australia – In the Age of Terrorism

Speaker: William Shawcross

28 May 2004

Advertisments for Myself

Speaker: Kate Jennings

29 April 2003

Once an Australian – Reflections of a British Cabinet Minister

Speaker: Patricia Hewitt

15 July 2002

My Flight to the Space Station and Walk in Space

Speaker: Andy Thomas

08 October 2001

One Mission Accomplished: What’s Next?

Speaker: Peter Cosgrove

20 June 2000

A Conductor’s Place

Speaker: Simone Young

31 August 1999

Visiting the Countries of the Mind – A Scientist’s Perspective of the Australian Experience

Speaker: Peter C Doherty

27 August 1998

Bread and Circuses-Thought and Language in Decline

Speaker: Shirley Hazzard

13 August 1997

The Apocalypse and The Pig: The Hazards of Storytelling

Speaker: George Miller

11 September 1996

The Fate of the First Stone

Speaker: Helen Garner

8 August 1995

Identity as Lived Experience: Uniquely Australian

Speaker: David Malouf

11 September 1994

Frontiers of Nationhood: The US and Australia

Speaker: Jill Ker Conway

11 September 1993

Australia’s Identity in Asia

Speaker: Wang Gungwu

11 September 1992

The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe: The Morning After

Speaker: Michael Charlton

11 September 1991

Inaugural Larry Adler Memorial Lecture

Speaker: John Spalvins

11 September 1990