The Sydney Institute conducts more than 50 lectures, seminars and panel discussions each year. The following lists contain the past speakers at The Sydney Institute (in order of surname) and the volume in which their speech was published in The Sydney Papers.

Liz Jackson

Australian Journalist, most known for her work on Four Corners and Media Watch.

Stephanie Jarrett

Author of Liberating Aboriginal People from Violence

Sajid Javid

Parliamentary Private Secretary to Minister for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning in the United Kingdom

Yu Jie

Bio: Literary and Political Essayist and Critic and Co-Founder of Independent Chinese PEN

Chin Jin

Australian writer and China watcher

Gary Johns

Former federal minister & author of Aboriginal Self-Determination: The Whiteman’s Dream

Nicholas Johnson

Chairman of The Sydney Institute

Mark Johnston

 Author of An Australian Band of Brothers

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones is the Member for Throsby in New South Wales and entered parliament after the 2010 federal election.

Joanne Jones

Author of When the Bough Breaks [Finch Publishing]

Salim Joubran

Bio: Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel

Barnaby Joyce

Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water; Leader of the Nationals in the Senate

Asher Judah

Deputy Executive Director, Property Council of Australia & author of The Australian Century

Kim Kagan

American military historian & head of the Institute for the Study of War

Frederick Kagan

Resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) & former professor of military history at West Point Military Academy

Jeffrey Kamins

Rabbi, Emanuel Synagogue, Sydney

Patricia Karvelas

Victorian Editor & Bureau Chief, The Australian

Bernard Keane

Canberra correspondent,

Meg Keneally

Co-author, with Tom Keneally, The Soldier’s Curse: Book One, The Monsarrat Series

Chris Kenny

Columnist, The Australian & Sky News presenter

Lydia Khalil

Visiting fellow, Australian Strategic Policy Institute/adj lecturer, Sydney University

Gavin King

Journalist & former parliamentarian, author of Can Do – the biography of former Queensland premier Campbell Newman

Damon Kitney

Author of The Price of Fortune, The Untold Story of James Packer

Glenda Korporaal

Columnist, The Australian & author of Making Magic – The Marion Mahony Griffin Story

Gabriella Kovac

Author of Georgina – She Beat The Holocaust

Arthur Laffer

US economist & member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board

Christopher Lamb

Former Australian Ambassador to Myanmar [Burma]; President of the Australia Myanmar Institute ([AMI]; Associate Professor, School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Melbourne)

Karen Lamb

Senior Lecturer, ACU & author of Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather

Elizabeth Lancaster

Author of Marzipan and Magnolias [Finch Publishing]

John Langan

Name:  John Langan Bio: Loyola University, Chicago Corporate Responsibility in the Age of Downsizing – King Lear or Noah – 16th July 1996 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.8 No.3 in 1996 (pages 94-105)

David Lee

Director, Historical Publications Section, DFAT; author, Stanley Melbourne Bruce: Australian Internationalist

Dorothy Lee

Dean of Trinity College Theological School, Melbourne

Julian Leeser

Director, Government, Policy and Strategy, Catholic University, Sydney

Andrew Leigh

Member for Fraser and a former professor of economics at the Australian National University. He has been a Labor member of the Australian House of Representatives since 2010. Was awarded the Economic Society of Australia’s Young Economist Award in 2011.

Mark Lennon

Secretary, Unions NSW

John Lewis

Executive Producer, History Channel’s documentary Kapyyong

Gabrielle Lord

Internationally acclaimed author most recently of Dishonoured

Carnes Lord

Name:  Carnes Lord Bio: Assistant to the Vice President (America) for National Security Affairs The Gulf Crisis: An Update from Washington – 5th February 1991 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.3 No.1 in 1991 (pages 53-58)

Angelo Loukakis

Publisher responding on behalf of HarperCollins

Andrew Low

CEO, Redbridge Grant Samuel & author Global Sydney Report

Phil Lowe

Deputy Governor of The Reserve Bank of Australia

John Luttrell

Author, Norman Thomas Gilroy – An Obedient Life

Miriam Lyons

Executive Director, Centre for Policy Development

Jim Macken

Author, What is to be Done? The Struggle for the Soul of The Labour Movement.

