The Sydney Institute conducts more than 50 lectures, seminars and panel discussions each year. The following lists contain the past speakers at The Sydney Institute (in order of surname) and the volume in which their speech was published in The Sydney Papers.

Zeny Edwards

Author of A Life of Purpose – a Biography of John Sulman

Sean Edwards

Liberal Senator for South Australia

Bassem Eid

Director of the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group

Peter J. Elliott DD

Auxiliary Bishop, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

Craig Emerson

Name: The Hon. Dr Craig Emerson MP Bio: Minister for Trade and Competitiveness Prosperity & Fairness in a Market Democracy - Winter 2008 This speech was printed in The Sydney Papers, Vol. 20 No. 3 (pages 57-77) Inequality: Problems and Solutions - Spring 1999 This speech was printed in The Sydney Papers,  Vol.11 No.4 (pages 89-106) LABOR [...]

Louise Evans

Author of Passage to Pusan

Delia Falconer

Senior lecturer UTS, & author, most recently, of Sydney

Suzanne Falkiner

Author, most recently of Mick: A Life of Randolph Stow

Vashti Farrer

Author, most recently, Ellen Thompson: Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

Allan Fels

Name:  Allan Fels Bio: Head of the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission Globalisation and Competition Policy – 23rd April 2001 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.13 No.2 in 2001 (pages 153-176) On the Ball with the ACCC – 24th February 1999 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.11 No.2 in 1999 (pages 1-9) […]

Cecile Ferguson

Name:  Cecile Ferguson Bio: Federal Director, National Party The Future of The National Party - 28th August 1996 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.8 No.4 in 1996 (pages 8-19) The Future of The National PartySpeaker(s): Cecile Ferguson Date: 1996-08-28 Venue: Time: 6:00pm (arrive at 5:30pm) Read more

Sarah Ferguson

ABC presenter & journalist; author of The Killing Season Uncut

Mitch Fifield

Manager of Government Business in the Senate, Minister for the Arts and for Communications

Michael Fitzjames

Name:  Michael Fitzjames Bio:  Fitzjames: In Black and White – 21st September 1993 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.6 No.1 in 1994 (pages 41-47)

Cameron Forbes

Journalist & Author, most recently The Korean War [Pan Macmillan 2010]

Amanda Foreman

Amanda Foreman is the author of the award-winning best seller, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire

John Fraser

Secretary to the Treasury

Mia Freedman

Editor and publisher of

Damien Freeman

Damien Freeman studied law, philosophy, and classical Hebrew and Aramaic at the University of Sydney and Magdalene College, Cambridge…

Josh Frydenberg

Minister for Resources and Energy. Member for for Kooyong.

Michael Fullilove

Executive Director of the Lowy Institute for International Policy

Nikki Gemmell

Internationally acclaimed author, most recently of After & columnist, The Australian

Danny Gilbert AM

Founder, Cape York Partnership Group; Co-founder & Managing Partner, Gilbert + Tobin

Alan Gill

Name:  Alan Gill Bio: Author of Interrupted Journeys – Young Refugees from Hitler’s Reich [Simon&Schuster] Orphans of the Empire – Child Migration to Australia – 31st March 1998 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.10 No.2 in 1998 (pages 88-94) Young Refugees from Hitler’s Germany This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.16 No.4 in […]

Ken Gillespie

Chief of Army

Bonnie Glaser

Senior Adviser for Asia, Freeman Chair in China Studies; Senior Associate, CSIS

Jane Gleeson-White

Author, Double Entry: How the merchants of Venice shaped the modern world

Alan Gold

Name:  Alan Gold Bio:  Gold on the Internet – 16th April 1996 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.8 No.2 in 1996 (pages 80-91)

Sarah Goldman

Author, Caroline Chisholm – An Irresistible Force

Ainsley Gotto

Name:  Ainsley Gotto Bio:  John Gorton – His Way – 19th May 2002 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.14 No.2 in 2002 (pages 42-47)

Stan Grant

Author; Journalist & Presenter ABC; Chair of Indigenous Affairs at Charles Sturt University

John M Green

Former banker, publisher and author most recently of The Trusted

Nick Greiner

Former Premier of New South Wales and Chairman of the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA)

Alan Griffiths

Name:  Alan Griffiths Bio: Federal Minister for Tourism and Resources The Implied Covenant: Government and Industry Working Together in the 1990’s – 16th June 1993 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.5 No.4 in 1993 (pages 35-41) Australia and Taiwan – Opportunities in the 1990s – 14th December 1992 This speech was printed in Sydney […]

Alice Grundy

Managing Editor, Giramondo Publishing

Margaret Gutman

Sydney Jewish community leader

Sandy Gutman

Stand up comedian “Austen Tayshus”.

Conrad Hackett

Senior Demographer & Associate Director, Pew Research Centre

Sandra Hall

Writer, film reviewer and author of Tabloid Man[HarperCollins]

Gail Hambly

Group General Counsel/Company Secretary, Fairfax Media

Leonard Harlan

Chairman of the Castle Harlan Executive Committee & member of the Executive Committee of CHAMP, the Australian affiliate of Castle Harlan

Hugh Harley

Financial Services Leader, PWC

Nicholas Hasluck

Novelist, most recently of The Bradshaw Case & Judge

Alex Hawke

Assistant Minister for Home Affairs

Sue Pieters Hawke

Author, Hazel’s Journey

Jeremy Hearder

Author, Jim Plim: Ambassador Extraordinary. A Biography of Sir James Plimsoll

Sarah Henderson

Former Australian broadcast journalist best known for her work on the ABC’s The 7.30 Report and for her consumer advocacy on The Investigators. Member for Corangamite.

Simon Henderson

Baker fellow, The Washington Institute; Director, Gulf and Energy Policy Program specializing in energy matters and the conservative Arab states of the Persian Gulf

Allison Henry

Name:  Allison Henry Bio: National Director of the Australian Republican Movement An Australian Head of State: Where Are We At? – 2nd March 2005 An Australian Head of State: Where are we at? This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.2 in 2005 (pages 21-32) Debate over constitutional change and whether it’s time for Australia […]

Jennifer Hewett

National Affairs Columnist on Business & Politics, Australian Financial Review

Tony Hill

Author, Voices From The Air

Lane Hinchcliffe

Managing Director & Program Co-ordinator of Project 15

Kim Hoggard

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs to James Baker US Secretary of State

Stephen Holt

Bio: Co-author of Ross Fitzgerald and Stephen Holt, Alan the Red Fox Reid: Pressman Par Excellence (University of New South Wales Press, Sydney 2010

Nick Hordern

Name:  Nick Hordern Bio: Author, editor, political journalist

David Horner

Professor of Australian Defence History, ANU’s Strategic & Defence Studies Centre; author most recently of The Spy Catchers: the Official History of ASIO

Shakira Hussein

National Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies, Melbourne University

Efraim Inbar

Director of Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies in Israel

David Irvine

Director-General, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation [ASIO]

Idriss Jazairy

Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Algeria to UN Geneva

David van Gend

Author of Stealing From a Child

Greg Walsh

Author of The Price of Fortune, The Untold Story of James Packer