John Madigan

Democratic Labor Party Senator for Victoria

Amy Maguire

Journalist and author The Bootle Boy: An Untidy Life in News [Scribe, 2018]; formerly a senior executive, News Corp

Jatinder Mann

Visiting Senior Research Fellow King’s College London; Author, The Search for a New National Identity: The Rise of Multiculturalism in Canada and Australia, 1890s-1970s (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2016)

Sharri Markson

National Political Editor for The Daily Telegraph

Richard Marles

Member for Corio and Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs

Jennifer Marohasy

Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Plant and Water Science, Central Queensland University

David Marr

Name:  David Marr Bio: Journalist, author; political & social commentator The Rudd Prime Ministership - 10th August 2010 The Media and Australian Politics This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.1 in 2005 (pages 121-124) Following the 2004 federal election and Labor's loss, many leading media figures were criticised for wrongly forecasting a Labor victory [...]

Allan Martin

Name:  Allan Martin Bio: Author Robert Menzies- A Life R.G. Menzies – A Life – 15th February 2000 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.12 No.1 in 2000 (pages 115-124) Writing About Robert Menzies – 29th June 1993 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.5 No.4 in 1993 (pages 52-61)

Giulia Massotti

Project manager with the Institute of European Democrats, a research institute established in 2007 and based in Brussels.

Alistair McAlpine

Former UK Conservative Party Treasurer & Deputy Chairman during Margaret Thatcher’s Prime Ministership

Karen McCartney

Group Editorial Director, News Magazines & author Iconic Australian Houses 50/60/70

Sarah McDonald

Name:  Sarah McDonald Bio:  My Life in India – 4th February 2003 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.15 No.1 in 2003 (pages 10-19)

Parnell McGuinness

Strategist, writer and thought leadership consultant

Phillipa McGuinness

Author of The Year That Changed Everything – 2001

Dallas McInerney

Formerly worked in financial service regulation at ASIC and the UN. Currently NAB Group Manager, Government Affairs

Glenda McLoughlin

Chief Financial Officer, Metgasco Limited

Ross McMullin

Author of the award-winning biography Pompey Elliott, So Monstrous a Travesty: Chris Watson and the world’s first national labour government [Scribe Publications] and Will Dyson: Australia’s Radical Genius [Scribe Publications, 2006]

David Menashri

Professor, Dept of Middle Eastern & African History,Tel Aviv University.

Karen Middleton

Chief Political Correspondent for The Saturday Paper & author of Albanese – Telling it Straight

Jonathan Mills

Festival Director & Chief Executive, Edinburgh International Festival, UK; Artistic Adviser, Melbourne Recital Centre

Sophie Mirabella

Member for Indi and Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Martina Mollering

Head of International Studies and Professor Co-ordinator of German Studies at Macquarie University

Alan Moran

Name:  Alan Moran Bio: Director of the Office of Regulation Review in Canberra. Sustainable Development – Market Based Solutions – 21st May 1990 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.2 No.1 in 1990 (pages 96-109)

Joyce Morgan

Former Arts Editor, Sydney Morning Herald & Author Of Martin Sharp: His Life And Times

Shireen Morris

Lawyer, researcher & policy advisor, Cape York Institute/Monash University & co-editor of The Forgotten People: Liberal and Conservative Approaches to Recognising Indigenous Peoples

David Lindsay Morrison

Chief of Army

Ferdinand Mount

Name:  Ferdinand Mount Bio:  Culture: Parochialism versus Nationalism – 7th October 1997 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.9 No.4 in 1997 (pages 112-129)

Ann Moyal

Social historian of science and biographer; author, Breakfast with Beaverbrook: Memoirs of an Independent Woman

Warren Mundine

Former ALP president, Abbott Government adviser & author Warren Mundine in Black and White

Rob Mundle

Author of bestselling maritime biography, Cook.

Robert Murray

Historian of Labor politics & 20th Century Australia

Chris Patten

Bio: Chancellor of Oxford and Newcastle Universities; Until 2004, Chris Patten was the Commissioner for External Relations in the European Commission

Luke Foley

Name:  Luke Foley MP Bio: NSW Opposition leader & Member for Auburn